Who Let These Guys In Here? HubPages Makes It Into The Top 100 Websites In The US! (with champagne celebration video)

Yep, it’s now official — HubPages is now a top 100 website in the US. Here’s the screenshot to prove it. Thanks to all of you awesome Hubbers who have helped us get to this point and let’s keep on moving up that list!

UPDATE: Here’s a quick video of our top 100 champagne celebration here at the HubPages HQ (you can also watch it over here on YouTube):

p.s. We didn’t let Frank have any champagne, but he did enjoy the cork. 🙂

The Payout Chronicles: Hubber habee Gets Her first $100 Payout After Getting Serious

Believe it or not, when I’m lurking through the forums day-to-day I’m doing more than just amusing myself with what gets posted in the Religion section — I’m also looking for great Hubber stories that need to be shared with the rest of the community. One of my favorite types of story to share is when a Hubber reaches their first $100 payout from Google, which is always a very exciting and memorable milestone for anyone who is looking to generate some earnings here on HubPages.

The latest ‘YAY!!! I made payout!!‘ forum thread was posted just a few days ago by a habee, a Hubber who has been a part of our community for over 5 months, but who has just started getting serious over the last couple. I shot her over some questions so that we all could get a better sense of what helped her get to the  sometimes seemingly unattainable first payout and here’s what she had to say:

1. I guess that some champagne is in order — according to this forum post you have officially hit your $100 AdSense payout for the first time, ever. Did you earn all of this first payout on HubPages and what was it like seeing that total add up to more than $100 bucks for the first time?

Yes, Ryan. It was all from HP! I was psyched! Even if I enjoy a lot more success here, nothing will ever match the excitement of this first payout.

2. According to your profile you have been a member of the HubPages community for over 5 months, but you also said that you have real just gotten down to business and writing more Hubs in the past 2 months, which has resulted in your first payout. What made you step up your writing the past couple of months? Did something change that we should know about?

Well honestly, I spent most of the summer in the pool or at the beach!

3. The topics that you write about range from Asbestos to oyster sauce — how do you decide what ends up getting written and published from your HubPages account?

I have a wide range of interests – practically everything interest me. Sometimes I think about associated adclick value, but sometimes I just write for fun – you know, humorous hubs that might bring a smile to readers.

4. You have published over 200 Hubs, which is quite a feat in itself. How do you stay motivated to keep on creating content and what has kept you sticking around HubPages for these last couple of months?

I have to write – if I don’t my head will explode! I think writing has been a good substitute for my teaching skills since I have retired. Writing keeps my brain from turning to mush! lol

5. There are many Hubbers out there who are still looking for their first payout from Google. What types of advice, tips, insider information would you give them now that you’ve made it to your payout? Also, how would you go about learning how to write on HubPages if you just started today?

I’m probably not a good person to answer this query – I’m technologically challenged. If I were more computer savvy, I’m sure I would have reached payout sooner.

6. Now that you’re going to be getting an additional $100 a month now from Google, what are you planning on spending it on? 🙂

I’ll probably spend it on my grandchildren. I have seven!

7. Any last thoughts that you want to share with the rest of the HubPages community? This is your chance.

I’d tell hubbers not to give up. I was very disheartened to start with, seeing only a few pennies in my account. The viewers and adclick revenue seem to grow exponentially, however.

Thanks to habee for answering these questions and if you’d like to become her fan so that you can keep up with what she’s doing from here on out (I just did), add her now by clicking here. Oh, and if you would like to see what kind of amazing progress she has been making on HubPages these past couple of months, look no further than the graph of her daily Hub views, which you can see below. Not too shabby, eh? 🙂

(click here to see all of the other editions of The Payout Chronicles)

The Swine Flu Sets A Hubber’s Traffic On Fire!

I’m always up for sharing a good HubPages success story, so when I saw what was happening with ManekiNeko‘s Hub about the Swine Flu (titled How Long is the Swine Flu Incubation Period?), I just had to write something about it. What’s hapening with her Hub at this very moment is the result of a Hubber going out and researching a topic that they’re not very familiar with and after finding out the information that they are seeking, creating a Hub on it for the rest of the world to use. Currently, this single Hub is one of the top daily revenue earners on HubPages and is seeing upwards of 6,000 impressions a day! Yeah, I know — it’s pretty amazing.

Here are a few snippets of the emails that we have been sending back and forth after I found out that her Hub was literally blasting off to the moon (and maybe even beyond that?).

Here’s what she said when I asked her why she thinks her Hub is getting so much traffic:

I guess one of the biggest reason it’s getting a lot of traffic is that I posted it back in the spring when the swine flu stuff first started happening. Other than that, I can’t say that I’m directly responsible for the traffic in terms of SEO, promotion, etc. Just a happy coincidence of timing and search popularity.

Here are her thoughts on what was going on in her head when she first started seeing it gain traffic:

Actually, I was really surprised with the amount of traffic it got right from the start. None of my other hubs had even gotten more than 1,000 views at the time, and then this one started getting 1,000+ per day. The traffic kind of spiked and dipped with people’s interest in the topic over time — people were freaking out about H1N1 when it first popped up, and now that it’s flu season, people are obviously concerned again and there are more searches for all swine flu related keywords. I was hoping that I’d see my traffic pick up, and I’m definitely pleasantly surprised that it’s gone up as much as it has. 🙂

One other thing that she wanted to share (which I thought was interesting):

I should add that I’m definitely not glad that so many people are suffering with the flu, but if my information helps them get help or get better faster, I’m happy for that.

Also, here is the traffic graph for ManekiNeko‘s super Hub just so you can see how a Hub is capable of performing given good content and some great timing:

When Will HubPages Break Into The Quantcast Top 100 US Websites?

Here at the HubPages HQ we’ve been getting pretty excited about the fact that we’re getting really close to breaking through the Quantcast Top 100 US websites (we’re listed at #105 as I write this). So excited, in fact, that we’re doing an office contest to see who can come closest to guessing the exact say that Quantcast will display HubPages in a position of #100 or less on their website. The photo below is a list of the guesses that we all have been adding to the whiteboard and just like the Price Is Right, whoever guesses the closest without going over is the big winner of $100 in cold, hard cash.

Me personally, I guessed that we would be listed as a top 100 US website on November 5th, which isn’t too far away. So, what day do you think we’ll make it into the top 100? Unfortunately we can’t give you $100, but if you think you have a good guess we’d love to hear it!

Frank, The Official HubPages Office Mascot

I know that I have mentioned Frank (my Pug that I bring into the office every day) on this blog a little bit here and there, but here lately I feel like I should be talking more about him since he’s becoming such a fixture around here. Whether he’s sleeping during meetings, chewing on our conference room carpet or snoring under my desk, it’s safe to say that Frank has officially become a part of the HubPages team so I’m going to try to keep all of you up to date on what he’s up to every now and then.

The first things that I thought I should share are a couple of drawings that I found on the whiteboards here in the office. I’m not really sure what to think about them and if Frank could look up that high, I’m sure that he wouldn’t appreciate them too much, either — but, I must say that they are both really funny. Also, this should give you a sense of the fun that comes along with having an office mascot hanging around, especially one that’s a Pug. 🙂

This first drawing on the board is one that I just found today and I wouldn’t say that it’s the most flattering depiction of Frank that I’ve ever seen. I mean, don’t get me wrong — Frank is a Pug, but geez, he’s not that chubby. Plus, I walk him to and from work every day, which is about 4 miles a day (which is practically a marathon for a Pug!).

I do not approve of this second drawing at all and personally I think that it’s not very funny (ok, ok, it’s really funny). It was drawn to show how in just 2-steps Frank could be cooked up for a tasty meal. Step 1 is to catch him with an arrow (not nice) and Step 2 is to cook him over an open fire (really not nice). Poor Frank…

More updates on Frank coming soon!

A Record Week For The HubMob! (and a shout-out to Simple Tim, a HubMobster maniac)

Last week Princessa, our very own HubMob Queen, posted up a HubMob topic over here in the forums just like she does every other week. But, after posting that this week’s topic was Toys, something unexpectedly awesome started to happen. HubMobsters began showing up from all over the place and they were publishing HubMob Hubs one after another, after another — it was pure HubMob pandemonium and it was all very unexpected.

I mean, not to say that we all don’t have a great time with the HubMob every other week, but the fact that according to our stats, on average, the HubMob attracts 27 HubMobsters that publish 31 HubMob Hubs and that last week we had 117 Hubs that were published by 47 HubMobsters, I would say that the fun level was definitely boosted a bit. Also, it’s probably worth mentioning that there was a SUPER HubMobster, Simple Tim, who really helped out the cause by publishing an astonishing 22 HubMob Hubs on his own!

So, thanks to everyone who helped set the all-new HubMob record and be sure to join this week’s HubMob, which is all about Body Art. Hub baby, Hub!

The People That Made BlogWorld Expo 2009 So Freakin’ Awesome

I just rolled in early this morning from Las Vegas where I was spreading the HubPages love at the 2009 BlogWorld Expo, which is basically a huge event (2,500+ attendees) that attracts some of the biggest names in blogging, podcasting, social media and other web stuff. Me and most of the web-geeks who decide to make the journey to Vegas for BlogWorld are basically going for 3 reasons: to meet people, to create business opportunities and to learn some new things along the way. I posted a blog last week before I took off to Vegas and out of the list of people that I wanted to meet I would say that I pretty much got ’em all covered over the past couple of days — well, except for finding someone who knew where all of the hot slots were. I definitely didn’t end up meeting someone who knew that (and I lost $80 in about 5 minutes that can prove it).

So, who exactly were all of these awesomely amazing and super-cool people that I met during the BlogWorld madness and why am I so happy that I met each of them? Well, if you don’t mind, I’d like to give you all a little run-down of the who left a memorable impression on me, how we hit it off so well and why I will definitely be staying in contact with each and every one of them. This probably won’t be a 100% complete list as I met so many great peeps while in Vegas, but this will give you a pretty good idea of who I ran into and why I’m happy that I did. Oh, and some of these people might have nothing to do with HubPages (no real business opportunity/partnership in the near future), but they still stuck in my mind as someone who was doing some really cool stuff.

How I’ll do this is by listing their full name, a link to their Twitter account and then a brief description of how I met them, why they were so memorable (or talkable) and what they’re up to on the web. If for some reason I left you off, feel free to yell at me in the comments and I’ll add you in if you’re legit. 🙂

>> I met Lacy Kemp (@realtweeter) and John Karalis (@redsarmy) on my first of many Monorail trips from the Hilton to the Convention Center (the official tweet). Lacy runs the blog and other social media for all of Real Networks products and not to mention that she became one of my favorite BlogWorld ’09 dance partners. John is a sports blogger who manages a Boston Celtics blog, RedsArmy.com. He’s just as tall as I am and although we tried to connect for an old has-beens game of horse, it never ended up happening.

>> When I was first hitting the hotel, Eric Berto (@GeekGiant), was standing out in front and that’s when I first realized that I was not the tallest geek at BlogWorld. In fact, he not only had me beat by a few inches, but he was much better looking than me, too (and he wasn’t shy about sharing that little tidbit of information). Me and Eric ended up running into each other several times during the event and I’m still sad that I missed him winning the FatBurger eating contest.


>> I was first excited to meet Chris Hall (@Hallicious) after he promised that he was going to give me a big ol’ hug, but for some reason I was a little scared, too. Well, he ended up being a really cool dude who is currently rocking out the Midwest in Louisville, KY at Humana. Oh, and he has one of the coolest business cards, ever (it’s a pop-up!).

Pretty sweet card, eh?

>> James Lee (@wetoku) was my very hospitable booth neighbor in the expo hall and was nice enough to even let me steal some power from his power strip when my MacBook’s juice was about to run out. He is the founder of Wetoku, a video service that easily lets you give live interviews online and then the tools to be able to embed and share them anywhere else you want. We chatted a lot and one of the interesting things that he told me was that when you’re born in Korea, your age is started off at year 1, so his second birthday was actually his first birthday. Kinda crazy, huh? James is one of the several people who I think could potentially work with HubPages — video interview Hub, anyone?


>> Speaking of neighbors, my other next-door booth buddy was Kate Heffernan (@OutBrain) from Outbrain, who was always kickin’ it with curious expo floor travelers (she was busy). Because of this, we didn’t get to chat a whole lot, but she did let me use her packing tape when I was packing stuff up at the end of the event, so she’s got a gold star next to her name in my book.


>> Rick Darby (@rickdarby) was the first guy to come by my booth and really got me kicked off for the event by chatting with me about the cool things that he’s doing in the world of online educational and training tools. We talked for about 20 minutes about how CurrentTV trains their producers (which Rick calls ‘behavior modification’) and how the same types of training methods could be used to help train our Hubbers on how to best write and publish on HubPages. Rick is currently the director of learning technology at Rollins (a service that’s owned by Orkin).


>> One of my new BFFs is Deborah Ng (@debng) who is a freelance writing, social media consulting and blogging goddess who just also happens to run a killer freelance writing community and job board FreelanceWritingGigs.com. She gave me some solid feedback on HubPages and has some really great insight into the world of the online writing market as a whole. I’ll be getting in touch with her soon so that we can talk shop and I’m really excited about it (giddy like a schoolgirl, to be exact).


>> I met Shawanda Greene (@theycallmecheap) at my booth and she’s someone who’s really proud to be super cheap (and financially savvy). She runs the finance-based blog youhavemorethanyouthink.org, which she started after figuring out how to go from having just $54 to $7,500 in her bank account after saving for just a little over a year. She was great to talk to and for some reason I really loved screaming her name really loud (which, unfortunately for her, I did a few times). SHAWAAAAAANDA!! (hey girl, heyyyy)


>> I’m really glad that serial entrepreneur Steve Mock (@GiftVenture_CEO) decided to stop by my booth at BlogWorld, because he had one of the most innovative (and fun) ideas that I heard about all weekend. He has started a site called giftventure, which is an interactive way for any parent, uncle, friend, etc. to give a gift and an awesome experience to any younger child. He was sick of just giving kids ‘another toy’, so he decided to do something about it — now you can not only give the child a gift, but you can also give them a long-lasting experience to go along with it. Check out how it works in the video below or over here on YouTube.


>> One of the most energetic and down-to-Earth guys that I met at BlogWorld was Chris Patterson (@ChrisBPatterson), who is the CEO of interchanges — an Internet/social media strategies business based in Florida. We talked for a while about the crazy world of social media and how we could help each other out. One of the coolest things about Chris is that he somehow got to stay in an amazing loft while in Las Vegas during BlogWorld. You can see a video of the loft below or over here on YouTube.


>> I met the wonderful (and tall) Shauna Causey (@ShaunaCausey) while taking the elevator down to grab some lunch during the first day of BlogWorld Expo. I fired up a quick conversation with her and when I told her how I was starving and was getting ready to grab something to eat, she told me that she was getting ready to go on a tour of Zappos and that there might be a couple of spots open. Well, I told her that I guess I’m going to go hungry a little bit longer because I wasn’t going to miss out on the chance to check out Zappos. The rest is pretty much history after that — we all went on the tour, has a TON of fun and I ended up hangin’ with Shauna and he friends a lot over the rest of the weekend. Shauna was reppin’ Voluntweetup, which is helping non-profits utilize social media to pull off big things.

>> If you’re looking to connect with someone who not only talks about making a difference in this world with social media, but actually goes out and does it then look no farther than Sloane Berrent (@sloane). I first met Sloane when I randomly crashed the Zappos tour because she’s the one who organized it. From the very first time that I met Sloane she was super cool, smart, sweet and a little fiesty, which isn’t a real easy combo to find these days. I had a great time learning more about and hanging out with Sloane the rest of the weekend and if you want to find out more about what she’s up to you can check out The Causemopolitan or her personal web directory, SloaneBerrent.com. Also, check out the video of her below or over here on YouTube when you get a chance — it’s all about her crazy ‘Cause it’s my birthday’ tour where she raised thousands of dollars for Malaria-fighting mosquito nets. Oh, and p.s. Sloane loved my bromance for one of our mutual friends and she loved to tell others all about it. How embarrassing (yet, true).

Well, that’s a good first list of peeps that I loved meeting and hangin’ with at BlogWorld 2009 and I could go on for a lot longer, but this post has already gotten way out of hand so I’m going to stop. If you’re wondering how I remember all of this info about these people that I met (especially after talking to literally several hundred at my booth), I might just have to give you all some tips on how I do it in a later blog post. Thanks again to all of the amazing people that stopped and talked to me and I’m looking forward to keeping up with with all of you now that I’m back in San Francisco. Oh, and if you’re ever out my way, be sure hit me up — I’d love to buy you lunch (for real).

The New Customizable Home Page

HubPages recently announced the new customizable home page.  This was created with two goals in mind:

1)  Improve the ability to track the content that they are most interested in

2)  Improve the ability to organize the presentation of this content in the most convenient way.

In today’s blog, I will walk you through the features of the Custom Home Page.

Getting to the Customized Home Page

Once you are on HubPages, the easiest way to get to the Home Page is to click the HubPages icon which is on the top of the screen.

Once on the Home page, to switch to the Customized Home Page, just change the home page setting in the drop down list which can be found at the top of the page just underneath the search box.

Once you open the drop-down list, you can choose the Customizable Home Page.  There is the same drop-down list on the new home page, so it is easy to switch back if you like.

Your First Time on the Customized Home Page

The first time you go to the page, you will find a bunch of widgets already there.  We’ve done our best to select widgets that will either teach you about the new home page or will help you to track content that you are interested in.

Here is the list of the widgets that are there in the beginning:

1) Widget Tutorial: provides a tutorial on using the new customized home page

2) Forums Widgets: allows you to track the forums where you are already active.

3)  Hp News Widget: allows you to find out what’s new at HubPages.

4)  Questions & Answers Widget: allows you to track the latest questions and answers.

5)  Hubs (By Author) Widget: tracks the hubs written by your favorite authors as specified in your user fan clubs.

6)  Hubs (By Category) Widget: tracks the hubs written about your favorite categories as specified in your category fan clubs.

Here’s a snapshot of mine when I first started using it:

Underneath your username is a status message if you have any comments to moderate.

Personalizing Your Home Page

There are four things that you can do to make your home page more personal:

1)  Move the widgets around up, down, right, or left.

2)  Change the settings for a widget including number of items to display, amount of information to display, or the category that you want displayed.

3)  Remove widgets

4)  Add Widgets

I’ll walk you through each of these options.

Moving Your Widgets Around on the Page

All widgets are movable on the page.  To move a widget, you do the following:

1)  Move the mouse pointer on the title bar of the widget.

The mouse pointer should change to a draggable icon.

2)  Hold down on the left mouse button and move the mouse.

The widget is now be movable.  You will notice an outline of a box that appears on the screen.  This is the location of where the widget will appear when you release the mouse.

3)  As you move the mouse around the page, the outline of the widget will also move.

In this way, you can move the widget up or down or even to the other column.  The customized home page consists of two columns, a wide column and a thin column.

4)  When you have found the place where you want to move it, release the mouse and the widget will now be there the next time you return to this page.

Here is what it looks like if you haven’t already tried it:

Changing a Widget’s Settings

In addition to moving around a widget, you can change a widget’s settings.  Each widget has its own settings.

Settings of the Hubs (By Authors) Widget

Let’s assume that you want to change the Hubs (By Authors) Widget.  In my case, I like to see 10 hubs displayed instead of the standard 5.  Additionally, I only want to see my favorite categories.  The default is to view my favorite authors in all categories.  If I wish, I can add up to 10 authors who I am not yet fans of.  This is a great way for me to check hubbers out and see if I want to join their fan clubs later.

So, here’s what I do:

1)  I put the mouse over any part of the widget and an edit button appears at the bottom

2)  I click the edit button and now I get to a widget configuration screen:

3)  I do a search for authors to add.

I know that gredmondson writes about movies so I’ll add him to my author list.  Once his name appears, I click on it and it gets added to my list.  I also see that I can add up to 9 more authors.

I also like the writings of renchin and the pewterpigeon so I’ll add them to my list.

4)  I can also use the drop-down lists to change other settings

I choose to display 10 settings instead of 5 and I want to see only my favorite categories.

Below is what I have after making all these changes:

5)  Finally, I hit the save button

Removing Widgets

Widgets are removed by hitting the delete button.  This button is only available when you click the edit button

So, here are the steps for removing a widget:

1)  I put the mouse over any part of the widget and an edit button appears at the bottom

2)  I click the edit button and now I get to a widget configuration screen

3)  Now, I click the “delete” button which is located at the top right corner of the settings view of the widget.

Adding Widgets

To add a widget, just click on the “add a widget” button and pick frfom the menu that appears.

Here’s what you will see:

As you can see, most of the widgets we have already spoken about.  Three widgets that are not automatically added which you may be interested in are:

1)  Hubtiviity

2)  Hub Statistics

3)  Broken Links

For each of these widgets, you can change their default settings by hitting the edit button.

Using the Widget

Once you’ve personalized your page, now it’s time to use the widgets.  To learn all the details, you can also take a look at the Widget Tutorial.

If there are more than one page to your widget, you page through the widget by clicking on the previous or the next arrow.  If you want to jump to page one, you will need to refresh the page.  We did this in the effort to keep the widget display as simple as possible.

Normally when you click a link, the page will change.  If you would prefer to have a link pop up as a new window, then for many browsers, holding the shift key down when you click on the link is enough.  This works in IE7, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, and Safari.

One nice feature of the custom home page is that it does polling.  This means that the page will automatically update over time as long as you are active on the machine.  If the browser window remains inactive for 30 minutes or more, then the polling will automatically stop.

We hope that you like the customizable home page.  Are there other widgets that you would like to see?  Do you have any suggestions for improving the existing widgets?  Please let us know what you think.

Why Making Things More Fun Always Helps

I was reading this post over on Mashable.com about how Volkswagen has created a couple of major viral video hits that have already received tons of views from people catching the buzz about the new Fun Theory idea and website that they’ve put together. The videos basically show how various behaviors and habits can be changed if a little bit when fun is injected into the various situations.

Although I feel like no real behaviors or habits have been changed with these experiments (I would think that the results are only temporary in most cases), it did get me to thinking about how adding our own types of fun could potentially make some of the things that we while we’re on HubPages just a little more exciting. Of course, there have already been a few examples of these fun-generating things already being added to HubPages, things such as the HubMob, the 30 Day HubChallenge and voting on the weekly serving of HubNuggets. But, I still think that there can be even better ways for us to increase the amount of fun that we have here on HubPages, I’m just not really sure what those ways are yet. Maybe you can help me out by leaving some ideas for boosting up the fun a bit around here in the comments? I’ll give you a couple of my wacky (yet fun) ideas under the videos below:

How we could increase the fun on HubPages:

  1. Make the writing process more social somehow and allow others to see not just what you’ve published, but what you’re actually working on at the moment in real-time
  2. Allow for Hub-collaboration, meaning that one Hubber could write half of a Hub and another Hubber couls write the other half with them both sharing the earnings generated
  3. The ability to share and collaborate from the capsule level
  4. Much, more more Larry (which we added into our category tool a few months back)

Those are a few of the ideas that I can come up with off the top of my head, but as I come up with more ways to make HubPages more fun I’ll be sure to let you know all about them. Also, any ideas that you have to increase the fun, be sure to post them in the comments below!

Going To BlogWorld 2009 In Las Vegas, Looking To Meet Interesting/Fun/Crazy People

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 12.41.28 PMI’m happy to announce that for the second year in a row I’m heading out to Las Vegas to partake in what I think is the greatest social media event that anyone in the industry could go to — BlogWorld 2009. I know that’s saying a lot and coming from a guy who has been around the social media block a few times let me tell you that this isn’t my first rodeo and I at least mostly know what I’m talking about. Oh, and yes, I’ve even been to the storied South By Southwest Interactive conference (party) and I still think that BlogWorld comes out on top.

I say this because BlogWorld, even though it’s a pretty big event (and will probably double this year), still has a very personal and intimate feel to it and if you ever get the chance to go and check it out you’ll know exactly what I mean. Also, the fact that Rick Calvert, one of the coolest dudes in the blogging/social media/events world started and still gets his hands dirty with the whole thing keeps me confident that BlogWorld will never outgrow itself into something that turns into more of a party than an event that’s worth your time. Of course, don’t get me wrong here — BlogWorld is in Las Vegas, so there will be plenty of entertaining/embarrassing things to see and hear about on Twitter, but at the end of the day BlogWorld will still give you most bang for your buck (still only $495 for a weekend pass, which is all you really need).

So, I guess all there is to say now is who I’d like to meet at BlogWorld while I’m out there, since it really is all about the connections created with the people that are attending and not just about the technology that we’re all talking about and using to connect with each other during the event.

I would like to meet people who:

  • are doing some awesome stuff in the web/social media space (that’s pretty broad, I know)
  • are potential partners of HubPages and have an interesting way that we could work together
  • have cool online services that could potentially be implemented on HubPages as a way to create a win-win for both of us
  • are looking for a new way to learn about how the web economy works and would like to generate some earnings by writing about the topics they know about/have interest in
  • know what slot machines are hot right now in Vegas
  • would like to write/talk about HubPages on their blog/website/video  (we’re doing some pretty cool stuff and we’re growing like crazy)
  • would be interested in doing something outrageous in Vegas that I have never done before (we can chat about that later)

If you’re planning on going to BlogWorld, too then be sure to follow me on Twitter — I’m @Hup on there, so hit me up.