A Sweet Video Interview From The Search Engine Strategies Conference

It’s been a while since I put on my conference-attending hat and hung out at the Search Engine Strategies down in San Jose. But, just when it had almost left my memory bank forever I got an email saying that a video interview that me and my man Ren Chin of our sister company YieldBuild did during the event was just posted online for all of the world to see. Check it out below or over here on YouTube if you’re interested in witnessing the best interview, ever. OK, maybe that’s a little exaggerated, but it’s not that bad.

The HubMob’s 1 Year Anniversary And Some Of It’s More Interesting History And Stats

The fact that I have been here over a year now kind of amazes me every time that I think about it. Although a year doesn’t really sound like that long of a time to be somewhere, for me it’s sometimes hard to remember that I used to work somewhere other than HubPages. I guess that’s a good sign of how much I love it here and how much fun we have keeping up with all of you Hubbers.

Once I remembered that I had been here for over a year now, it made me start to think about some of the more HubPages-releated things that must now have been going on for over a year, too. For instance, the HubMob, which is a way for a bunch of Hubbers to all write together on one chosen topic (more info in this Hub by Princessa), has now been a part of the HubPages community for over a year now, too. I initially started the beginnings of the HubMob by posting something in the forums titled So, I have crazy idea…A HubMob? and after much enouragement and help from the HubPages community, that eventually snowballed into the first ever HubMob that was themed All About Various Popular Hair Styles: Their history and how to create them, which to this day is still one of the most popular HubMobs that has ever been created (more on that later).

Well, nearly a year later the HubMob is now managed by the runway-walking, bike-wrecking and super-awesome Princessa who keeps the interesting themes coming each and every week and the forum action moving. The always helpful ProCW and Shirley Anderson have also chipped in quite a bit of their time along the way, which shows just how much fun the HubMob is and how important is has become to the rest of the Hubbing community.

So, now that the HubMob is over a year old, I wanted to dig into some of the stats that go along with it so that all of you can see just how great joining the HubMob has been for the HubMobsters who have chosen to do so. Take a look at the stats below and if you have a question that you’d like to ask about the HubMob or if you have some thoughts on how to make it better, please let us know in the comments below.

  • The first HubMob was about various hairstyles and was first posted on September 8th, 2008 and there has been a HubMob posted up ever single week since (I actually think that we missed on over New Years, but who’s counting?).
  • The first HubMob is still the most viewed with a total of 196,474 Hub views for just 38 Hubs.
  • There are 52 total HubMobs and they have generated 1,882 Hubs that were published by 1,397 HubMobsters.
  • On average, there are 36 HubMob Hubs published each week by 27 HubMobsters.
  • The HubMob has generated 1,151,726 Hub views over the last year and this number is currently increasing by nearly 50,000 views a week.
  • On average, each of the 1,882 HubMob Hubs have been viewed 611 times.
  • The most prolific HubMobster is Patty Inglish, MS who has published 79 HubMob Hubs that have been viewed 60,608 times, meaning that on average each of her HubMob Hubs have been viewed 767 times.
  • Out of the 52 HubMobs 30 have generated over 10,000 total Hub views.

As you can see, the HubMob has been going strong for over a year now and is showing no signs of ever slowing down. Thanks to Princessa and the rest of the HubMob helpers, I’m thinking that it will be around long enough for a 2 year anniversary post, too, which makes this Hubber very, very happy. If you ever want to join up with the rest of the HubMobsters, check out this link and you’ll always be directed to the latest and greatest that the HubMob has to offer you: http://HubPages.com/info/HubMob.

The Payout Chronicles: How KCC Big Country Has Rocked Out The HubChallenge To Her Advantage

I love hearing a good story from Hubbers who have found a way to take their HubPages success to a whole new level and today I am honored and delighted to bring one of these stories to all of you. If you haven’t run into KCC Big Country somewhere on HubPages yet, odds are that you will probably see her very soon considering that she has not only joined several HubChallenges over the past several months, but she now is a member of the 30 Hubs in 30 Days HubChallenge team AND she has now launched her own HubChallenge for the month of October. Yeah, like I said — she’s everywhere and sooner or later you’ll be running into her (whether you like it or not). 🙂

Well, here lately I have been lucky enough to learn more and more about KCC Big Country and as she told all about what she has been up to lately on HubPages, I knew that I had to shoot her a few questions so that some of her knowledge and techniques could be used by other Hubbers who are wanting to see some serious results. So, as promised, here is a quick interview with the one and only KCC Big Country:

1. Hey Karen! I’m so excited to interview you for the Payout Chronicles and thanks for taking the time to answer a few of my questions about how you have become such a successful Hubber over the past year. I guess that my first question would be, how exactly did you find HubPages and what made you initially stick around?
Thank you so much, Ryan! I love telling my hub story!  I have been working on a book for several years and have had trouble figuring out how to pull all the chapters together into a cohesive book.  This lead me to a creative writing course at a local junior college.  I expressed this issue to my instructor and she suggested that I consider writing articles instead.  I conducted a search online for sites that allow you to do that.  That’s how I found HubPages.  I signed up and began posting articles even before my six weeks class was up.  What made me stay initially?  The user-friendly system, the flexibility it afforded me, and the feedback from the nicest people in the world.

2. OK, so I have heard a rumor that it took you 10 months to reach your first $100 payout from AdSense? Why do you think that it took you such a long time to get the money flowing in during those first 10 months? Did you ever get frustrated and feel like giving up?
That is true, Ryan, it did take me 10 months to reach that first AdSense payout.  I think, for me, it took awhile to find my voice and figure out what people like to read about.  Without research and dedication to improvement, I don’t think anyone can just hit the ground knowing that stuff.  Giving up has NEVER been a consideration.  Everytime I didn’t make a payout, it made me more determined to figure out how I could.

3. Also, I have heard another rumor that it has only taken you 2 months to reach your second $100 AdSense payout? Please pardon me if I seem a little surprised, but how did you end up pulling that off? Give us your secrets!
That rumor is also true.  My second payout is higher than the first and it only took me 2 months instead of 10.  My secret weapon is the HubChallenge.  The HubChallenge is what has made all the difference for me.  I have participated in three 30 day challenges since May.   You have to research and write consistently in order to improve your skills, get to know your audience, and get into a groove that allows your creativity to flow.

4. You are an official member of the 30 Hubs in 30 Days HubChallenge Team, which is pretty sweet, what types of advice, encouragement or thoughts do you have on Hubbers, both new and old, about joining the HubChallenge? Would it be worth their time and what will they get out of it?
It is such an honor for me to be an official team member of the HubChallenge Team.  I am extremely passionate about the HubChallenge and what it can do.  Like I said, I owe my success to participating in the challenges.  I encourage all hubbers to try it, push yourselves to do it.  It is so worth it.  You will learn so much about yourself, your fans, your writing, and the monetary rewards make it all that much more sweeter.

5. I feel that one of the things that you did really well was consistently writing quality and original Hubs and once you decided that you were going to write a certain amount of Hubs in a month you actually stuck with it, which is pretty awesome. Any general tips that you would like to offer up to any of the thousands of Hubbers that are out there who might be wondering how they can be successful like you?
I think so many get discouraged because they can’t imagine coming up with 30 topics.  People really sell themselves short.  You know more about things than you think.  Even if you don’t, research it.  Learn about it.  Share what you learned.  The best advice I can give is to sit down periodically and brainstorm topics.  Think about the things that interest you, that you know a bit about, or that you’d like to know more about.  I actually create the hubs and begin researching keywords relating to those topics.  That way I always have about a dozen hubs I can work on anytime I sit down at my computer.  I never ever ever have writers block.  I always have something interesting to research or write about.  Once you’re in that groove inspiration pops up all around you.

6. Any final thoughts that you would like to let everyone know about? This is your time to say whatever you want (within reason, of course). 🙂
I think the newer writers are sometimes intimidated by the scoring system and consider some people as unapproachable.  Don’t get too wrapped up in the scoring. I think that most everyone on this site is willing to help someone else if they can.  My advice is don’t be afraid to ask.  Click on the “email” button and shoot them an email if you have a question.  We’ve all been where you are and we’d love to help you get where we are.

Thanks again to KCC Big Country for all of the awesome info and if you’d like to keep up with her latest and greatest Hubs be sure to become her fan now!

Also, here are a few screenshots that clearly show just how much of an impact the HubChallenge has had on KCC Big Country’s HubPages success:

Yep, she’s definitely seen quite a boost in traffic here lately

A timeline of KCC Big Country’s HubPages journey

KCC Big Country Creates Her Own October HubChallenge

You know, just when I begin to think that I’m in control of some of the cooler things that are going on around here, some super-enthusiastic Hubber seems to trump me every single time. I guess it’s a good thing that I love it when this happens or I just might eventually end up becoming a completely hopeless, grumpy mess (more than I am now, of course). 🙂

So what did a Hubber come up with this time? Well, if you take a look over at this forum post you’ll quickly see that KCC Big Country, who just happens to be a HubChallenge veteran and a member of the official HubChallenge team, has decided to create her own October HubChallenge as a way to get all of you Hubbers motivated for this Halloween month.

Even though we’re already 6 days into this fine Fall month of October, if you’re looking for a fun way to get a nice kick-in-the-booty when it comes to giving your HubPages performance a boost, there’s still plenty of time to join KCC Big Country and the other Hubbers that have already decided that they’re taking on this HubChallenge.

In other words: JUST FOLLOW THE MONKEY!!! (you won’t be sorry that you did)

The Payout Chronicles: Janet21 Takes Writing Good Content Very Seriously (and it seems to be working)

A long, long time ago (on May 4th, actually) I emailed a Hubber named Janet21 after seeing her post in the forums about how for the first time she had earned over $100 from the content that she had published on HubPages. You see, HubPages isn’t the first place that she has decided to publish her content as she has tried about every possible opportunity that you could rattle off, but for some reason she had decided to stick around to really give us a good shot. Well, apparently that was a good decision considering that she made over $500 from HubPages last month alone. Yeah, a really good decision.

I decided to finally follow-through with the end of my bargain and actually interview Janet21 to see what types of tips, information and techniques she can share to help the rest of us with our HubPages efforts. So, be sure to listen up to what she has to say, I can almost guarantee that you’ll learn something that will help you become a better Hubber in the long run.

1. Janet, the first thing that I noticed about you is that you not only write and publish articles all over the place, but you are also very, very successful at each and every one of these places. Can you give us all a sense of why you have decided to spread your work over so many different sites and what the benefits/drawbacks are of creating content across a multitude of websites, blogs, etc.?
One word…diversification.  I have learned many things these last few years while working online and the most important lesson I have learned is that search engines are unpredictable.  They may like my article/page/site one day and the next day…POOF!  I’m gone.  There is also a risk when writing on websites that I do not personally own since I have no control over the future of those sites.  By diversifying my online writing across various platforms, I am decreasing the risk of my online portfolio.  The other benefit of writing on many platforms is the ability to cross-promote.  When writing within a niche as I do, cross-promoting becomes my secret traffic weapon.

The only drawback to writing on so many platforms is keeping up with them all!  You always need to be careful as to not spread yourself too thin when trying out different platforms.  Find the ones that work for you and concentrate on them.

2. You were already seeing some serious success with all of the websites you were publishing on when you decided to come over to HubPages to give us a shot. What made you migrate over to our corner of the Internet?
As I mentioned above, my quest for diversification led me to HubPages.  That and the fact that my good friend, Glen (darkside), had wonderful things to say about this place!  I trust his judgment.

3. Below I have a screen shot of your traffic to date with HubPages (you can also see her earnings over in this Hub) and it looks like after only publishing 39 Hubs in less than a year you are practically halfway to your goal of making over $1,000 a month. What do you think has been your secret to growing your traffic and earnings?

I think writing high content hubs has helped me.  And, as you say, I have only written 39 hubs in a year.  That is not a lot by anyone’s standards.  However, I put a great deal of time into each hub and I think that helps with my search engine rankings.  I also believe that writing within a niche has played a vital role in my online success.  For instance, I can write a brand new hub and link to it from another one of my high traffic pages on a related topic and the traffic will start almost immediately.

4. I know that you are practically an eBay master when it comes to making money from your Hubs. What percentage of your monthly earnings is coming from AdSense and what percentage is coming from the sales that you’re generating from eBay and/or Amazon?

It varies, but I will breakdown September’s earnings just to give you an idea.  I earned $515 from my hubs in September.  Here’s the breakdown:  40% Ebay, 32% AdSense, 25% Amazon and 3% my own affiliates.   Note:  The Amazon earnings are unusually high due to the sale of a $1,000 diamond ring on one of my hubs!

5. Can you give me your thoughts on the difference between creating Hubs that are great for eBay sales and Hubs that are more AdSense-friendly?
I honestly don’t create hubs based on that criteria, however, I am certain some of my hubs do better with AdSense than with affiliate sales and vice versa.    I would say that 99% of my hubs have both Ebay and Amazon capsules on them in addition to AdSense.  Basically, I start writing the hub and then incorporate the products that I need.  However, I never create a hub just for AdSense.  I always have some sort of product to promote.

6. If anyone went and took a look at your profile, they would quickly notice that you only publish Hubs on a very niche topic of children’s birthday parties. When and how did you first decide that this was going to be your niche and how have you managed to see so much success from the niche so quickly?
I believe that writing what you know and writing what you are passionate about is the secret to success.   I have three kids and have always had a love for planning kid’s birthday parties.  Therefore, I truly enjoy writing about this topic.  To me, it is fun.  The fact that I am earning a living doing it is just amazing.   Finding success with my niche has not been that quick really when you consider I have been doing this for close to three years now.  There is no such thing as an overnight success regardless of what some people say.   It takes a lot of hard work and determination as well as many, many late nights.

7. Your Hubs are completely original, very informative, full of images and are usually 1,000 words or more. How crucial do you think all of these various elements of Hubbing have been to your HubPages success?
I am certain that all of those elements combined are the key to my success.

Images: Most people of visual by nature, therefore, I believe that images are important to my hubs.   Bright, colorful images are eye-catching and I think it keeps visitors attention on my pages long enough for them to read what I have to say.

Word Count: As far as hub word count goes, I am not sure if that helps me or not, but I do try to make most hubs at least 800 words or more.   More words for search engines to devour is always a good thing, I think.  It also helps my hubs rank better for more long tail search phrases.

Original Content: Writing original content helps get search engines to like you and other sites to link to you, so I am sure that plays an important role in my success as well.

Informative: Informative hubs are great for sales.   I especially like when I see purchases made of items I am featuring on my instructional hubs because I know I have helped someone find the information they were looking for and they are actually using my instructions to complete their project.

8. If you would, please give us all just a few tips that you think can significantly help out any Hubber who is currently publishing on HubPages (they all thank you in advance) and a few other things that Hubbers should try to stay away from.

  • Find a niche you are passionate about and create 10, 20, 30 hubs around that niche.
  • Always include a few photos in your hubs and be sure to break up long spans of text.
  • Worry less about finding high paying keywords and more about writing about what you love.
  • Be patient and don’t be discouraged if your earnings are slow to come.  Everyone has to start somewhere.
  • Quality over quantity.  Slow and steady wins the race.
  • Be sure to include your keywords throughout your hub, but don’t overdo it.
  • Make your hubs visually appealing and be sure to line up the capsules nicely.  Try to avoid any large gaps between capsules.
  • You don’t have to depend on AdSense for all of your earnings.  Add Amazon and Ebay capsules onto your hubs whenever possible.  (I realize some hubbers are having trouble being accepted into EPN, but if you do have an account, use it!)
  • When adding Ebay auctions, try to find items that are unique, custom, handmade, personalized, hard to find, rare, etc.  Find and promote items that can only be found on Ebay.

Janet — thanks so much for your time and I believe that I speak for all of us Hubbers when I also say thanks for all of the great information. You have not only been able to find your own way to earn on HubPages, but you’ve also figured out how to earn on HubPages in a fun and enjoyable way. Now that is what I would call a HubPages success.

Add Your HubPages Terminology To The Hubdictionary

I just saw this post in the forums a few minutes ago and had to let all of you know about it. Basically, a Hubber named NGRIA Bassett has come up with a pretty cool idea — the creation of a Hubdictionary that would be a place for all of our HubPages-esque terminolgy to live so that all of us Hubbers could be in the know when it comes to speaking the HubPages language. Here are a few of the first Hubdictionary terms that she posted:

hubsnob— Shuns hubbers
hubrun — A winning hub
hubplaya–A guy who picks up female hubbers
hubmom— Stay at home hubber
huberlicios–A tasty hub
hubtastic— Afantastic idea
hubbiction–Addiction to hubbing
hubble— Checks out the space
hubitis–An irritating hub

If you have some that you would like to add to the list, feel free to post them over here in the forums and of course, as always, creativity and ridiculousness are both highly encouraged. 🙂

Signs That You Might Be A HubNugget And A Spooky Halloween HubMob

Be sure to check out this this week’s installment of the HubNugget Wannabes and the latest and greatest HubMob. This week’s HubMob is all about the upcoming holiday of Halloween (one of my personal favs) and already has over 30 HubMobsters contributing to the spookiness.

Once you’re done getting the you-know-what scared out of you over at the HubMob, be sure to check the latest and greatest Hubbers and their fresh, out of the oven HubNuggets. There are 10 HubNuggets for you to check out and once you’ve decided on which one you think is the tastiest of the bunch, be sure to place your vote so that it can be one step closer to achieving the ultimate HubNugget glory — getting sent out in the HubPages Weekly newsletter.

Thanks for your time and now back to your regularly scheduled program…