Yep, it’s now official — HubPages is now a top 100 website in the US. Here’s the screenshot to prove it. Thanks to all of you awesome Hubbers who have helped us get to this point and let’s keep on moving up that list!

UPDATE: Here’s a quick video of our top 100 champagne celebration here at the HubPages HQ (you can also watch it over here on YouTube):

p.s. We didn’t let Frank have any champagne, but he did enjoy the cork. 🙂

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38 replies on “Who Let These Guys In Here? HubPages Makes It Into The Top 100 Websites In The US! (with champagne celebration video)

  1. Hi HubPages…

    A great big “CONGRATULATIONS” to you guys for making it to the top 100. I am so very happy for this big achievement. Keep it up!!!!

    Kind regards,
    Dahlia Ambrose

  2. Congratulations, it’s no wonder that you’ve achieved this honor, this is a great site. I am a novice on the Internet, but with what I’ve seen so far, this is the best site of it’s kind out there. Believe me I’ve been looking for others to compare to it. I’ve found nothing yet, maybe if I were a little more computer savvy I might say different……………. Nah! You’re the best. I love it her!

    Onward and upward! Here, Here!

    Alfreta ‘fastfreta’ Sailor

  3. We made it on 28 th and i predicted it on 30 th October. Atleast i have predicted it better than the Official hupages team who wrote as december and november. When is the party hubpages team.

  4. This is GREAT! Did someone correctly guess the date of this fantastic achievement and win that contest on guessing? Just yesterday or maybe this morning,I guessed Oct. 31, 2009, so I was off. But man!….it happened quickly after the hub about the contest.

  5. I give 3 hearty cheers to HP for this great achievement.

    I am so proud, really really proud to be a part of HubPages.
    Congratulations to the HP team and to us hubbers.

  6. Emdless cheers to all of us in HP community! Yesss! It’s USA today, let’s conquer the world tomorrow. Thanks Ryan and the rest of Hub Nugget Team! If not for your all, we will not be inspired to write worthy hubs.

  7. Congrats Hubteam. Thanks for all the work you do and for letting me be a part of it.
    The top of the ladder is getting closer and closer.
    kindest regards Zsuzsy

  8. Excellent and I’m sure that Hubpages will climb the ranks, the way that they are going as a whole now, congratulations to all involved, even to me as I did a good job too and will continue to do so as I like writing here that’s why I’m still here!

  9. CONGRATULATIONS! It is an honor that is well deserved . You have all worked so hard and produced such a quality site (including keeping it as clean as possible)and it shows. I appreciate the chance to be part of it and wish you and all of us “hubbers” a long and profitable relationship…

  10. Dear Ryan Hupfer

    My sincere Congratulations !

    And, I would like to know… If, Hubbers are still required, to continue voting, after the Hub Pages Site, has made it to the Top US 100 Sites list ?

    Syed Hasan Shahid Bukhari
    1st November, 2009.

  11. Congratulations! Hubpages was the very first site that I started publishing on the internet. Without the inspiration I would not have gotten as far as I have with my websites and blogs.

    Thanks HubPages.

  12. Way to go hubpages. Congratulations to the founder, the team, the hubbers and course Frank. Hooray…We all did it. I believe we will soon be number one. Anyone wants to believe with me?

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