Here at the HubPages HQ we’ve been getting pretty excited about the fact that we’re getting really close to breaking through the Quantcast Top 100 US websites (we’re listed at #105 as I write this). So excited, in fact, that we’re doing an office contest to see who can come closest to guessing the exact say that Quantcast will display HubPages in a position of #100 or less on their website. The photo below is a list of the guesses that we all have been adding to the whiteboard and just like the Price Is Right, whoever guesses the closest without going over is the big winner of $100 in cold, hard cash.

Me personally, I guessed that we would be listed as a top 100 US website on November 5th, which isn’t too far away. So, what day do you think we’ll make it into the top 100? Unfortunately we can’t give you $100, but if you think you have a good guess we’d love to hear it!

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9 replies on “When Will HubPages Break Into The Quantcast Top 100 US Websites?

  1. I bet HubPages will break into the top 100 sites on Quantcast before the end of October, 2009. It’s nearly there already.

  2. Since this date isn’t picked yet:

    I’ll say October 31, 2009 because, beside being Halloween, it was my maternal grandmother’s birthday.

  3. Hmmmm, October 29 is my guess for Hubpages to reach the top 100 :). Top 50 will be like end of May next year :).

  4. Rank 102 as of 5:00 AM PDT, 10/28/09, 8.3M+ U.S. monthly people.

    My guess is 11/01/09 to make the top 100.

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