Hubpages: 13.3 million visitors looking at 416,000 hubs!

Today’s blog is an update from a previous blog.  Back then (8 months ago), we had 8 million visitors and 200,000 hubs and I wondered if the ratio of 40 unique visitors per hub would last.  It didn’t.  Our current ratio is 32 unique visitors per hub.

Writing a blog or a hub is a lot like fishing.  The bait (hopefully) is the quality content of your site.  Your best chance of finding a nice fishing hole comes from finding a place with the most fish in relation to the least fishermen.  This in essence is the justification for analyzing web sites by their ratio of unique visitors to content.

Let’s look at some popular web sites to see how their ratio compares with HubPages.  WordPress has a total of 115M blog posts published and gets 189.7M unique visitors each month so it’s ratio of about 2  Squidoo has nearly 900,00 lenses and gets 10.4M unique visitors.  Rounding up, that’s almost a ratio of 12.  Associated Content says that they have more than 1.4M published articles and gets 21.6 monthly unique visitors.  That’s a ratio of 15.4.  So, based on these sites, I think that a ratio of 32 is pretty good.

Let’s look at the rate of growth of our visitors over the last year:

It is interesting that one year ago, HubPages had roughly 7.1 million unique visitors worldwide.  Now, we have the same amount in the US.  If we were to repeat that trend, then by next year, we would have 13.3M visitors in the US which would make us (using the current numbers from Quantcast), the 48th most popular web site in the US (we are currently #123).

If we look at a graph of our content creation before we hit our 400,000 hubs milestone, we see the following:

Not surprisingly, this graph shows that the rate of growth of total hubs published outstripped the rate of growth of the visitors.

Will current trends continue over the next year?  Will HubPages become a top 100 destination in the US?  Will it become a top 200 destination world wide?  We at HubPages hope that this is the case.

For those interested in tracking the current number of hubs on HubPages, we now have a page with the current stats.

The New, Ongoing 30 Hubs In 30 Days HubChallenge — Wanna Join?

I’m not sure if you ever caught wind of a little somethin’ somethin’ we called the 100 Hubs in 30 Days Challenge that launched a couple of months ago in May, but it was absolute and complete madness and you can get the details of how it came about over here in this blog post and you can see how quickly it blew up into something huge over here in the forums.

All in all, there were nearly 5,000 HubChallenge Hubs created  during the 30 day it was going on and although several Hubbers seemed to get burnt out (100 Hubs is a lot), there were still many Hubbers that stuck through the whole thing and as a result ended up seeing some major boosts in their traffic, earnings and overall HubPages know-how.

After I saw the success (and some of the failures) of the initial 100 Hubs in 30 Days HubChallenge, I decided to create another opportunity for other Hubbers to participate in the same type of challenge, but with a few subtle differences. Here’s what the new 30 Hubs in 30 Days HubChallenge is all about;

  1. This time around we’re not shooting for the stars with 100 Hubs, we’re keeping the pace a little more attainable by making it one Hub per day (you can do that, right?)
  2. There is no official beginning and end to this HubChallenge, meaning that Hubbers can kick off their own 30 Hubs in 30 Days HubChallenge whenever they feel like it.
  3. There is a new forum that was created specifically for the new 30 Hubs in 30 Day HubChallengers, which will allow for every Hubbers that is taking on the HubChallenge (no matter the day they started) to help each other out, to ask questions and to have much more fun while doing it.
  4. We have an amazing HubChallenge Team that is on call to help any Hubber along the 30 days of their own, personal HubChallenge. If you have a question or need some motivation to keep pushing through, this team will be there to help you out. The team is made up of darkside (the official ring leader and Australian sensation), Waynet, Julie-Ann Amos, Trekkiemelissa, KCC Big Country and of course I’m all up in the mix, too.

If you would like to join up and take on the latest and greatest HubPages challenge, head on over here and get all of the details on how to get started now!

New Feature Announcement: the Table Capsule

Have you ever wished that you could insert a table into one of your hubs?  Now, you can.

This week, HubPages has added the Table Capsule to its set of hubtool components.  This capsule allows you create a table from scratch or to create a table from a Csv file.  This means that you can build a table from a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

There are three ways to create tables using the new Table Capsule.

In today’s blog, I will show how to create a table from scratch and how to import it from Microsoft Excel.

Creating a Table From Scratch

When you first add a table to your hub, you will see an empty table with three columns and four rows.

Once you click the edit the button, you will see three drop-down menus:

  • -insert/delete column/row-
  • -center, right, or left-
  • -bold or unbold-

These are the actions that can be performed on the table.  To do an action, you select a table’s cell, select the action that you want from a drop-down menu, and then hit the “update” button.  When you select a table’s cell, the cell is highlighted in orange.

In the screen shot below, I have selected the header cell for the third column:

You will notice that the cells in the last column and in the last row are grayed out.  The purpose here is to make it easy to add columns or rows.  If you select any cell in the last column, as soon as you start typing, the entire column turns white and is available for editing.  A new gray column is added at the end.  The gray rows works in the same way.

If you want to insert a column before a current column, you would do the following:

  • select the column (its borders turn orange)
  • select the “insert column before” from the drop-down menu
  • hit the “update” button.

After you type an entry into a cell, you can hit hit the TAB key to move to the next cell or the SHIFT+TAB to move back.  You can also use the DOWN arrow to move to the next cell below or use the UP arrow to move back.

In this way, you can insert columns or rows, delete columns or rows, and clear out columns or rows.  You can also choose make text bold.  The default is to make headers bold.  You can also choose whether text should be shifted right, shifted left, or centered.  The default is for all text to be centered.

Creating a table from Microsoft Excel

To create a table from Excel, the first step is to export the table as a CSV file.  This is done by clicking the down arrow of the “Save as type” when you save the file.  Then, just make sure to pick CSV format.

Once the CSV file is saved, hit the edit button for the table and select the radio button that says “My Computer”.  You will then be able to upload the CSV file as shown below:

When you are done, you will have the following:

Then hit save and you are done.

In the coming weeks, we will be adding additional features to the table capsule including additional table styles and the ability to sort columns.

If you have ideas or suggestions for making the table capsule better, please let us know.

HubPages Tips: How to find a FANTASTIC Hub topic

If you haven’t noticed yet, we have created a new forum called The 30 Hubs in 30 Days HubChallengers that is going to be a place for Hubbers to take the new, ongoing 30 Hubs in 30 Days HubChallenge. you may remember the 100 Hubs in 30 Days HubChallenge that we all went crazy with back in May that resulted in several Hubbers (that stuck it out) seeing some major boosts in HubPages know-how, traffic and of course, earnings. You can read about a few of them over here in a recent forum post.

Well, in the first post that I added into the new HubChallenge forum I let everyone know that the first official 30 day challenge doesn’t start until this Friday, July 24th. This is because I wanted to take a few days to help prep some of the soon-to-be HubChallengers on some tips that I have learned during my HubPages journey. The first tip that I decided to cover was How to find a FANTASTIC Hub topic and you can view the video below or over here on YouTube (where you can watch it full screen).

Links of interest from the video:

Oh My Goodness — HubPages Reaches The 400,000 Hub Mark!

You know, there’s really nothing like some good news to get your day moving in the right direction. Well, a couple of days ago my day was definitely kicked off the right way after Larry sent out an email to the entire HubPages team that let us all know that we had just hit a HUGE HubPages milestone — we had officially broken through the 400,000 Hub mark. Of course, after I read Larry’s email I had to go and see for myself over on the HubPages stats page and when I caught my first glimpse at our overall stats I quickly realized that he wasn’t kidding — we had really hit 400,000 Hubs (and growing)!

I guess that I wasn’t that surprised that we had hit the milestone (I knew it was just a matter of time), but I was pretty surprised that we had hit it so quickly. As you can see in the stats below, the overall Hub production on HubPages has really been gaining momentum over the past year or so:

  • First Hub was published on June 28th, 2006
  • 100,000th Hub was published on April 23rd, 2008 (20 months later)
  • 200,000th Hub was published on October 30th, 2008 (8 months later)
  • 300,000th Hub was published on April 23rd, 2009 (5 months later)
  • 400,000th Hub was published on  July 14th, 2009 (2.5 months later)

It’s pretty easy to see that the amount of Hubs that are being published are growing at an exponential rate, which is obviously due to the fact that we have the most awesome Hubbers, ever and that we’ve all started to get the HubPages name out there a bit. It’s great to see the growth and it’s great to see that we’re doing it all by helping our Hubbers publish content and make some cash.

Keep up the great work, everyone and if you have a guess for when we’ll hit the 500,000 Hub mark (we’re at 402,237 now), leave it in the comments! I’m going to say that we’ll hit it in 2 months even — right around the middle of September. What do you think?

Daniel Carter Gets Discovered On HubPages

A few mornings ago I was emailed by a Hubber named Daniel Carter who has been a member of the HubPages community for just about 2 months. In his profile he describes himself as a Composer/songwriter/Music Publisher/Audio Producer and over the past 2 months he has really started to enjoy everything that HubPages community has to offer.

The title of the email he sent me was “Thanks and guess what??!!” and it really brought a smile to my face and made me feel good to be a part of what HubPages offers all of our awesome Hubbers. So, I thought that I would go a head and share some of what he emailed me with all of you so that you can crack a smile while you read this, too. Here’s a part of what he sent over:

I published a hub called My Email Account Was Hacked! How I Regained Control of It and it was read by Associated Press writer, Beth Harpaz in NYC. Beth was so impressed with the hub that she referred it to one of her writers, Fritz Faerber who interviewed me by phone for about 45 minutes the other day, and is using my article and the interview as the basis for his article on what to do if you are hacked. It will be released through AP in the next week or so. I’m pretty excited about all that.

Whod’athunk? I couldn’t see that coming it if was a meteor!!

So, anyway, I’m tickled about this community, about being able to write profound, helpful things, as well as completely silly things.

So, again, thanks for such a great community. I love it there, and will continue to write.

All best wishes,

Daniel Carter

As I always say, all of us here at HubPages absolutely LOVE getting emails like these, so if you have a great HubPages story to share please send it to us so that we can share it with the rest if the community.

A Birthday Surprise For Paul Deeds, HubPages’ Fearless Leader

Yesterday I was knocking out some sweet HubPages stuff when all of a sudden Jay Reitz (one of HubPages founders) walked in and told us to get on upstairs so that we could surprise/embarrass our fearless leader here at HubPages, the one and only Mr. Paul Deeds, with a cake for his birthday. I’m always up for a little surprise and I’m definitely always up for embarrassins Paul, so I jumped up and ran upstairs so that I didn’t miss any of the upcoming festivities.

Well, we iced up the cake, set 34 candles on fire and surprised our unsuspecting leader. What do you think, does he look surprised at all? I think so. Check out the video below or over here on YouTube.