I’m always up for sharing a good HubPages success story, so when I saw what was happening with ManekiNeko‘s Hub about the Swine Flu (titled How Long is the Swine Flu Incubation Period?), I just had to write something about it. What’s hapening with her Hub at this very moment is the result of a Hubber going out and researching a topic that they’re not very familiar with and after finding out the information that they are seeking, creating a Hub on it for the rest of the world to use. Currently, this single Hub is one of the top daily revenue earners on HubPages and is seeing upwards of 6,000 impressions a day! Yeah, I know — it’s pretty amazing.

Here are a few snippets of the emails that we have been sending back and forth after I found out that her Hub was literally blasting off to the moon (and maybe even beyond that?).

Here’s what she said when I asked her why she thinks her Hub is getting so much traffic:

I guess one of the biggest reason it’s getting a lot of traffic is that I posted it back in the spring when the swine flu stuff first started happening. Other than that, I can’t say that I’m directly responsible for the traffic in terms of SEO, promotion, etc. Just a happy coincidence of timing and search popularity.

Here are her thoughts on what was going on in her head when she first started seeing it gain traffic:

Actually, I was really surprised with the amount of traffic it got right from the start. None of my other hubs had even gotten more than 1,000 views at the time, and then this one started getting 1,000+ per day. The traffic kind of spiked and dipped with people’s interest in the topic over time — people were freaking out about H1N1 when it first popped up, and now that it’s flu season, people are obviously concerned again and there are more searches for all swine flu related keywords. I was hoping that I’d see my traffic pick up, and I’m definitely pleasantly surprised that it’s gone up as much as it has. 🙂

One other thing that she wanted to share (which I thought was interesting):

I should add that I’m definitely not glad that so many people are suffering with the flu, but if my information helps them get help or get better faster, I’m happy for that.

Also, here is the traffic graph for ManekiNeko‘s super Hub just so you can see how a Hub is capable of performing given good content and some great timing:

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3 replies on “The Swine Flu Sets A Hubber’s Traffic On Fire!

  1. This is just awesome! It just shows you how far a litle hard work will take you. From one fellow hubber to another, I wish you much success ManekiNeko!

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