Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 12.41.28 PMI’m happy to announce that for the second year in a row I’m heading out to Las Vegas to partake in what I think is the greatest social media event that anyone in the industry could go to — BlogWorld 2009. I know that’s saying a lot and coming from a guy who has been around the social media block a few times let me tell you that this isn’t my first rodeo and I at least mostly know what I’m talking about. Oh, and yes, I’ve even been to the storied South By Southwest Interactive conference (party) and I still think that BlogWorld comes out on top.

I say this because BlogWorld, even though it’s a pretty big event (and will probably double this year), still has a very personal and intimate feel to it and if you ever get the chance to go and check it out you’ll know exactly what I mean. Also, the fact that Rick Calvert, one of the coolest dudes in the blogging/social media/events world started and still gets his hands dirty with the whole thing keeps me confident that BlogWorld will never outgrow itself into something that turns into more of a party than an event that’s worth your time. Of course, don’t get me wrong here — BlogWorld is in Las Vegas, so there will be plenty of entertaining/embarrassing things to see and hear about on Twitter, but at the end of the day BlogWorld will still give you most bang for your buck (still only $495 for a weekend pass, which is all you really need).

So, I guess all there is to say now is who I’d like to meet at BlogWorld while I’m out there, since it really is all about the connections created with the people that are attending and not just about the technology that we’re all talking about and using to connect with each other during the event.

I would like to meet people who:

  • are doing some awesome stuff in the web/social media space (that’s pretty broad, I know)
  • are potential partners of HubPages and have an interesting way that we could work together
  • have cool online services that could potentially be implemented on HubPages as a way to create a win-win for both of us
  • are looking for a new way to learn about how the web economy works and would like to generate some earnings by writing about the topics they know about/have interest in
  • know what slot machines are hot right now in Vegas
  • would like to write/talk about HubPages on their blog/website/video  (we’re doing some pretty cool stuff and we’re growing like crazy)
  • would be interested in doing something outrageous in Vegas that I have never done before (we can chat about that later)

If you’re planning on going to BlogWorld, too then be sure to follow me on Twitter — I’m @Hup on there, so hit me up.

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6 replies on “Going To BlogWorld 2009 In Las Vegas, Looking To Meet Interesting/Fun/Crazy People

  1. Also love Hubpages and am located at

    *Play the machines at the end of the rows nearest gaming tables for your best best…it is “there” that they try to draw spouses into spending money on the slots as their husbands are married to the tables.

    Buena Suerte/Good luck


  2. Wow, $495 for the weekend is a deal? I thought at $100 DragonCon in Atlanta was getting out of control.

    When you say the $495 is all you need what does that include? Not hotel right? Food? Drinks?

    Just curious, but damn, I suppose that since I’m starting my blogger career that I look at $495 as a lot of money for an event like this.

  3. Now that sounds like a great plan! I would love to go but hate travelling alone. I will keep up with you on Twitter then, thanks! 🙂

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