Hub Design Part Two

Happy Monday, everyone! Today we rolled out the latest iteration of the Hub redesign. I covered the changes from the first version in my blog post a few months ago, so now I’ll focus on the revisions we’ve implemented as part of the latest update.

Social Buttons
We heard your feedback and have moved the buttons to the left side of the Hub in response. Additionally, they will anchor for the entire duration of a user’s scroll. Isolating the buttons from ads and other content to the right of the Hub will bring more prominence to them and should result in increased social shares.

Comment Count Icon
Hubs with 5 or more comments will have a brand new comment count icon next to the social buttons. Clicking on the icon will scroll a user down to the comments section of the Hub. This is a great way to showcase how popular Hubs are with their readers.

The “Last Updated” Date
Many of you made the excellent point that the “last updated” date was vague and awkwardly positioned in the previous version of the design. We agree, so we moved the date below the Hub title and specified that the date refers to when the Hub was last updated, not when it was first published.

We removed the Hub count from the category breadcrumbs.

The Author section
The font used for Real Names (or username if no Real Name is provided) is a larger size. We also removed “HubPages Author” as a qualification. Lastly, we replaced the date with more information about you, like the number of published Hubs and followers you have.

The “More by this Author” Hubs
We changed the look and feel of “More by this Author” and moved it right below the main author section for improved continuity. We replaced the HOTD-like photo with three links (just like on mobile) so that we could showcase more of your Hubs to readers.

Related Hubs
To augment page views per visit (an important user engagement metric) and diversify the content in the sidebar (so that it’s not only comprised of ads), we moved Related Hubs to the sidebar of the Hub and anchored them. We hope that this placement change will make a positive impact on the clickthrough rate of Related Hubs.

Matched Content
Matched Content is finally ready to go and will be placed below the Hub Feedback Bar (i.e., where Related Hubs used to be.) For those of you who haven’t heard, Matched Content is a Google content recommendation engine currently in beta. It will show readers recommended Hubs based on both their interests and topical similarity. More specifically, Google’s algorithms generate recommendations based on:

  • Contextual signals: pages with the same keywords and/or the same themes
  • Audience signals: pages that interest readers within the same audience
  • General popularity: pages that are popular amongst site visitors
  • User Interests: based on the site visitors’ interests

We’re optimistic that Matched Content will help increase page views per visit, resulting in greater overall traffic for the site.

In addition to the changes listed above, we made some small tweaks to the visual design, including font sizes and link colors, in an effort to streamline the look of Hubs and make the content in the sidebar more easily distinguishable from the ads. The social buttons got a fresh new look as well.

While we don’t plan to make any more major adjustments to the Hub design right now, we do plan to do some more fine tuning. We’d love to hear what you think about the latest iteration to the Hub design!