The Faves of February Exclusive Titles

We’re super excited that prokidwriter made this awesome Hub on How to Be a Tooth Fairy for Your Kids from one of our Top 10 January titles! We especially love the original drawing and the app suggestions for modern, tech-savvy parents.

This month we’ve got some real winners. Without further ado, I give you the February top 10 Exclusive titles:

  1. How to Sight and Observe a UFO
  2. How to Date a Loser without Getting Teased
  3. How to Create Your Own Ninja Mask
  4. Tutorial for Growing Bioluminescent Algae in Your Own Home
  5. How to Make Homemade Christmas Cards for Non-Crafty People
  6. How to Deal with Your Boyfriend’s Outrageous Hairstyle
  7. Biography of British Engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel
  8. How to Make it through a Boring Party
  9. Healthy Baked Ferret Treats Recipe
  10. How to Look Good in Ugly Clothes


We LOVE to see your own original pictures and drawings in Hubs. Number 6 is just begging for some brilliant photos of silly hair, and step-by-step photos for Number 3 would be super (I really, really want to learn to make my own homemade ninja mask, so share your knowledge, secret ninjas!). If you haven’t written an Exclusive Hub yet, check out HubPages Exclusives in the Learning Center to find out what Exclusives are and how they work.

Below are a couple examples of stellar Exclusive Hubs published in February. Keep up the great work, y’all!

The Perks of the HubPages Earnings Program

Are you signed up for the HubPages Earnings Program? If not, you might want to consider doing so!

Some of the major perks of this earnings option include:

  • Potentially higher earnings (our first group of beta testers earned 50% more from their work)
  • Access to the HubPages Ad Program (responsible for the boost in earnings many Hubbers experience), which features an optimized mix of premium ads from multiple ad partners
  • A lower payout threshold ($50 instead of $100), which enables many Hubbers to enjoy more frequent payouts
  • Multiple HubPages revenue streams paid through one channel (HubPages Earnings Program income includes Ad Program and eBay earnings as well as Apprenticeship Program bonuses and contest winnings)

Though these are compelling benefits, the HubPages Earnings Program is not for those who:

  • Prefer to analyze ad performance through Google Analytics reports
  • Feature AdSense ads on multiple websites and prefer to receive all AdSense earnings through that one channel
  • Are not able to set up PayPal accounts (PayPal is not available in some countries, and is our only means of distributing HubPages Earnings Program payments)

To get a full understanding of how these earnings opportunities work, stop by our official Learning Center guides to the HubPages Ad Program and the HubPages Earnings Program.

We hope you’ll consider signing up (to do so, visit the signup page and follow the step-by-step instructions, which will guide you through submitting tax information and associating a PayPal account).

Topic Spotlight: Personal Finance

We mentioned previously that HubPages is working on an expansion of overcrowded Topics to enhance the site’s organization and provide more categorization options for Hubbers. In this post, we’d like to highlight some changes and improvements in Personal Finance.

Personal Finance is one of our most practical and successful Topics here on HubPages. It covers everything from tax forms to coupon clipping to investing in stocks. Through the Topic Expansion process, we are discovering what subjects our Hubbers most enjoy writing about. Interestingly, we’ve found that the most popular Personal Finance Topics are Frugal Living, Tax and Taxes, Income and Making Money, and Investing in Stocks, Bonds, Real Estate, More, and it’s on those categories that we’ve focused the majority of our attention. We’re very excited about the new Topics! Here’s a comprehensive list of what we’ve added in Personal Finance:

We hope you’ll have fun browsing the new Topics and that you will help us fill them up with high-quality Hubs. (Check out our Topic descriptions at the top of the Topic pages too. We occasionally sneak in the odd bit of trivia or humor.) If you’re looking for a subject to write about, new Topics are a great choice; since they will have less Hubs initially, your featured Hubs are more likely to show up on the first page. With these new changes, the dust has settled in Personal Finance for a while, but the Topic Expansion process is still full swing elsewhere, so look for more improvements to come.

We’re Adding a Fresh Twist to Weekly Topic Inspiration!

As you may have read in an earlier blog post, the lovely Christy Kirwan is expanding our Topic Page ecosystem, adding fun new Topics every day.

To raise awareness about the cool opportunities these new Topic Pages provide (they’re not nearly as crowded as older Topics, in which your chances of being Featured on the first page are pretty low) and to encourage people to publish Hubs on niche subjects (that are not already extensively covered online), we are shifting our focus of the Weekly Topic Inspiration program so that each week’s theme revolves around one of Christy’s newly-created Topics.

Aside from the weekly release date moving to Tuesdays (it has historically been on Mondays) and removing suggested titles from the forum threads (they were seldom used and it’s best to practice creating your own high-potential titles), nothing has changed.

For more information on participating in the Weekly Topic Inspiration challenge each week, stop by our Official Learning Center guide on the program and consider joining in on this week’s new challenge (with a super fun focus on beards, mustaches, and facial hair)!

The Gems of January Exclusive Titles

New Exclusive titles are constantly being created for tons of diverse subjects spanning every Topic at HubPages. If you haven’t written an Exclusive Hub yet, check out HubPages Exclusives in the Learning Center to find out what Exclusives are and how they work. In brief, Exclusives are unique, high-potential titles that can be claimed by talented Hubbers. An Exclusive Hub with high quality content and media has a good chance of becoming a success on HubPages.

We frequently create titles that look particularly fun, fascinating, and funny. We hope they will find good homes with Hubbers who are as excited about them as we are! Here are our absolute favorite top 10 best-of-the-best January Exclusives:

  1. How to Be a Tooth Fairy for Your Kids
  2. Mastering Form VII: Juyo, the Ferocity Form of Lightsaber Combat
  3. How to Tune a Lyre
  4. Tips on Drawing Ugly People
  5. Yummy Ways to Eat Spam
  6. How to Properly String a Recurve Bow
  7. How to Celebrate a Non-Lovey-Dovey Valentine’s Day
  8. How to Handle an “Uninvitation” or Being Uninvited to an Event
  9. How to Choose and Install a Motorcycle Helmet Mohawk
  10. Mori Girl Fashion Tips

Most of these gems are currently unclaimed, so keep an eye out for them in your title bar. We can’t wait to see them flourish as entertaining, successful, quality Hubs! Since we love to see how Hubbers flesh out our favorite Exclusives, here are a couple examples of January Hubs with fun Exclusive titles and great content: