I know that I have mentioned Frank (my Pug that I bring into the office every day) on this blog a little bit here and there, but here lately I feel like I should be talking more about him since he’s becoming such a fixture around here. Whether he’s sleeping during meetings, chewing on our conference room carpet or snoring under my desk, it’s safe to say that Frank has officially become a part of the HubPages team so I’m going to try to keep all of you up to date on what he’s up to every now and then.

The first things that I thought I should share are a couple of drawings that I found on the whiteboards here in the office. I’m not really sure what to think about them and if Frank could look up that high, I’m sure that he wouldn’t appreciate them too much, either — but, I must say that they are both really funny. Also, this should give you a sense of the fun that comes along with having an office mascot hanging around, especially one that’s a Pug. 🙂

This first drawing on the board is one that I just found today and I wouldn’t say that it’s the most flattering depiction of Frank that I’ve ever seen. I mean, don’t get me wrong — Frank is a Pug, but geez, he’s not that chubby. Plus, I walk him to and from work every day, which is about 4 miles a day (which is practically a marathon for a Pug!).

I do not approve of this second drawing at all and personally I think that it’s not very funny (ok, ok, it’s really funny). It was drawn to show how in just 2-steps Frank could be cooked up for a tasty meal. Step 1 is to catch him with an arrow (not nice) and Step 2 is to cook him over an open fire (really not nice). Poor Frank…

More updates on Frank coming soon!

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