Happy Halloween from HubPages

Happy Halloween fellow hubbers!

We had our own little Halloween celebration this Friday at HubPages GQ – some of us came in costume (we had a mini-contest, for eternal honor) and Pia and Larry definiely came in as major winners.  Check out their nifty costumes below:

Can you guess who Pia is? Frida Kahlo, of course!  She does an amazing impression – and it takes talent to internalize all of that suffering and artistic genius!

And can you guess who Larry is?  A cowboy!  Not making sense? Well, that’s because he’s dressing as a cowboy from Kyrgyzstan!

Even those who did not come up in festive garb enjoyed the cookies and milk Paul Edmondson and Chris Little (disguised as an American cowboy and San Francisco Giants closer Brian Wilson respectively) brought in.

We hope that your Halloween weekend is full of fun costumes, good company, and delicious treats as well!

HubPages Behind the Scenes – Word of the Day

It has been a while since we’ve given you a sneak peek at HubPages HQ, so here’s a good one – our fearless moderator Maddie gave us a real vocabulary nugget some Thursdays back, and we thought you might enjoy it as much as we do!  Watch the video for the big reveal:

The word?  Defenestrate! To throw out the window.

It’s quite the fun word to use – perhaps you might include it in your next hub! Many of your fellow Hubbers already have, as a matter of fact.

Happy Hubbing 😀

HubPages Success Story: Eiddwen Finds Solace and new Beginnings with the HubPages Community

Eiddwen on HubPages

While we usually hear success stories about people making money, did you know that HubPages has been a place for finding emotional solace as well?  Eiddwen, a fabulous hubber, mother, and grandmother from Wales, was kind enough to share her very touching story with us below:

Has HubPages made a difference to my life??
Simple answer: Yes Yes Yes !!! I have written at home all my life but apart from some story competitions that I won whilst in school nothing else has ever passed out through my front door.

I’ve written loads of poems, some in English but mainly in Welsh; many in memory of my only sister Val who sadly passed over eleven years ago.

However I was browsing on the Internet about 3 months ago and came upon HP.  As I read some feedback I realised that this might be the place for me!!!

I sadly lost my youngest daughter last year and I’ve published a tribute for Erin on here as well as some other pretty emotional hubs.

The comments and feedback that I have had have been so caring and touching, and I hope that my stories will help others. Despite living through some really bad times I am finally where I always wanted to be in life. However I have never seen myself as a victim and I wanted to publish these initial hubs so that hopefully someone else may benefit from my experiences.

l want to pass on the message to never give up on your dreams, stay strong and your will be a winner. To feel truly whole and to experience happinesss from within is definitely within everyone’s grasp and no one has the right to keep these factors from us.

Eiddwen also shared how HubPages has helped her branch out as a more general writer as well:

I also love reading everyone else’s hubs as well. As well as helping others I am learning so much myself too.

After publishing the emotional true life hubs I was able to write so much more!! I think I had to share those first emotional stories before moving on to: humorous stories and poetry; travel and sighseeing with a little twist (eg ‘A Step Back in Time’); meaningful stories and poetry; etc and on and on.

Who knows what I’ll be writing about in a year’s time; the only thing is that is I still hope to be writing on here!!  I love making people laugh as well as writing children’s stories and there is going to be so much more.  There is something new to learn every day no matter where we are or how old we are. I believe that there is a time and place for everything!!! Joining everyone on here was the beginning of a new era for me and HP is everything I expected it to be and more!!!

Thank you to everyone who has been responsible for the making of Hubpages.

We are so glad that HubPages has been a place where Eiddwen has been able to reconcile with the past and kick off a new present.  It seems that people are drawn to the site for many different reasons, but it’s the community that always keeps us coming back!

Do you have a HubPages success story you’d like to share?  Let us know!

And thanks, Eiddwen!

Guest Post on TechCrunch This Weekend

We are really thankful for an opportunity to write a guest post on TechCrunch this weekend to a follow up story they did on the One Millionth Hub.

As a result of their last story on HubPages, I received several emails about how HubPages traffic grew and we thought it must seem mysterious to people that haven’t explored writing on HubPages.  So, I offered to give Michael Arrington a demo of HubPages and show him a behind the scenes view on how authors become successful on HubPages.  He suggested that I write a guest post for TC telling the story, and I wanted to thank him  for the opportunity and for all the coverage TC has given HubPages over the last four plus years.

How Great is Zappos?

I’m a huge fans of Zappos.  Not because they have incredible customer service, or because it’s one of my favorite places to shop.  I’m a huge  Zappos fan because all the people I meet that work there tell me they love it.  As CEO of  HubPages, I find this completely inspirational.  The HubPages team was pretty excited to meet their blogging team when they stopped by our booth at Blogworld and gave us an opportunity to talk with them about HubPages.  The good news for our readers is they taped the conversation and they will post the discussion up in the next week or so on the Zappos Blog – We will let you all know when it’s up

The Zappos blogging team with Jason

Huge thanks to Graham and the rest of the Zappos team for stopping by to learn a bit more about HubPages and the fantastic writers here.

HubPages at BlogWorld Was a Hit

Jason and Simone, working the HubPages display

The HubPages team was in Las Vegas last Thursday through Saturday for the BlogWorld event.  It was awesome to meet so many Hubbers face-to-face, and to spread the word about HubPages to other attendees who had not yet heard of us.  Throughout the various discussions that I had at the event, there seemed to be a recurring thread from so many bloggers – HubPages is a great place for bloggers to publish and earn on articles that are beyond the scope of  their blogs’ topic.   Also, with the scale and size of HubPages, authors are more likely to be found and discovered writing on HubPages.

I should also point out that our HubPages-embossed gold coin chocolates…mmm Belgian chocolates wrapped in gold foil…were a big hit.

HubPages Gold

HubPages Hits 1 Million Hubs

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 4.27.16 PMThis Monday, TechCrunch was the first to announce that HubPages has hit 1 million hubs!  This is quite the exciting milestone, and it’s notable that these are all of the hubs that have passed moderation and review, which means that the HubPages has not only published 1 million hubs, but 1 million good ones.

The millionth hub published, in fact, is a great example of the lovely guides and articles that get published by hubbers on a daily basis.  Awesome Halloween Treats by Jaynie2000 is jam-packed with great seasonal snack ideas, and a total pleasure to read, especially for those of us with a sweet tooth!

We’re so excited to reach this milestone, and are eager to read 1 million more hubs.  We hope you continue to enjoy the site, its tools and features, and the community for many years to come 🙂

HubPages at BlogWorld, 2010

BlogWorld 2010

Hey hubbers!  Going to BlogWorld this week?  So are we!

That’s right- you’ll find us in booth 411 on the Exhibition Floor, and we’re going to be having a blast!  Stop by our booth and enter in our contest- we’re going to challenge everyone to determine which hubs get more traffic, and those who guess correctly are entered in a daily drawing to win a free iPad! Nice, huh?

We’re also going to be showing everyone how HubPages can be used in tandem with a personal or professional blog, and doing our own networking and research, which shall hopefully result in some helpful new Learning Center guides.

We hope to bump into you there – it’ll be a great conference!

HubPages Chats With Google Sightseeing

Now that the rigorous judging for HubPages Marks the Spot is over, we had the time to actually chat with our esteemed Judges James & Alex Turnbull from Google Sightseeing – a blog all about discovering the world via Google Maps.  Enjoy our exchange below, where the pair reveal some of their coolest Google Maps discoveries, as well as some thoughts on the contest and Map Capsule 😀

HubPages: What inspired you to start Google Sightseeing?

Google Sightseeing: We were fascinated with the satellite imagery on Google Maps when it was launched in 2005, and we found so many interesting places in the first few hours of browsing that we thought we’d share them. At the time, we had no idea that there would be enough sights to keep us going for the next 5 years! The world it seems, is a much bigger place than we previously thought.

What are some of the coolest sights you’ve shared on the blog?

With over 1,800 posts on the site it’s really hard to choose, however some memorable ones include the 60-metre pink rabbit on a hillside in Italy, the world’s tallest unoccupied building in North Korea, a mysterious abandoned pod city in Taiwan, and the world’s largest graffiti.

How do you think Google Maps has changed the way we live our day-to-day lives?

Google Maps has changed our lives immeasurably – there’s nowhere you can’t look up before you go, no reason to get lost, and nowhere that’s out of reach, at least virtually. Cartography is at the forefront of technology today, and that’s due in part to Google Maps.

What did you enjoy most about the hubs you read for HubPages Marks the Spot?

We’re surprised every single day about the things people find using Google maps, Earth and Street View, and it’s easy to forget how much local and personal knowledge Google’s services don’t provide! All of the hubs gave us a great insight into places that we could never have found out about otherwise.

What kind of location-based hubs (using the new HubPages Map Capsule, which allows hubbers to embed Google Maps into their hubs) would you most like to see?

Personally we’d like to see hubs featuring things you can appreciate without having to visit the location in person – but that’s just us!

What is the coolest (be it useful, silly, creative, or just plain interesting) potential use of the Map Capsule you can think of?

It would be great if the map capsule could expand eventually to provide info directly on the map – clicking markers to reveal content directly related to that thing. An annotated guide like that of an area would be really interesting when filled up with your users’ insights.

If you could immediately teleport to any of the locations or areas that you judged in the contest, which would it be?

We think that would have to be Old Town Temecula! What an amazing place, and a million miles in every way from where we are now.


.     .     .

Thanks, Alex & James!

Paul Edmondson to Speak at PubCon

Exciting news! Paul Edmondson will be speaking at this year’s PubCon in Las Vegas.

For those of you not familiar with the event, PubCon is a large search and social media conference attended by a wealth of experts in online writing, marketing, advertising, search engines, and social media.  This year, it’s going to be held from November 8th to 11th.

Paul’s session is on how to start and grow a user-generated community.  It’ll be  on Wednesday, November 10th, at 3:15pm, so if you’re there, don’t miss it!  Speaking aside, Paul shall be utilizing PubCon to make sure HubPages stays on the cutting edge, and offers you the very best tools and resources!

If you’re interested in attending, enter in this code- rc-2782515 – to get a 20% discount!  We hope to see you there 😀