People Are Looking For Swine Flu Info (And HubPages Is Helping Them Find It)

Although we’re not even close to being a news site (nor do we really want to be) I’ve noticed an influx of Hubs that are all written on one extremely popular topic right now — the Swine Flu. In fact, there’s one Hubber in particular, Hal Licino, who has actually written 26 Hubs on that very topic…seriously.

However, as I was looking at some of the top trafficked Hubs from the past couple of days, there was another Swine Flu Hub that stood out from the rest of the pack due to the incredible amount of views it has been getting from Yahoo! and Google. The Hub that I’m talking about is titled: How Long is the Swine Flu Incubation Period? and it was written by a Hubber named ManekiNeko.

If you want to learn a little mor about the Swine Flu and also want to take a look at a quality, well-put together Hub, then you should take a couple of minutes and give that Hub a quick read.

Behold! The Chosen HubNuggets Cometh!

I’m not really sure what that title means, but I wanted to post up the 5 winning HubNuggets that were sent out in the HubPages Weekly newsletter today. Each of these are really, really great Hubs that are definitely worth reading, so be sure to give each of them a look when you get the chance. Also, if you’re curious and want to see the Hubs that didn’t get chosen as HubNuggets, feel free to check out the HubNugget voting Hub over here.

HubNugget 1: Foxfire or A Gift In The Dark (24%)

“There are many types of glowing fungus. Many are external fungi that grow off of wood, like the shelf shaped bracket fungi. There are also glowing mushrooms. The foxfire that I had found was not an external fungus. It had permeated the wood itself. Though most findings of foxfire tend to be anywhere from vivid blue to deep green. The foxfire from my find was very pale greenish yellow. There have been findings of yellow and pink foxfire as well.” Read more »

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HubNugget 2: My Husband Quilt or How A Mess Can Become An Heirloom (21%)

“After my husband died I had to deal with a lot of issues. If you’ve suffered the death of a loved one then you know how overwhelming it can get. One of the things someone told me to do was to go through his clothes as quickly as I could and ‘get them out of the house. You’ll feel better not looking at them.'” Read more »

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HubNugget 3: Top Ten Songs about Bad Habits (Videos of All Songs) (16%)

“There have been many songs about bad people, bad places, bad things, and bad ideas – bad girls, bad boys, bad love, bad everything! Most intriguing of the “bad” songs, I think, are the songs about “bad habits.” Glorifying drugs, food, drink, smoking, and more in song seems like a strange topic for song writers to write about and for singers to sing about – but it’s been done successfully over and over again.” Read more »

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HubNugget 4: You Tube Idol Susan Boyle Rocks My World (16%)

“So it was when I started seeing the headlines surrounding Susan Boyle and her appearance on “Britain’s Got Talent”. More of the same I thought as I would click past the ever growing publicity. I figured the well of news from “American Idol” had run dry for the time being and now we were being subjected to the same ho-hum entertainment drivel from the other side of the pond. Then, the other night, all that changed.” Read more »

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HubNugget 5: Define Darkness? (9%)

“When we hear someone ask us to, ‘Define Darkness’ our first instinct is to think of all the bad stuff that goes on around us, this was not my first thought. The darkness brings a new world, a monochrome world, as beautiful in its way as the daylight world with all it’s splendid colour.” Read more »

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The Best Of The HubMob: SweetiePie’s Hub On How To Paint Your Mom A Picture On Mother’s Day

You know what they say, ‘It’s the thought that counts.”, and when it comes to getting your mom something for Mother’s Day sometimes it’s better to give something that you put some time and thought into as opposed to giving something that you spent a lot of money on. One of our better do-it-yourself Hubbers (and an awesome HubMobster) SweetiePie clued us in on a great way to give our mom’s a thoughtful gift on Mother’s Day with her HubMob Hub that’s titled Paint A Picture For Your Mom On Mother’s Day and it’s the Hub that I chose as the last week’s HubMob’s best of the best.

Here are a few reasons why I chose SweetiePies’s Mother’s Day DIY Hub as last week’s best:

  • It’s a great How-To Hub, which are always a great option to write and publish on HubPages. Even though she didn’t include the ‘How To’ in the beginning of her Hub title like Paul Edmondson suggests over here, it’s still a very informative Hub that has a very search-friendly title (it’s already getting Google traffic).
  • One thing that SweetiePie is great at is including very helpful (and self-shot) photos to accompany the great content that she writes about her in Hubs. In this particular Hub she included 6 step-by-step photos that help the reader progress through the instructions, which adds a lot to the reader’s experience and the usefulness of the content.
  • Another thing that SweetiePie did that made her Hub much more friendly and helpful was splitting up the different sections and steps that she wrote about in the Hub by using multiple Capsules. She also added bold section headings, which helps a reader digest the Hub in much easier and less overwhelming way.

You too can paint your mom an awesome picture like this — SweetiePie will tell you how.

Congrats to SweetiePie and all of the other HubMobsters who joined in last weeks HubMob and if you’re wanting to become a HubMobster this week, be sure to check out the latest HubMob over here in the Forums. This week it’s all about shaving and hair removal, so it should be pretty interesting. 🙂

How Has HubPages Changed Your Life?

Yesterday Fawntia (one of our incredible engineers here at HubPages) sent me over an email that linked me to a Request titled How has HubPages changes your life? that was created by a Hubber named reggieTull. Although I thought that the Request was super awesome, something that was even more awesome was a Hub that MissJamieD wrote that answered the Request. Be sure to give it a quick read when you get a chance. It’s a Hub that makes me and the rest of the HubPages team feel all mushy and tingly inside (in a good way) and says a lot about the amazing group of Hubbers that we are lucky enough to have make up our community. Here’s a quick snippet of the Hub:

Hub Pages has changed my life in many ways, in the three short months that I’ve been here. The amount of support I’ve received already, is astounding. I feel like I have made some wonderful friends. I’ve learned more in three months here, than I ever would’ve by trying to find the time (with three kids) to read an entire book.

After reading this Hub it really got me wondering how/if HubPages has changed other Hubber’s lives, so I wanted to let all of you know about this Request in case you have a great story to share like MissJamieD did. If you do have something to share, please click here and let the rest of us Hubbers know by answering this Request.

Gobble Up This Week’s HubNugget Winners (They’re MMM MMMM Good!)

Here are this week’s HubNugget winners that were sent out to 50,000+ Hubbers last Wednesday in the HubPages Weekly Newsletter. After you give them a quick read be sure to vote for your favorite wannabe this week over here in this awesome HubNugget Hub that was posted by the always entertaining Patty Inglish.

HubNugget 1: Harry The K (1936-2009) (23%)

“One of the great voices in the history of American sports has been silenced forever. Harry Kalas died doing what he had done better than almost anyone for forty-three years. Harry Kalas died doing what he loved, and what he was born to do. Harry Kalas died today at the ballpark preparing to broadcast a baseball game.” Read more »

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“As if sharks weren’t enough to embed fear in the hearts of swimmers all over the world, there is an entire host of creepy creatures that somehow managed to make it into the ‘fish’ category. Each and every one featured has definitely earned its spot on this list of the top ten creepiest fish in the world!” Read more »

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HubNugget 3: MusicJohn Mayer: One of the Best Musicians in Today’s Music (12%)

“John Mayer is a musical genius, that can play any style of music. He is best know for his bluesy rock and roll songs with loads of soul. His albums top charts and are some of the most musically diverse recordings ever made.” Read more »

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HubNugget 4: How to Make A Hub That Will Make Good Money (9%)

“You may look at Google trends or Digg and see that particular topics or stories are being searched for much more than others. Here are a few reasons why these are not the topics that you want to write your hub about.” Read more »

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HubNugget 5: Armand De Brignac, From Grape To Glass (9%)

“Essentially, three grape varieties namely Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier make up the exceptional Armand De Brignac blend. You may know that virtually all the champagne in the world is blended using pretty much these three varieties so what makes Armand De Brignac so special?” Read more »

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Helllllo 300,000 Hubs!

I just took a look at the overall HubPages stats and realized that we had officially busted through the 300,000 Hub mark a couple of days ago! We’re now a few thousand over that mark and we’re continuing to accumulate Hubs at an even faster rate than we were just a few months ago. This is particularly interesting when you factor in that we continue to become better and better at keeping low quality content off of HubPages, which means that a smaller percentage of not-so-awesome Hubs are squeaking past our radar.

If you remember, we hit the 200,000 mark right around the beginning of November of last year so it’s only taken us a little over 5 months to jump up over 100,000 Hubs. I wonder how long it will take us to get to 400,000 — any guesses?

Also, just to put this into perspective, Squidoo claims to have over 900,000 Lenses that are published on their site ever though they’re currently attracting less visitors than we are here at HubPages. Interesting, eh?

Thanks to all of you awesome Hubbers out there who have helped us hit this HUGE milestone! You all rock!

The Payout Chronicles: Bard Of Ely Explains How He Found $100+ In His AdSense Account

Well hello there Hubbers and welcome back to another exciting edition of the Payout Chronicles, where I interview a Hubber who has recently passed a major milestone in their Hubbing — getting their first $100 payout from Google. It’s always interesting hearing each of the Hubbers that I interview talk about the methods, techniques and tips that they have to share regarding their success (or not) with writing on HubPages. I’m a big believer in the ability to learn best practices from one another and I think that hearing it straight from the Hubber who has reached his first payout can be super helpful.

So, with all of that being said, I’d like to introduce the Hubber that I’ll beinterviewing about his first payout today, the one and only Bard of Ely.

Hup: So Bard, I happened to see your Forum post that said you found $113 in your AdSense account after checking it a few days ago. Can you tell me briefly how it ended up in there?

Bard: Well, I don’t know exactly how it all got there because I don’t spend a lot of time checking stats and visiting my Google Adsense account because it has been quite depressing until recently. I am very pleased to see that the total has now gone up to just over $125. I think it’s mainly got there because I have been patiently waiting having seen it advised over and over again in the forum threads that patience is one of the keys to success here.
As a writer and musician because it is so damned hard to get published and released by a ‘proper’ publisher or label it has taught me over the many years to be patient and just keep at it.

Hup: Well, I guess that’s it’s true then, eh? You really can make money from HubPages! I thought that that it was all just a figment of my imagination or something.

Bard: I first came to HubPages having found the site whilst searching for ways to make money online. That was my original reason for being on the site but it soon became somewhere I wanted to spend a lot of my time not just because of the possible money. I made a lot of new friends there and I also concluded that it would make a great showcase for my writing.
Hup: You’ve been an amazing member of the HubPages community for over a year now and in those 12 months you’ve published over 150 Hubs, which is quite a feat in itself. What has kept you sticking around for all of this time and what does being a Hubber mean to you?

Bard: I have already discussed patience, and whilst I admit I have been patiently waiting to see if I ever did make anything here, there are so many more reasons why I have been such a regular Hubber. I appreciate the great community spirit and the quality of a lot of the hubs, which are a great resource for info as well as enjoyment. I only wish I had more time to spend reading more of them! As I’ve already said I have made a lot of friends on HubPages and another thing I like to do is watch how well my friends do on here. In particular I am very glad to see how successful CJ Stone and Misty Horizon have been.
Being a Hubber means to me being ready to answer questions and give advice in the forums, being willing to spend time researching and creating your own hubs and also being willing to experiment and learn as you go along, and which I am still doing of course.

Hup: After publishing Hubs and hanging around the place for over a year, you must have some pretty solid advice for all of the Hubbers out there when it comes to what works and what doesn’t when publishing on HubPages. What fantastic nuggets of knowledge do you feel could be the most helpful?

Bard: I think it’s important to get good titles, to include videos and photos and plenty of links. I tried the news capsules but they didn’t really work for me and so far I haven’t had much luck with Amazon and eBay but I like to add items on them to help illustrate the hub and show what is available. It seems pretty obvious that writing about popular stuff like sex works well, but at the same time I have had very good ratings and traffic for some of my articles about nature and foraging as well as my conspiracy hubs on the Illuminati and David Icke’s theories etc. I don’t claim to know why some of the nature hubs prove very popular and others don’t though. For example, my hub on Antlions and other insects has been one of my very successful hubs but why I wonder?
My advice would be not to give up and not to worry about the money side of it but look on HubPages as a place to display your writing skills and to talk about all sorts of subjects and to meet people too.

Hup: The fact that you have the word ‘bard’ in your name is pretty sweet, can you give me a brief explanation of what it means?

Bard: It came about when in 1997 I had a regular column in Big Issue Cymru magazine for homeless people. I was writing mostly general interest stories but I was already known to the publication as a singer and songwriter from the South Wales music scene. Because of that they dubbed me Bard of Ely. Ely is a vast council housing estate, said to be the biggest in Europe, and I thought it was funny being a bard from such a place. A bard to my understanding is a person who is a singer, a musician, poet and storyteller and I am all of those and I really did come from Ely having lived there for 25 years, so it was an accurate description. I am also a Bard of the Free Gorsedd of Bards of Caer Abiri (Avebury) and Principal Bard of the Travelling Court of Camelot (musical wing of the Loyal Arthurian Warband druid order).

Selling Expertise Online – A Video That HubPages Should Have Been Included In

A couple of weeks ago I met a guy names Dustin who works over at an interesting website called LivePerson, where experts get paid for chatting with people who need some advice, expertise and information on the particular subjects that they’re unfamiliar with. The expert charges per minute and gets paid for simply chatting with people about the things that they’re most passionate about.

Sounds familar, eh? Yep it’s basically a real-time and chat-based version of HubPages, which I think is very interesting.

Anyways, Dustin from LivePerson sent me an email today with a link to this video (watch below) from the Early Show where they focus on people who ‘sell their expertise online’. The video focuses on Associated Content and LivePerson, but I think that HubPages could have easily been mentioned right along with them, too. I’m more than confident in saying that HubPages provides the best all-around self-publishing platform for writers to generate revenue online on a consistent basis. What do you think? Should I have been in this video telling the world about how awesome HubPages is?×3.swf

p.s. I just saw that LivePerson was featured in the Wall Street Journal, too.

Join This Week’s HubMob: It’s All About Mothers’s Day!

Mother’s Day is coming up soon this year (May 10th), so we have decided to celebrate the day that we honor the greatest women in our lives, our dear, old mom. We already have 8 HubMobsters that have written their Hubs on topics such as:

  1. Painting your mom a picture for Mother’s Day (SweetiePie)
  2. What mom’s really love about their big day (Anna Marie Bowman)
  3. Personal thoughts on what Mother’s Day is about (Amy G)

If you think that you have something you could add to this HubMob, check out the details for joining over here in the Forums and get to Hubbing!

The Best Of The HubMob: Princessa’s Hub On Protective Swimwear For Children

Even though Princessa didn’t want to vote for herself (she’s way too humble), I decided to take complete advantage of my authority in the situation and declare that Princessa’s HubMob Hub that’s titled Protective Swimwear for children is the best of the best this week. I chose her Hub for a few different reasons:

  1. It has the highest HubScore of all the Hubmob Hubs, which is pretty cool (although not what sealed my vote)
  2. The Hub was filled with all kinds of informative and original content and it also had several interesting images that were included. A few good images can get you a lot of mileage in your Hubs.
  3. In just a matter of a few days, Princessa’s Hub is already on the first page of Google’s results for ‘Protective Swimwear For Children’ — if you don’t believe me (which I wouldn’t, either), click here and see it for yourself. Pretty sweet, eh? BEHOLD, the power of ze’ HubPages! Sorry, I’m getting a little carried away, I apologize.

Congrats to Princessa and thanks to all of the other HubMobsters that wrote a Hub last week!