Announcing the 7th Annual Hubbie Award Winners

The votes are in and the winners have been chosen! We’d like to thank everyone for taking the time to vote, and please feel free to drop by and congratulate the winners. Now, without further ado, the 2017 Hubbie Award Winners:


  1. Best All-Around Article:  Organic vs. Free Range vs. Cage Free Eggs
  2. Best All-Around Hubber:  Bill Holland—BillyBuc
  3. HubPages Lifetime Achievement (staff picked):  Ronald E. Franklin—Ronelfran
  4. Most Helpful Hubber:  Glenn Stok
  5. Rookie of the Year:  Larry Slawson
  6. Most Likely to be a HP Employee:  Marisa Wright
  7. Funniest Hubber:  Keith Abt—FatFreddysCat
  8. Best Imagery:  Sally Gulbrandsen—SallyBea
  9. Biggest Grammar Nerd:  Marie Flint
  10. Most Academic Hubber:  Linda Crampton—AliciaC
  11. Hubber with Most Obscure Knowledge:  Natalie Frank
  12. Most Trusted Hubber:  Dora Isaac Weithers—MsDora

This year the HubPages Staff is very pleased to honor Ronald E. Franklin (Ronelfran) with the HubPages Lifetime Award!  Ronald has been an active member for over six years,  writes informational, high-quality articles, and is a positive member of our community.  Congratulations, Ron!

We would also like to extend our congratulations to this year’s winners. It was a tight race in many of the categories!  We are grateful for all of our Hubbers and their time and commitment to make HubPages the best place to share knowledge and expertise with the world.  Keep up the fantastic work!

Vote for Your Favorites in the 2017 Hubbie Awards!

The polls are officially open for the 7th Annual HubPages Hubbie Awards! You have two weeks to submit your vote, so take your time and consider your choices carefully—no rush!

The Prizes:

Winners in each category will receive an official HubPages mug with the HubPages logo and your name or username.

If a Hubber wins more than one category, he or she will receive a mug for each category won (though we do love to see as many deserving Hubbers win as possible, so please do your best to diversify your votes).

The Rules:

Before you cast your vote, there are a few ground rules to keep in mind. Each Hubber may only vote once, so make sure you’ve got your list of nominees ready to go. Nominations submitted after Wednesday, September 20th at midnight will not be counted. If you don’t have a Hubber or article to nominate for every single category, it’s ok to leave spaces blank.

When you’re ready, you can visit the Official 2017 Hubbie Voting Form, or if you need more time to consider your vote, you can always browse the categories before making up your mind:

Hubbie Award Categories:

  1. Best All-Around Article
  2. Best All-Around Hubber
  3. HubPages Lifetime Achievement (staff picked)
  4. Most Helpful Hubber
  5. Rookie of the Year
  6. Most Likely to be a HubPages Employee
  7. Funniest Hubber
  8. Hubber That Uses the Best Original Imagery
  9. Biggest Grammar Nerd
  10. Most Academic Hubber
  11. Hubber with Most Obscure Knowledge
  12. Most Trusted Hubber

If you’re ready to cast your vote now, proceed to the Official 2017 Hubbie Voting Form. Remember, you can only vote once, so take your time figuring out which articles and Hubbers you’d like to nominate. Happy voting!