A Few Updates to HubPages

Hey, Hubbers! We are very excited about the future of HubPages. We continually strive to improve HubPages, and we appreciate all the feedback you’ve so helpfully given us. Going forward, we plan to stick with our traditional iterative approach.  This means frequent small changes to the product with periods of data collection and analysis.  We will continue to try new projects.  The ones that contribute to our goal of being the best place to publish original, in-depth, media-rich content will stick, and those that do not will be retired.  One of the reasons that HubPages has been able to stand the test of time is because we haven’t sat idly by and resisted change.  We believe in our community and are doing all that we can to help you succeed.  We are eternally grateful that you understand and appreciate this sometimes frustrating process because it is imperative to our success.

Our plan is to continue to designate Hubs as Editor’s Choice and curate them on the HubPages.com domain while simultaneously supporting the promotion of individual subdomains. It will take time for the long-term plan to be realized, but our hope is to eventually organize high-quality content in a thematic way that readers will enjoy.  We have a number of ideas we plan to test in this area, so stay tuned!

Breadcrumb Structure Before Change

Breadcrumb Structure Before Change


Breadcrumb Structrure After Change

Breadcrumb Structrure After Change


One of the small tweaks that we are implementing today is to the breadcrumb structure on Hubs residing on subdomains.  Breadcrumbs are the navigation links at the top of all Hubs. Going forward these breadcrumbs will no longer lead readers to the HubPages Topic pages. Instead, readers will be directed to a filtered view of a Hubber’s profile page displaying other Hubs in the same Topic.  What this means is more links to your work!  For example, a breadcrumb will now appear as:  Your Profile page > top level category of your Hubs in the same Topic.  This change will give readers that enjoy your Hub another easy way to navigate to your profile.

In addition to the breadcrumbs change, we are making a few updates to the “Discover More Hubs” section that appears at the bottom of Hubs.  First, we improved the core algorithm that chooses the Hubs.  In our internal tests Hubs identified by the new algorithm are 25% more relevant.  That doesn’t mean that there won’t be an occasional odd match, but they should be less common.  Second, we won’t display the full eight Hubs nearly as often.  When the algorithm doesn’t identify eight high-quality Hubs to display, we will show fewer, and even no Hubs at all sometimes.  The selection process is self training, so it won’t be completely stable until it’s been on Hubs for a while–the more visitors a Hub gets the faster it will learn.   We hope these changes improve the reader experience on HubPages!

2013 Hubbie Awards!

Hubbie AwardIt’s that time of year again!  In celebration of HubPages’ 7 Year Anniversary, we are excited to announce the 3rd Annual Hubbie Awards! We invite you to cast your votes for the best Hubs and Hubbers of the year. Those who win will be awarded with one of the most rare and coveted Accolades on HubPages (not to mention the admiration of the entire community) and a fabulous HubPages t-shirt!

Before visiting the official voting form, peruse the awards below and make a list of the Hubs (and their URLs, which you’ll need for the form) and Hubbers you think should win each one. You can only cast your vote once, so be sure to have all your selections ready.

Voting will be open from now until Tuesday, October 1st (votes cast after the 1st at midnight PT will not be counted). Be sure to let your voice be heard!

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