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It’s once again time to check out the latest and greatest Hubbers that HubPages has to offer and the Hubs that they have published for all the world to see! We like to call these Hubs ‘HubNugget Wannabes’ because until you and the rest of the HubPages community votes for them and puts them into the top 5 of the 10 Hubs that are listed, they aren’t officially a HubNugget yet. It’s totally up to each of you to decided which ones deserve to be HubNuggets and which ones don’t.

So, when you get a chance, be sure to head on over here read some of what the newest Hubbers have to offer and place your vote for the on that you like the most. Remember, voting for the HubNuggets is your Hubber-given right and something that you should take advantage of each and every week!

Finishing Up My Time At Search Engine Strategies And Giving Away Another Hundred Bucks

Just as I told you all about in the post that I put up last week after my first day at the Search Engine Strategies conference, having some fun and interactive way to get some of the attendees interested in your product is key in getting some value out of these types of events. Now that I’ve had another day and a weekend to think about HubPage’s presence at the conference and how my homemade keyword researching game impacted the attendees, I would say that we got a pretty solid bang for our buck. The game gave me an easy way to talk to complete strangers while still being related to HubPages and our overall value proposition.

Of course, there are a few things that I would probably change about how I ran the game (and other things at the event), but overall I think that it worked out well. If you’re interested in hearing some of my random thoughts, the following lists are some random thoughts on what I thought went well at the conference and what I could improve upon next time as far as our conference strategy goes:

Things That Went Well

  1. I thought that the game was a great idea and was a great attention-grabber and ice-breaker for the attendees who walked by our booth.
  2. The game was a relatively low investment ($100 X 2 days = $200) and since I made the boxes and everything else myself, the overall costs were very low.
  3. The game got the attendees thinking about keyword research, which can be an important part of HubPages and it also allowed me to explain what HubPages was all about to every single person who played the game (nearly 75 players total).
  4. We used a case study from the 100 Hubs in 30 Days HubChallenge and included it on a one-sheeter that we handed out to the attendees that stopped by our booth. Several of them mentioned reading it and saying that they were excited to give HubPages a shot (nice!).
  5. We had some pretty sweet (and pink) HubPages mints (see below) that we were handing out to the attendees and I’m not sure why they loved them so much, but people couldn’t get enough of them. One woman actually said that they were the best free swag that she’s seen at the show! I’m not sure if I would say that (there was some really good stuff), but I definitely think that they’re pretty cool.
  6. I was able to have a great interview with the guys over at WebMasterRadio, which was a lot of fun (podcast coming soon).
  7. I met some amazing people who could potentially help HubPages become even more awesome, which is always great. A lot of people are excited to partner up with us on some interesting things, which is a sign that our name is getting out there more and more as we continue to grow.
  8. This conference had a great lunch offering, which is rare when it comes to large conferences. Not really something that I had to add to this list, but something I noticed and wanted to throw out there nonetheless.

OK, so those were some of the things that went well, now for some of the things that I would like to improve upon before I hit up my next conference for Hubpages:

Things To Improve

  1. I shared the booth with our parent company, YieldBuild, which made sense and was a great idea, but the fact that we only had 2 people in the booth made for some very long days. Until we grow, I don’t think that we can do much about this (we have 6 employees (James works for YieldBuild and HubPages)), but it’s something that I wanted to bring up.
  2. I need to make the game more self-explanatory so that I can actually talk by the second day (and not have a sore throat). I think that I talked more than I have in a looong time during the first day of the conference, which is great, but the more energy that I can save the better and a lot of effort went into explaining the game that I was running. Of course, the explaining is what usually allowed me to tell the attendees all about HubPages, so I guess that I lost my voice for a good reason.
  3. I feel like I should have made a better effort to meet more of the other companies that had a booth at the conference. This is easier said than done and even though I did meet quite a few, I still feel like I could have met more. Only having 2 people in the booth makes this pretty tough, too.
  4. I feel like I could have made a bigger scene when I was going to give away the $100 each day by making the players be there in person when I give it away so that I could gather a crowd at our booth. Having a lot of excitement at your booth is never a bad thing, and doing it this way I could have probably made quite a scene.

Overall I think that the conference went great and just like with anything else, it takes some time to master the conference scene and as you can probably tell, I have some work to do before I attend my next one. If you have any other conference tips, feel free to share them with me in the comments.

One last thing — I never announced the winner of the second $100 that I was giving away to one of the attendees who picked the right box when playing my game during day two if the conference. There were only 4 people who picked the correct title the second day and the overall winner that I chose from that box was Peter F. Young, who is actually a professor who told me that he teaches his classes all about HubPages as part of his standard curriculum. I thought that this was pretty cool and be sure to check out another blog post that I’ll post all about him later on. Who knows, maybe he’ll end up spending his winnings on his students…I mean, $100 can buy a lot of pizza, right? 🙂

Giving Away Some Money (and HubPages Tips) at The Search Engine Strategies Conference in San Jose

I always love going to conferences that have to do with the different things that are part of my work here at HubPages, so when I heard that I was going to have a booth at the Search Engine Strategies conference in San Jose this week, I was pretty excited. Obviously search is a very important part of what HubPages has to offer the world, so being able to immerse myself in it for a couple days and to be able to meet some of the big players that are also involved with it (Google, Bing, Yahoo!, etc.) is pretty sweet.

Like I said, one of the cool things about this particular conference is that I’m not only attending the conference, but I also have an actual booth on the Expo Floor for HubPages, which is a great way for us to get some exposure to lots of new people (and potential Hubbers). But, even though having a booth is pretty awesome, you need to realize that there are like 150 other booths that are in the Expo Hall, too so getting te attendees attention isn’t really easy sometimes. To help out with getting some of this much-needed attention and to attract the masses to the HubPages booth I decided to come up with a game that would not only be a little fun, but would also be a great way to let people know just how awesome HubPages is and what we’re all about.

The game that I came up with is based on trying to help people understand how Hubbers can write Hubs that have the highest earning potential possible (which I also blogged more about here). Basically what the game makes people think about is once they know topic they want to write about, how they can come up with a great title and focus that will help them give them the highest earning potential possible. I did this by giving them a main topic area and then 4 possible Hub titles, with their goal being to choose the title with the highest possible potential to get traffic and make them money. The topic area that I used for game was Trade Shows and the 4 titles that they had to choose from were:

  • The Best Event Booths For Your Next Conference
  • How To Get The Most Out Of Your Trade Show Exhibit
  • How To Attract Visitors To You Booth Using Banner Stands
  • Finding The Right Table Top Displays For Your Conference Booth

Each of the people who played the game had to choose one of the titles and put their business card in the box that it was taped to. I had a ton of people play the game and thanks to the fact that I was giving out $100 to someone that picked the right title, it created a lot of buzz around our booth. Here’s what the boxes look like:

After yesterday was over I pulled out all of the business cards from the winning title box (the winning title was ‘Finding The Right Table Top Displays For Your Conference Booth’) and the first day’s overall winner was Jennifer Stafford who works for HomeAway down in Austin,Texas. Congrats to her and to the fact that she’s now $100 richer!

Now, who’s going to win the $100 today? 🙂

Vote For This Week’s HubNuggets!

This week’s HubNuggets have been posted over in a Hub that’s an ode to some of the greatest soap operas of all time. The HubNugget Voting Hub is title As The HubNugget Turns and you have until this Wednesday morning PST to place your votes (that’s when I put the HubPages Weekly newsletter together).

If you have no clue what the HubNuggets are all about, be sure to check out this Hub that the HubNugget ring-leader Shirley Anderson wrote that explains it all in detail: HubNuggets How-To, Q & A.

Thanks for voting and congrats to each of the Hubbers whose Hubs have been chosen as HubNugget wannabes!

The Idea Bank Topics That You’ll Never See (The Rejects)

Here at HubPages we not only try to give you the best possible self-publishing platform that the web has to offer, but we also try to offer you world-class writing tools that will help you become the most successful Hubber possible. An example of one of these helpful tools that we offer is the Idea Bank, which is a place for any Hubber to go if they are wanting to find a great topic to write a Hub about. Here’s how we explain it more specifically:

It’s rich with topics readers want to know more about

Many writers who come to HubPages are eager to start writing, but may need some help deciding on a topic. The Idea Bank provides you with a list of topics. Thanks to HubPages technology, we’ve determined that these topics are requested by Internet users and have the potential to produce traffic.

Scan through them. Some may be right up your alley, while others may spark a  new found interest that will lead you on a whole new path of discovery. Either way, the Idea Bank is full of topics that people are eager to learn more about. Look through it for fresh, new Hub ideas.

I won’t go into detail how we find these topics and the truth is it’s more complicated than a guy like me can even understand, but even though I don’t really know how we come up with these high-potential Hub topics, I am the one who gets to approve them so that they show up for all of you to use. This is a pretty fun job because for about every good topic that I add to the Idea Bank there are probably about 15-20 that I end up deleting for one of many reasons. Some of these rejects are a little too risque’ for HubPages, some don’t make any sense at all and some are just plain ridiculous. It’s kind of fun sifting through these topics sometimes and since I’m usually the only one who gets to see the rejects, I’ve saved a few of them so that I can post them here for all to see.

Here are a few of these topics that didn’t quite make the cut for the Idea Bank — let’s see if you can figure out why:

  • How to sleep eyes open – I’ve never really wondered how to do this, but I guess that it would come in handy at work if you wanted to sneak in a quick nap.
  • How to end marriage – Even though this is potentially a high-traffic topic, I couldn’t get myself to post it into the Idea Bank. I mean, I am getting married in about 20 days, so it just didn’t seem right.
  • How to end the world – I’m not sure who is searching for this, but I definitely don’t want them to find the answer. Please don’t write a Hub on this.
  • How to catch a squirrel – I’m sure why you’d ever want to catch a squirrel, but I guess there are some people who are dying to know.
  • How to cheese – Your guess is as good as mine on this one.
  • How to break your wrist – Now why would you ever want to know how to do this? Of course, a simple answer to this would be “Buy a skateboard”.
  • How to dress nerd – This is probably what my mom would have Googled if there was such thing back when I was growing up. I was definitely a nerd.
  • How to sleep in – I’m not sure who was searching for this, but I’m sure that we could help them out with this. Simple answer: “Don’t get out of bed until after noon”.

OK, so those are some of the more interesting rejects that will never see the light of day in the Idea Bank. I hope that you enjoyed them and I guess that if you really feel like writing a Hub on one of them, the topic is now yours for the taking. However, if you ever are needing to find a great topic that’s a little more normal and has high seach potential, be sure to head over the Idea Bank to see the ones that actaually passed the test.

Introducing the Quiz Capsule

For a long time, the staff here at HubPages have been thinking about building something that we thought could be really cool, but somehow we didn’t get around to doing it … until now. This nifty new addition is called the Quiz Capsule, and it does exactly what it sounds like: It helps you build a quiz.

Why should you build a quiz? Here are a couple reasons:

  1. If someone likes your quiz, they might paste it into their blog or some other site. The quiz widget includes a link back to your hub.
  2. It’s fun!

The quiz capsule actually lets you build one of three different kinds of quizzes. For an explanation and demonstration of each kind of quiz, check out my quiz capsule demonstration hub.

Here is what a quiz capsule looks like when it is pasted into another site:

What kind of quizzes will you build?

Another Great HubPages Success Story — $47.14 With 23 Hubs

A blog post caught my eye the other day and I thought that I would post it up here so that everyone else could check it out, too. The blog is called Christian Personal Finance and it’s run by a guy named Bob who is all about helping others figure out their finances. He says that the blog is “a resource for Christians to get practical tips, biblical revelation, and wisdom about how to handle our personal finances” and he does this by posting all types of tips and information about things that he’s learned over the years.

One of his latest posts is about HubPages and how he made $47.14 in the month of July after only publishing just 23 Hubs (he has 24 now). He admits that he doesn’t know much about keyword research and that about 5 of his Hubs generate about 90% of his earnings. he has some great tips about how to publish Hubs with high potential and if you get a chance it’s definitely worth a quick read. If you want to connect with Bob on HubPages, you can hit him up through his profile here.

If you ever see any awesome blog posts like this one (or if you write one), please let us know — we’d love to write about your success stories, too!

HubPages Tips: How To Use Keyword Research To Turn A Good Hub Title Into A Great One

I was looking around in the 30 Hubs in 30 Days HubChallengers forum today answering some questions and what-not when I took a look a one of the Hubs that was posted in the HubChallenge links thread (which is where you should be posting all of your HubChallenge links once you get them published). The Hub is called College Freshman: Preparing to Move On Campus and was published by a Hubber named Jane@CM. The Hub from a content perspective is amazing. It has really informative content, it’s laid out well and it’s got some really good meat to it, so as far as my standards go, this Hub passed all of my tests for being of high quality (which is what they all should be, right?).

Well, although the content looks great, I had a few suspicions about the title and whether or not it has been given the full HubPages potential that it deserves. After looking at the keyword opportunity for the topic that Jane write this particular on I would have to say that I was right in second-guessing it. After doing about 5 minutes of keyword research I found another great keyword that Jane should probably add into the title and into the Hub if she wants to max out this Hub to it’s full potential.

To show how I came to this conclusion, I created another video so that you can all see exactly what I’m talking about (I promise I’m not crazy). Check out the video below or over here on YouTube when you get a chance and let me know what you think…and to all of you HubChallengers out there — keep it up!

UPDATE: Paul Deeds just sent me over a great blog post that was written by Matt Cutts, the man when it comes to Google’s accepted search practices. It’s called SEO Advice: Writing useful articles that readers will love and it talks about some of the same things that I mention in the video, although I take it a step further and add in some information about how you can determine what your potential earnings might be as well.