Last week Princessa, our very own HubMob Queen, posted up a HubMob topic over here in the forums just like she does every other week. But, after posting that this week’s topic was Toys, something unexpectedly awesome started to happen. HubMobsters began showing up from all over the place and they were publishing HubMob Hubs one after another, after another — it was pure HubMob pandemonium and it was all very unexpected.

I mean, not to say that we all don’t have a great time with the HubMob every other week, but the fact that according to our stats, on average, the HubMob attracts 27 HubMobsters that publish 31 HubMob Hubs and that last week we had 117 Hubs that were published by 47 HubMobsters, I would say that the fun level was definitely boosted a bit. Also, it’s probably worth mentioning that there was a SUPER HubMobster, Simple Tim, who really helped out the cause by publishing an astonishing 22 HubMob Hubs on his own!

So, thanks to everyone who helped set the all-new HubMob record and be sure to join this week’s HubMob, which is all about Body Art. Hub baby, Hub!

Posted by:HubPages Admin

5 replies on “A Record Week For The HubMob! (and a shout-out to Simple Tim, a HubMobster maniac)

  1. Last week was exciting. We were writing like crazy, yet Mobsters still found the time to read each other’s hubs and offer encouragement on the forum thread.

  2. This was an awesome topic!

    Thanks Team Hubmob for the great work you do!

    Well done fellow hubbers on reaching the record number of hubs!….

    Team hubmob we may have started hubmob mania…perhaps will will reach 200 hubs in hubmobs to come;)

  3. This was an exciting week! I have learned so much and even increased my writing skills, since joining the HubMob.

    Princessa, Shirley, and the Mobsters are simply awesome!

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