When we ask people why they love HubPages and chose this platform over others, they often refer to comments they get from fellow community members. Indeed, leaving insightful, meaningful comments on others’ Hubs is one of the most effective ways to spread the love on HubPages.

Not all comments are created equal. We recommend avoiding comments that are:

  • Short (e.g. “Good Hub.”)
  • Generic (e.g. “You did a great job with this Hub. I really liked it. I hope you keep on writing!”)
  • Self-promotional (e.g. “Great Hub. You should check out my Hub on X”)
  • Rude (this should go without saying)

On the flip side, we love to see comments that:

  • Are detailed
  • Are genuine
  • Refer to specific points in the Hub (e.g. “I had no idea that Blackbeard’s real name was Edward Teach!”)
  • Ask insightful questions (these might help the author improve his or her Hub or provide inspiration for a future Hub)
  • Point out any mistakes that need to be corrected (typically, these comments are accompanied by a “please delete this” note)
  • Add additional points that readers might also appreciate (“What an interesting Hub on the many uses for apply cider vinegar! I have also found that apple cider vinegar is great for red velvet cupcakes.”)

While leaving good comments does take time, it is a great way to make new friends on HubPages (and win over some Followers, too!). Making a point of providing detailed feedback on others’ work can help you read things with a new level of attention and think more critically about what it is that makes a successful Hub so successful. Of course, a great comment can also make a Hubber’s day- who wouldn’t want to pass up the opportunity to do that?

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9 replies on “How to Leave Good Comments

  1. I agree with this 100%! Supportive comments are great. They have given me the encouragement to keep writing even when I have self doubt. Comments that include WHY a person likes my work are so helpful. It is great to know it is liked, it is even better to know why so I can keep doing it. I am one of the few that likes to get constructive criticism too. Tell me if something isn’t working so I can fix it! I also write a lot of creative pieces. I really like it when readers take the time to tell me what it means to them. Everyine has a different perspective and I sometimes see things in my work that I never noticed….
    Of course, i try to take the time to comment on as many hibs as I can AND to do it in a useful way. I belives in paying it forward.

  2. The blog entitled “How to leave good comments” caught my interest as I was going to sign in to the site, and personally I could use the coaching. I’ll only say that I made a comment to someone, and I meant well, but the other person seems to have taken it the wrong way and I recieved and humbly accepted feedback given me. It was on a religious topic, and this person and I obviously as it is now made clear, have different religious beliefs. Dually noted, dually respected. Thank you!

  3. What about trolling? Like leaving “Great hub!” on a terrible hub, or leaving a comment longer than the hub itself on a hub that is particularly short and pointless. What is HubPages’ recommendation on this?

    1. Great question, Erica! We leave these things up to each Hubber, and we recommend that each Hubber establish a comment moderation policy that fits his or her goals (then sticks to it).

  4. I always had an issue with commenting on blog posts. I wanted to show appreciation but couldnt think beyond typical cliches. This elaborates well about the Do’s and Don’ts
    As ghe clichè goes ” Thank You”
    P.S : really thank you!

  5. I agreed. No one likes to hear negative feedback and when you open your door for discussions and comments you just have to accept the good from the bad.

  6. Thank you, makes sense to write exactly what you got from the blog and why. Helps the writer and the audience. But as I always say, keep it short and sweet!!

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