It has been a while since the HubTool has gotten some TLC, so we decided to spend a little time giving it a makeover, which will go live next week. We have made no big changes to the way things work, just a few cosmetic tweaks to clean things up and take advantage of some of the new capabilities of modern web browsers.

The first change you may notice next week is that the summary field has been moved and is now located under the title. Summaries are used on the HubPages Topic Pages and, if you write one, included in the meta description tag that search engines may show in search results. We haven’t changed how the summary is used on the site or in search engines; only its placement in the HubTool has been adjusted. We hope the box’s new placement makes it a bit easier to find for our new (and long-time) Hubbers.

Another change we have made is that capsules’ edit buttons now only appear when you move your mouse over the capsule in question. This provides cleaner view of the Hub and more effectively indicates which buttons act on which capsule. What’s more, alerts and messages have been reorganized, the tips that used to appear have gone away (perhaps to resurface in a different form in the future), and the buttons have taken on a fresh new look that makes it easier to tell when you can use them.

There’s still work to do and we’re not stopping with these changes alone. Some of you may also notice a few other changes as we begin being beta testing some new ideas. If you spot one of these features, we’re looking for feedback so please feel free to provide it through the link provided.

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17 replies on “HubTool is Getting Its Hair Did

  1. While working on this, can you fix a related bug? When using “Add another capsule” from the left margin, the new one floats to the very top. It used to insert between other capsules, which is the preferred behavior.

    1. This doesn’t commonly happen, Howard S. Could you possibly report this in the “Report a Problem” Forum with more details on the browser and operating system you’re using?

  2. Shouldn’t the title be “getting its hair done” ? lol! Come on Derek, this is supposed to be a writer’s site! :p


    1. Rich, are you still having trouble signing up? It sounds like you might be having connectivity issues, but it’s hard for me to really know what’s going on, as I cannot seem to duplicate the issue.

  3. I like most of the changes when they appeared today, but I now cannot sign into HP or access the forums tio see what is going on, or find any comments capsules on anybody’s Hubs. Everything at the top and bottom margins and right and left side bars is completely missing. IS it just me??

  4. I’m using the new hub tool for the first time, and finding it easy. The one thing I don’t like about is the “reorder” section being way down at the bottom. It wasn’t perfect where it was before, but was definitely easier to use than where it is now. Please consider moving it back to the right side!

  5. Thanks so much for moving the “add content,” “reorder” and other bits of the hub tool back to the right hand column! It’s so much easier than when it was at the bottom. I really like it now!

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