Maven Discusses the Power of the Acquisition of HubPages and Say Media

I’m thrilled to announce that Maven has officially signed a letter of intent to acquire HubPages (as well as publishing and advertising firm Say Media). The goals of this dream team are to provide highly curated content of excellent quality for readers (while fighting fake news), to be the best home on the internet for independent content creators, and to ultimately revitalize the field of journalism to better suit modern writers and their audience. Big goals for a coalition with big dreams. We can’t wait to see where this next stage of the HubPages journey takes us, and we’re so grateful to have such talented writers along.

Join the Holiday Fun With the HubPages Easter Writing Contest!

What’s better than egg decorating and honey glazed ham? Writing about it! To celebrate Easter, HubPages is hosting the HubPages Easter Writing Contest!

Write an informative article (creative writing isn’t eligible) by March 29 at midnight (PST) on something related to Easter, and submit for consideration by our team of editors. The best three articles will be featured in the HubPages blog and on the HubPages Facebook Page. Happy writing!

Some topic ideas:

  • Easter craft tutorials
  • Easter recipes
  • Odd, interesting, out-of-this-world Easter traditions
  • Flowers and vegetables that sprout around Easter
  • Easter decorating tips

Due Date: March 29 at midnight PST
Where to send submissions:

Meet the LoveHub Writing Contest Winners

Happy Valentine’s Day! Today I’m delighted to announce the winners of the LoveHub Writing Contest. We only intended to chose one winner, but there were so many wonderful submissions that HP staff had trouble picking our favorite! We decided to make it a tie. Congratulations to authors Sally Gulbrandsen and Glimmer Twin Fan!

How to Make a Wet-Felted Heart Cushion for Valentine’s Day and Conversation Heart Petit Fours are the winning articles. Both projects blew us away with the amount of effort they took to create, the stunning original photos, the excellent writing, and the fact that they were perfectly on-theme. Well done!

The winners weren’t the only great submissions. We couldn’t resist giving a shout out to our 3 runners up as well:

Strawberry Cheesecake for Your Diabetic Sweetie

A Grammarian’s Guide to Asking, “Will You Be My Valentine?”

Mango Peanut Butter Valentine’s Heart Dessert

And finally, we would like to extend our thanks to everyone who participated. HubPages and our Network Sites are a better place because of the delightful works you’ve created. Keep up the great writing!

Announcing the LoveHub Writing Contest!


Howdy, friends! Love is in the air this year and we’ve decided to celebrate with a Valentine’s Day-themed contest! Want to try your hand? Simply write a Valentine’s Day-appropriate article and submit it.

What kind of articles will be accepted?

We will be considering all submitted articles having to do with Valentine’s Day and/or romance. Stuff like relationship and dating advice, articles on the history of Valentine’s Day, Valentine’s-themed craft and recipe tutorials, a list of top favorite romance novels, and Valentine’s Day activities for kids will all be accepted. Your article must follow all HubPages rules, and ideally, meet the Stellar Article guidelines as well.

What is the prize for winning?

The winner will have his/her article featured in the HubPages Blog and on the HubPages Facebook Page, as well as on the Facebook Page of the appropriate Network Site.

How do I enter?

Write a new article between now and February 13th at midnight and email with a link to the article. You are welcome to submit multiple articles as long as they are all new and theme-appropriate.

The winner will be announced Valentine’s Day afternoon. Best of luck and happy Hubbing!

Maven Partners with to Protect Copyright

Maven announced some very exciting news today; a new partnership with, a blockchain-based universal ledger for tracking rights and ownership of creative works. It is Maven’s goal to empower content creators to monitor and protect their writing, photos, and other digital assets, with greater ease. We know how important content protection is to writers and we’re 100% on board. Check out this discussion with Paul Edmondson, David Bailey, and James Heckman for more details:

CEOs of Maven and HubPages Discuss the Benefits of the Acquisition

Today it is my pleasure to share with you an interview with Paul Edmondson and James Heckman (CEO of Maven) where they delve a little deeper into the detalis of why HubPages and Maven are such a great fit. The two companies share a compatible vision on everything from company culture to technology to a desire to provide both more resources to writers and more value to advertisers. It is truly a match made in heaven!

HubPages Joins Independent Publisher Juggernaut – Maven

Dear Hubbers,

We are really excited to announce that we are joining Maven. Maven is an expert-driven group media network, whose innovative platform serves, by invitation-only, a coalition of professional, independent channel partners.

We just completed the most successful 4th quarter in our history with the highest ad CPMs we’ve ever seen.  As we formed our ad strategy, Josh Jacobs from Maven consulted with us on which partners to use, how to think about unique demand, and how to help the passionate experts on HubPages present their inventory to premium programmatic buyers.  The results have been outstanding.  

From monetization synergies and shared technology to increased promotion of our sites, this is a great opportunity for us to continue what we do, but even better, and with more opportunity for Hubbers.

We greatly appreciate the dedication of the writers on HubPages and our niche sites and want to assure everyone that the continued success of authors is the central theme of our joining with Maven.

What will happen with HubPages and Network Sites?  

  1. We will continue to develop the HubPages Network platform, with the addition of new niche sites and a suite of unique services to help people create and maintain world class content for readers around the world. We will look for opportunities for select Hubbers to migrate to Maven’s user experience after careful testing and extensive planning.
  2. Network sites have been a central theme of our joint success over the last two years.  We are excited to bring this knowledge to Maven as well as preserve, improve, and expand our sites that the folks from this community have helped to make thrive.

What are the benefits for Hubbers?

  1. Increasing the scale and sharing technology costs benefits all the writers across our ecosystem and Maven’s.  Small gains add up, and will help us deliver world-class design, improved site speed, and adopt the necessary technologies to be successful for years to come.
  2. The increasing complexity of the technology required to monetize with programmatic ads will be better served with a dedicated team focusing on achieving world-class yields across the HubPages Network and Maven.  With just informal discussions, this cooperation has already proven very fruitful.

What’s the team doing?

  1. First, we care deeply about the community of writers who have chosen to write on HubPages.  We want to thank our community and we plan on personally working for the benefit of Hubbers and Maven partners for years to come.
  2. The entire team will be joining Maven.  We will be working extra hard for the next several months to ensure that Hubbers remain successful as we get to know our new team at Maven.

We just want to say thank you to all the Hubbers, the over 35 million readers, our team at HubPages and to our new team at Maven for welcoming all of us.  Here is to a better future of discovering, creating, and connecting people with wonderful words across the world.


Paul E and Paul D

Q&A To Be Retired

I have a big announcement today that will affect many writers on HubPages. It is my sad duty to announce that the HubPages Q&A feature is being discontinued.

Q&A earns less (both for you and for us) than any of our sites and takes a significant amount of engineer and moderator time to maintain. This section of the site never generated the level of traffic we hoped for at its inception and traffic has been steadily declining in recent years. We believe the resources that go into maintaining Q&A are better spent on improvements to HubPages and its Network Sites, where they will go further and do more good, and that a roughly equivalent user experience can be had by posting in the topical forums instead.

In 30 days (from today), you will no longer be able to make new Q&A posts. Posts that would previously have been Questions should now be posted in the appropriate topical forum. But don’t worry; existing Q&A content is not being deleted. In 60 days (from today) all Q&A posts will automatically be converted to forum posts.

If you would like to keep your Question URL and continue to earn from it, we are also giving you the option to write an article about it. We will provide a redirect. Simply write an article that asks and answers your Question and then email me. We will redirect the Question URL to the new article once the 60 days are up. Keep in mind that writers who choose this option will not have their Questions converted to forum posts (since the URL will point to an article instead).

Do busy authors need to do anything about this change?

No. Taking action is not mandatory. If you do nothing, your Questions will all be converted into forum posts 60 days from today.

Will I still earn from my Questions when they are converted to forum posts?

No, unfortunately you will no longer be able to earn from Questions (and neither will HubPages) when they are converted, which is why we are giving authors the option to write an article instead and retain the Question URL (and therefore the traffic).

Can I ask questions in the forums when I can no longer post in Q&A?

Yes. Anything you would previously have posted in Q&A should now be posted in the appropriate topical forum instead.

Image and Subtitle Changes

Image Updates

We know there’s been a lot of concern about our July announcement of our pending change to full width capsules on all articles. The biggest fear most writers have expressed is that some images will look bad when stretched to a larger size. We’ve listened to your feedback and decided to release an additional update today that will help images look good full width.

If images are too small to remain attractive and clear full width, the image will only be displayed as large as possible without causing pixelation or quality degradation. In other words, very small images will be centered within the article, but they will not be stretched. Instead, they will display at their original size.

That said, if an image looks smaller than the width of the article, it’s a good indication that it should be replaced with a larger one. We recommend doing so where possible.

These changes will happen automatically, but it’s a good idea to take a look at your articles to see where small images can be replaced with larger ones and to make sure your capsules display in the order you intended. You can see what your articles will look like with all capsules full width by opening the article in the HubTool and clicking the orange “Preview” button at the top. When the preview pops up, select the “All Capsules Full-Width” tab. We have also given you the option to see which of your articles contain floated capsules so you’ll know which ones to focus on. Simply visit your My Account page, click the filters option above your articles, and check the “Only with Floated Capsule” check box.

Along with the update to image sizes, we are also getting rid of legacy half- and quarter-width photos. This change will only affect a small number of users with very old articles. Half- and quarter-width images will now display the same as other images.

We have also added the option to use animated GIFs on articles. You will be able to upload and add them and the animation will function in your live article. The only restrictions are that animated GIFs cannot be used as profile photos and must not be wider than 520 pixels.

Subtitle Update

We are also pleased to announce that we are making some much-needed changes to subtitles. When capsules become full width, Heading 2 subtitles (including Capsule Subtitles) and Heading 3 subtitles will both appear larger; something writers have been requesting for a while. We are also removing the option to use Heading 4 subtitles, and existing ones will be given the same look at Heading 3 subtitles. You can use the “All Capsules Full-Width” preview to view these updates as well.

The changes to image size and animated GIFs will be live later today. The new subtitle design and all capsules becoming full width will occur in a few weeks.

Announcing a New HubPages Network Site

Big things are afoot at HubPages HQ. Today we’re launching an entirely new website on the HubPages Network!

Through the process of managing HealDove, our health and medicine Network Site, we’ve come to the realization that modern and alternative medicine content serve vastly different communities with very different needs. To that end, we are maintaining HealDove as a site for modern Western medical information and advice, and we are also creating RemedyGrove, a website for alternative remedies and natural medicine. RemedyGrove will include topics like herbal remedies, aromatherapy, reiki, healing meditation, and more.

Feel free to stop by and take a look. Many articles have already been moved, and more will be transferred over in the coming weeks. If you have articles already on HealDove that are a better fit for RemedyGrove, they will be moved automatically by HP staff. No need to do anything on your end.

Keep in mind that natural and alternative medicine articles should be submitted to RemedyGrove, starting today. But don’t stress too much. If you accidentally submit to the wrong site, we will make sure your article gets where it needs to go