HubPages Says Goodbye to eBay

We want to give everyone a heads up that we will soon be discontinuing the HubPages eBay Program. The eBay Program represents only 0.2% of earnings on the site overall, and maintaining it requires a significant amount of work for the Engineering Team. The high level of maintenance the program requires, the fact that keyword-only products are more difficult to use appropriately, and the fact that the income from this program no longer covers the cost of maintaining it were the deciding factors in our decision to end our partnership with eBay. We know this news will come as a disappointment to many, but it is our hope that increased earnings from Hubs selected for the HubPages Network Sites will more than make up for the loss of eBay revenue for the majority of Hubbers who used eBay Capsules.

Starting today (August 10th), you will no longer be able to associate a new eBay Affiliate ID with your HubPages account, and you will no longer be able to add new eBay Capsules to Hubs. For now, existing Hubs with eBay Capsules will be unaffected and Hubbers who already belong to the HubPages eBay Program will continue to earn from them. However, remaining eBay Capsules will be automatically hidden on August 30th and removed altogether in mid-September. For those who wish to be proactive, we recommend getting out ahead by removing the eBay Capsules themselves, any in-text links, and mentions of eBay products in the text before the capsules are hidden. Don’t forget, you can always sort your Hubs by Capsule type in My Account> Stats> Filter> select a capsule.

The online writing landscape is constantly changing, and we must adapt to ensure HubPages remains the go-to place to publish original, in-depth, media-rich articles on topics you’re passionate about. We deeply appreciate that so many of you have stuck with us and continue to produce such great content. Thanks, and Happy Hubbing!

Author Submit Feature and Curator Requests

Great news! As many of you have heard, we’ve been working on a way for Hubbers to manually submit articles for consideration to be chosen for our HubPages Network Sites. We have finished work on this feature and it is now up and running. We have also created a way for Curators to request small changes from authors that would allow specific articles to be chosen. Here’s what you need to know about each of these new features:

Article Submission

You can only submit one article every 60 days.

We know a lot of you have many more great articles, and we will get to them in time, but we want to make sure our Curators aren’t overwhelmed with submissions and have enough time for the rest of their work. If we find that our Curators are able to get through these articles more quickly than anticipated, we may shorten the submission time frame, but for now, think of it as a way to give your very favorite articles some preference for selection. You may want to consider submitting your highest-quality and lowest-traffic articles first—lower-traffic articles are likely to be further down in our selection queue.  

You must certify that your article meets the guidelines.

Since submissions are still extremely limited, we want to make sure Hubbers are making the most of the ability to submit articles for consideration. When you submit an article, you will be asked to certify that it obeys a number of required guidelines for consideration. We recommend thoroughly reviewing your article for these issues and to make any updates you think are needed before submitting.

You must choose the best HubPages Network Site for your article.

As part of the submission process, you will be asked to select the site you think would make the most appropriate home for your article. Please familiarize yourself with the HubPages Network Sites and their subject matter before submitting. You can see a full list of the sites in our announcement post.

How to submit an article:

  1. If you’re ready to submit your first article for consideration, simply visit the live article and click the “submit to a HubPages Network Site” button in the black bar above your article’s title. This will begin the submission process.
  2. Click the check box that certifies that your article follows the guidelines for link inclusion and then click the “Go to the Next Step” button.
  3. Check the box for all the following certifications (after making sure your article does indeed meet the requirements) and click the “Go to the Next Step” button.
  4. Finally, use the dropdown menu to select the site you would like to submit your article for consideration to and click “Submit My Article.”

Your submission will not be finalized until you click “Submit My Article,” so feel free to close out of the submission window to make further edits if you decide it’s necessary. Your one submission per 60 days will only be used up once the “Submit My Article” button has been clicked.

Curator Requests:

A Curator will email you requesting changes to your article.

Our Curators sometimes find themselves passing up otherwise good articles that have small, easily-fixed issues. For this reason, we have provided a way for Curators to email Hubbers and request specific changes. Going forward, you may receive an email from one of our Curators with such a request.

Make the requested changes.

If you receive one of these emails, the first step toward having your article reconsidered is to make the requested changes. Be sure you follow all the Curator’s advice before submitting. Articles that are submitted without the requested changes will not be considered for inclusion.

Submit your article via the article submission interface explained above.

Once you have made the requested changes, use the article submission option by following the steps outlined above. Submitting an article with changes a Curator has requested will not use up your 1 submission per 60 days, so doing so will not remove your ability to submit an article of your own choosing as well.

Thanks for helping us with this process of preparing and selecting articles, and Happy Hubbing!

HubPages Network Sites Update

Hi there friends! It’s my great pleasure to announce that we have finished launching all the HubPages Network Sites we intend to create in the near future. As more Hubs are written and selected, it’s possible that some subjects will fill out enough to warrant their own sites, but that possibility is still a long way off. For now, here’s the complete list of our Network Sites:

You can also visit our Editorial Policy Page to view a list of our Network Sites and a brief overview of our content policies at any time.

So, what’s next?

We know many of you have been eagerly awaiting news on what happens next. We are currently in the process of hiring and training more Curators and Editors in order to review the remainder of existing Hubs on HubPages ASAP. If your Hubs haven’t yet been chosen for any of the Network Sites, it’s likely they simply haven’t been reviewed, so we recommend sitting tight and hanging in there while we streamline this process. We are also developing a way to allow Hubbers to submit Hubs to us for consideration. We will share a better idea of the timeline involved when we know what to expect.

What can Hubbers do?

For now, you can help us out most by checking your Hubs for spelling and grammar issues, removing links that don’t add value to your readers, and removing all products that:

  1. Don’t directly relate to the topic of the Hub’s title
  2. Fail to include details on your personal experience with the item
  3. Don’t get mentioned in the text
  4. Your readers are likely to already own

What about new Hubs?

With all the excitement of the new sites and their success so far, we’ve noticed that many of you are feeling inspired to write new Hubs. We’re thrilled! For now, the process of creating new Hubs is business as usual. Simply compose your Hubs in the HubTool as you normally would and choose the HubPages topic that best fits your subject. Once our new Curators are fully trained and up to speed, they will be reviewing a combination of new and existing Hubs, and, if chosen, your Hubs will automatically be placed in the proper category on sites.
Thanks for your patience and support through this transitional process. It means the world to us. Happy Hubbing!

New Year, New Sites

Hello, Hubbers! Today, we are pleased to be able to share with you our plan for 2016. We’re still as determined as ever to break out of Panda, and we will continue to raise the quality of writing on HubPages by investing in and improving our two quality systems: the Quality Assessment Process (QAP) and HubPro editing. However, we believe that HubPages has another challenge that’s weakening our overall quality efforts and reputation: its general-content nature. These days, search engines and readers are better able to understand sites that are about one topic rather than a hodgepodge of just about everything. Thus we have decided to launch a series of niche sites over the course of the year, starting with two as early as next week: TatRing and PetHelpful!

In the medium term, traffic to the new sites will fluctuate. This is expected, and we will aim to build sites in areas where we think we have a shot at becoming successful. Long term, we’d love to see these sites grow into passionate communities, and we’ll be adding features over the coming months to help make this possible.

The remainder of this blog post is composed as a FAQ. If you have a question that isn’t answered below, feel free to post in the related Forum thread.

How is this all going to work?

HubPages will continue to exist as a website. All new sites will be part of the HubPages Network of User-Generated Content Sites. New sites will have unique domain names, but they will be operated by HubPages. They will be comprised of high-quality existing and newly published Hubs. Every Hub that is moved to a new domain will have a 301 redirect in place.

Please review the revised Terms of Use and Privacy Policy— they will go into effect on February 9th, 2016.

Why is HubPages pursuing a multi-sites strategy?

To put it simply, we believe this strategy is our best chance at a sustainable future. We think search engines can understand the organization of niche sites better than general content sites, giving them a structural advantage in SERPs. Furthermore, we are confident that our new domains will start with a clean slate in search and not be affected by algorithmic penalties like HubPages seems to have been. Vertical domains can also become stronger brands because they are more memorable to readers. For example, a visitor is much more likely to quickly grasp the idea behind a site like PetHelpful over a site like HubPages; the former is a site about pets for pet lovers and the latter is much more ambiguous!

Will continue to exist?

Yes! It will continue to be the home for Hubs that don’t get moved to niche sites. Additionally, for now, Forums, Q&A, My Account, and profile pages will all remain on HubPages. All articles will continue to be written on HubPages using the HubTool.

What are the new sites about?

TatRing is the first site we’re launching, and it is for artists and enthusiasts sharing knowledge on tattoos and piercings.

PetHelpful, a site for animal lovers, enthusiasts, and pet professionals sharing expertise and knowledge on pets, will follow.

Additional sites are being planned, and we will announce them when ready.

What Hubs will be moved to the new sites?

The moderation and editing teams are working together to hand-select and edit Hubs to move to the new domains. Hubs that are defeatured are not being considered at this time, but Hubbers are encouraged to update and improve their Hubs so they can become eligible for review. Lastly, new Hubs will be prioritized during the selection process.

Hubs must, at minimum, meet our criteria for being Featured. You can read about these standards in detail in this newly published FAQ entry. During the selection process, [already Featured] Hubs that have problematic elements (e.g., products, links, low-quality images, etc) may be snipped so that they meet the editorial standards on the new domains.

What gives my Hub the best chance of getting moved to a niche domain?

A single, great Hub may not be selected if the account isn’t in good standing or appears to be untrustworthy. To increase your chances of getting selected:

  • Use a real name or pen name (avoid business names or keyword-driven names)
  • Write a biography for the topics that you are covering, demonstrating expertise and passion
  • In your profile bio, show your interest in the topics you write about

Will I be able to sign in to the new sites?

For now, sign-in will be limited. You will be able to sign in to each site using your HubPages account. The available signed-in features are:

  • Hub commenting
  • Author Center tools on Hubs themselves

Unfortunately, for now, you will have to sign in and out separately on each site. Also, Facebook sign-in is not supported on the new sites.

Can I opt out of this?

There will not be an opt-out option.

Can I still earn money from Hubs that are moved?

Yes. Your Hubs will continue to earn money when they are moved. All of your earnings will be rolled up in My Account > Earnings > Earnings Reports like they are now. The revenue share will not change, nor will the ad layout on Hubs.

Will Google Analytics continue to work?

Yes, Google Analytics should continue to track your page views properly.

New Quality Features: Snip Editing and Account Level Quality Alerts

Hi everyone! It’s been a while since our last product announcement, and I am excited to introduce a couple of new features and give a sneak preview of another that’s coming soon. Two features are being released today: Snip Editing and My Account Quality Alerts.

Snip Editing

Often times, Hubs get defeatured for minor issues— an inappropriate product, a glaring (but innocent) typo in the title, a promotional link or blurb, etc. We see these issues as problematic, but also easily fixable. Up until now, Hubs with these issues have been defeatured. Recently, we started sending Hubbers custom emails when Hubs are defeatured to point out exactly what is wrong. While we are glad that we can provide you with personalized feedback, we’ve found that this process can be time-consuming—both for Hubbers and HubPages moderators. So, we came up with the idea of Snip Editing.

How Does it Work?

Snip Editing is done by HubPages Moderators. With the new tools, they can fix spelling errors and typos in Hub titles and remove problematic links and capsules (for example, unrelated products, low-quality images, and inappropriately-used Ratings Capsules.) The tool does not give moderators the ability to add or change content. In fact, moderator snipping is done only on Hubs that are very close to meeting our standards, but would be defeatured due to one or more of the issues described above. In most cases, we will be removing spammy elements from Hubs so that they could more quickly become or stay Featured.

Moderators will only snip a freshly edited Hub once; after the first time, it is your responsibility to keep your Hub in compliance. If you add back problematic elements (links, products, etc.) your Hub will have a very high chance of becoming defeatured.

Will I Receive a Notification After a Snip Edit?

If your Hub had elements snipped, you will receive an email. The email will contain a link to a diff (a document with red and green highlighting) that will show you exactly what was changed. Those of you that have already participated in HubPro will be familiar with this document.

In addition to the email notification, snipped Hubs will also have the green pencil icon displayed next to their titles in My Account > Statistics. To make this icon more user-friendly, we decided to create two variations:

  • The existing, green pencil icon permanently appears next to any Hub that’s been edited (whether with HubPro Basic, HubPro Premium, or Snipping). Clicking on this icon takes you to the edit history page, with access to all of your diffs and before/after images of your Hub.
  • The same green pencil icon as above, but with a red exclamation point will appear next to any Hub that’s been freshly edited and has not been reviewed by you. Once reviewed (i.e., when the icon is clicked), the icon will change to the existing design without the red exclamation point.

My Account Quality Alerts

Similar to Hub Style Tips and Warnings, we are developing a few notices to alert you to quality problems we’re seeing at the account level rather than on a particular Hub. These notices will appear at the top of My Account > Statistics and will contain specific suggestions for how you can go about addressing the violations. To start, there are four types of alerts:

  • Keyword Stuffing —  we have detected a pattern of overly-optimized keywords across many Hubs in your account
  • Products —  we have detected that you have a low word-to-product ratio (< 300) across many Hubs in your account
  • Grammar —  we have detected a pattern of grammatical errors across many Hubs in your account
  • Comments —  we have detected ten or more unmoderated comments in your account

All of these warnings are designed with quality in mind. Because HubPages needs quality to continue to succeed in today’s environment, we urge you to take these warnings seriously. The first three issues from the list above— keyword stuffing, products, and grammar—all impact Hubber Scores, so addressing them is one way to improve your scores. Comment moderation does not currently factor into Hubber Score, but high-quality comments affect a Hub’s overall credibility—it’s best to keep them clean!

Coming Soon

In addition to the two features being released today, we are currently working on an interface that will show you the clickthrough rate data for various elements (links, products, etc) inside of a Hub. Having access to this granular information will allow you to better understand your readers’ behavior and improve your Hubs. For instance, you might find that a particular product capsule is rarely engaged with by your readers and decide to remove it. More on this soon!


We hope you like these new features. As usual, let us know if you have questions or notice any issues!





Like Old Times, Something Old is New Again

For the last several years, we have all worked really hard to improve HubPages.  Many of you have been loyal community members for years—you have seen the many ups and downs.  We don’t always get it perfect, but the commitment to our mission remains:  to build the best place on the internet to discover and create original, in-depth, useful, media-rich pages on topics you are passionate about.

The lifeblood of this site is the community.  Without all of you, it wouldn’t be possible.  When Panda kicked our butts in February 2011, we looked for ways to escape the crushing blow.  As we mined the search results, we could see a pattern that subdomains were not treated the same as the main domain.  We moved really quickly and converted the entire site to subdomains.  At the same time we tightened our publishing rules, built out a moderation team and worked really hard with all of you to create a high-quality site.  We hoped that each author would stand on their own merits with Google.  After many Google updates we saw some subdomains go up and other go down.  We believed this was working.  However, the environment we strive to be great in moves very quickly and we believe that things are different today.

Along our path to improve, we wanted to understand how the quality of our site related to other sites that were doing well.  We created a system to measure the quality of our pages from two dimensions.  One is done by a panel of people that rate articles on our scale and the other simply asks visitors how good is the page they are reading.  Initially, our data showed that our competitors that were doing well were better than we were.  So we went to work to catch up and surpass them.  

We have been able to achieve steady improvements in site quality that over time has added up to a significant improvement from where we were in February 2011.  One of the major changes we made was to partner with Hubbers with the addition of HubPro.  HubPro offers everything from professional editing to extensive fact checking.  This program focused on the highest traffic Hubs.  We have edited nearly 40% of views from search visitors.  With the creation of HubPro HubPages changed significantly.  

There are lots of places to publish online for folks that want to have their own site.  It’s cheap, easy and quick to get going, but as far as I know there is only one site that not only shares a bit of revenue with their community, but also invests substantially in the content the community creates to help achieve a professional production value for readers to enjoy.  

I believe our site is surpassing our competitors in quality and we will continue to race forward.  We’ve created a new type of community site that has potential to be an enormous asset to the world.  We hope Hubbers, readers and Google recognize the progress.  

Today, HubPages is announcing a significant change that will seem like old times.  

We will be redirecting (301) the entire site back to the HubPages domain as a signal of our unification, services, and policies.  A single site to serve Hubbers and readers one great Hub at a time.

This will achieve a few things in the short term.  First, as Hubs get reindexed on their new home they will get a URL that overall looks cleaner, and that is easier for users to know more about the content they’re about to read.  This is particularly true on mobile.  The new URL structure is  Each article is categorized under their main topic one directory deep.  QnA and forums will also get new homes under their main category.  This hierarchy will help organize the site into logical content themes.

Google should display URLs like this on desktop for a Hub with this URL (

  • › … › Farm Animals & Livestock › Bees & Beekeeping

and like this on mobile

  • › animals › Bee-Stings-on-the-Eye

Second, there is a trade-off here with Google Search Console.  With subdomains, we only get a limited view of our data, but by combining it into one site, we will have a better way to see data and issues across all content.  However, Hubbers will no longer see data about their content consolidated in GSC, but they can add specific URLs if they choose.  We will be updating documentation on GSC shortly.

We have done some small scale tests so far.  In our initial test, we saw some pages get removed from the results and stop ranking for a few days to about a week.  After about a week, they returned to their previous rankings and traffic levels.  We know it can be disconcerting to see traffic changes, please be patient and give the site time to get reindexed.  If a URL disappears for a few days, this is a normal behavior we have seen get resolved with time.  Most URLs move over very smoothly.

Today, we are going to move the entire autos category including QnA and forums.  We will be evaluating progress and planning to move the rest of the site shortly.

Please report any bugs or issues in the forums.  We will be watching.

Happy Hubbing,


5th Annual Hubbie Award Winners

The votes 2015 Hubbie Award votes have finally been tallied! Here are the best of the best on HubPages as chosen by YOU, the HP Community! Drumroll, please…




We’d like to offer a huge thank you to all the Hubbers who voted. We really appreciate the time and effort you put into supporting your fellow writers on HubPages. Hats off to you! And last but not least, we are thrilled to offer our heartfelt congratulations to this year’s winners. Well done! You will be receiving your shiny new Accolades and congratulatory emails with further instructions on claiming your prizes later today. Happy Hubbing!

Introducing HubPro Basic and Other Quality Updates!

Introducing HubPro Basic

It’s hard to believe, but we have been editing Hubs with HubPro for over a year, and we are happy to announce that we will be continuing the program and moving it out of beta.  When we began, our HubPro goal was threefold: provide a better experience for readers, increase traffic, and collaborate with Hubbers to build better Hubs.  We believe that we have succeeded in all three areas.  

  • Reader satisfaction is up by 26 points (in our NPS ratings) across edited Hubs. For more information on NPS, check out our previous blog post.
  • Traffic is up 20% (compared to the baseline) across Hubs edited with HubPro.
  • Based on survey results, Hubbers are happier than ever with HubPro. We started out a bit rocky, but we listened to your feedback and made changes that made a big difference.  From August through April our Hubber satisfaction rate went from a dismal, 5.75 out of 10 to an 8.75 from May through July!  The biggest change that we made was the increase in communication and collaboration with Hubbers while editing. We continue to strive to improve these numbers and are seeing increases every month.

Over the last few months, we have administered a few private betas testing different types of edits and their impact on quality.  As a result of our tests and because of feedback from the community, we have decided to offer two levels of editing: HubPro Basic and HubPro Premium.  HubPro Premium is a continuation of HubPro with a new snazzy name.  Here’s the breakdown for HubPro Basic.

HubPro Basic includes:

  • Editing for spelling and grammar
  • Changes that reflect the HubPages Style Guide, e.g., providing a consistent style, free of broken videos, pixelated photos, and excessive bolding and italics
  • The assurance that all links and products are relevant and benefit the reader

HubPro Basic will not include:

  • Addition of visual media—commissioned or creative commons
  • Title or subtitle changes other than grammar, spelling, and title case
  • Significant reorganization of the Hub’s layout
  • Fact checking or research to add content
  • Extensive Hubber and Editor collaboration, although Hubbers are welcome to email us with any questions.

With this change, we will be able to edit more Hubs to improve the overall quality of HubPages.  We strongly believe that grammar, spelling, and spam are signals of content quality that both readers and search algorithms recognize. In our beta testing, traffic to Hubs that were edited for grammar, spelling, and spam showed an increase in traffic of over 15% almost immediately.  

Every Hub that we improve helps the entire HubPages community. Because HubPro Basic does not involve adding content or major organizational changes, any Hub may be edited with HubPro Basic (HubPro Premium still has an opt-out option, but HubPro Basic does not). We know some Hubbers are a bit uneasy about having their work edited; however, as we work toward a more professional HubPages, we believe HubPro Basic is a necessary step in improving quality across the site.  For those Hubbers that write error- and spam-free Hubs, the edits, if any, will be minor.  

Moving forward, HubPages staff will review more Hubs for quality (even if they haven’t been edited).  Hubs with significant traffic will likely be edited with HubPro before going through our  quality algorithm.  However, adding spammy elements back into a Hub after editing will likely result in the Hub being defeatured.  As always, we recommend editing your own work periodically, starting with your highest-traffic Hubs.  

Many Hubbers have asked why we are focusing on Hubs with the most traffic when editing? Why don’t we work on the Hubs that aren’t seeing any traffic?  Doesn’t the fact that I’m receiving search engine traffic mean that my Hub is high quality and that editing will risk its current traffic? The answer is fourfold:

  1. We can impact the most readers by editing our highest-traffic Hubs.
  2. The traffic gains from editing high-traffic Hubs help our business substantially more, e.g., 20% increase on a Hub that is seeing 100 views a day vs. a 20% increase on a Hub that gets 5 views a day.
  3. Improving Hubs with high traffic by adding great media can drive substantially more social shares and links which benefit the individual Hub and the entire site.  Some of the Hubs that have been the most successful on social media have been edited by HubPro.
  4. Because we can analyze traffic and quality across all Hubs, we know that search engines send traffic to Hubs of widely varying quality.  While there’s a correlation between quality and traffic, it is not absolute. The best way to maintain your traffic is to regularly update and improve your work to remain competitive.

For more information, check out our HubPro FAQ.

Automated Grammar and Spelling Checker

Yet more innovations are coming—in September we hope to announce a service that will improve spelling and grammar across all of HubPages. The automated system will impact every featured Hub on HubPages by fixing over half a million common errors on the site—including misspellings in the Comment Capsule and eventually on Q&A and the Forums! In our tests, 98% of the errors corrected were accurate. While the system works well, it is only able to fix a limited set of errors.  Since there are always special cases, you will have some user controls. There are more specifics to be finalized but expect more information in the next few weeks.

Lastly, HubPages has gone through many changes in its nine years.  We understand that change can be difficult.  However, we think it’s important for Hubbers to know that we see ourselves now as a unique blend of writers/enthusiasts and professional editors.  With the launch of our automated grammar and spelling checker, every Featured Hub will have the opportunity to be edited, and as traffic increases, additional editing resources could be assigned.  While most Hubbers have been eager for their work to be edited, we understand that writing online can be deeply personal and that having someone else edit your work can be difficult.  Our editors are writers too, and they understand your hesitation and make every effort to touch your work with as much care as possible.  Our hope is that you continue to create fantastic Hubs on topics you are passionate about and that we can work together to create a site that everyone is proud of.  

Thanks for being a community that cares about quality and for your support as we improve HubPages!

Cast Your Vote in the 2015 Hubbie Awards!

Happy Monday, friends! As of today, the polls for the 5th Annual HubPages Hubbie Awards are officially open! You have two weeks to submit your vote, so take your time and figure out which Hubs and Hubbers you think are the most deserving before voting.

The Prizes:

This year’s winners in each category will have the opportunity to choose between a HubPages t-shirt, a HubPages notebook, or a customized HubPages mug:


If a Hubber wins more than one category, he or she will have the opportunity to select a prize for each category won (though we do love to see as many deserving Hubbers win as possible, so please do your best to diversify your votes).

The Rules:

Before you cast your vote, there are a few ground rules to keep in mind. Each Hubber may only vote once, so make sure you’ve got your list of nominees ready to go. Nominations submitted after Monday, August 24th at midnight will not be counted. If you don’t have a Hubber or Hub to nominate for every single category, just leave those spaces blank when you submit your form.

If you’re ready, you can visit the Official 2015 Hubbie Voting Form, or if you need more time to consider your vote, you can always browse the categories again before making up your mind:


  • Best All-Around Hub
  • Best All-Around Hubber


  • Most Likely to Become a HubPages Employee
  • HubPages Class Clown
  • Best Avatar
  • Best Community Activist
  • Most Helpful Hubber
  • Most Supportive Hubber
  • Most Cheerful Hubber
  • Best Teacher
  • Most Likely to Go Viral
  • Best Fiction Writer
  • Best Poet
  • Funniest Hubber
  • Most Political Hubber
  • Most Religious Hubber
  • Most Likely to Become a Millionaire
  • Forum King
  • Forum Queen
  • Best Photographer
  • Best Commenter (New category for 2015, suggested by Hubber Faith Reaper)


  • Most Interesting Hub
  • Most Useful Hub
  • Most Beautiful Hub
  • Most Informative Hub
  • Most Awesome Hub
  • Funniest Hub

If you’re ready to cast your vote now, proceed to the Official 2015 Hubbie Voting Form. Remember, you can only vote once so take your time figuring out which Hubs and Hubbers you’d like to nominate. Happy voting!

The Topic Page Redesign

Happy Thursday, folks! Today we released a pretty significant design update to the HubPages Topic Page. There’s more coming soon, however, we’re excited to share the work we’ve done so far. I encourage all of you to head over to the new homepage (which is now accessible to signed in users!) to see for yourselves, but I’ll give you the full rundown of the changes here:

  • The new reader-centric homepage is now the main Topic page and it is accessible to both signed in and signed out visitors.
  • All Topic pages (including the homepage) offer three content listings: Latest (default view), Best, and Hot. Some of you might remember this. 🙂
  • Signed in Hubbers see a blended content list that includes Hubs, Questions, and Discussions. Signed out visitors see Hubs only.
  • All HubPages readers now have access to fresh content on HubPages.
  • Navigation on the new Topic pages is consistent with Hubs: the right sidebar contains the list of subtopics that can be expanded.
  • Each content listing item contains a brand new category heading that is clickable. We are more heavily promoting categories to illustrate the breadth and depth of content on HubPages.
  • Each content listing has been updated to include the publication date. Author follower count was removed. Thumbnail images are 125% larger.
  • The breadcrumb structure has greater consistency with Hubs, and “explore” was replaced with “HubPages”.
  • The paragraph descriptions at the top of every Topic page were removed.

What are the benefits of this redesign?

There are a number of important benefits to this update. Most notably, improved site navigation and structure (the underlying HTML) should yield traffic and SEO benefits over the long term. To elaborate, the structural changes we’ve made should augment our credibility with Google and hopefully result in improved visibility in SERPs. If you’d like to learn more about this, Google’s Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide is a great starting point. Second, readers can easily discover the latest and greatest content published on HubPages with improved navigation and usability.

Wait, but how do I get to the Feed?

You can access the Feed via the explore menu in the header or by going there directly. Clicking on the HubPages in the header and in breadcrumbs will bring you to the new homepage.
Lastly, we think the following quote from Google’s SEO Guide elucidates our goals and motivations for doing this work:

“Search engine optimization is often about making small modifications to parts of your website. When viewed individually, these changes might seem like incremental improvements, but when combined with other optimizations, they could have a noticeable impact on your site’s user experience and performance in organic search results. “

Stay tuned for more!