5th Annual Hubbie Award Winners

The votes 2015 Hubbie Award votes have finally been tallied! Here are the best of the best on HubPages as chosen by YOU, the HP Community! Drumroll, please…




We’d like to offer a huge thank you to all the Hubbers who voted. We really appreciate the time and effort you put into supporting your fellow writers on HubPages. Hats off to you! And last but not least, we are thrilled to offer our heartfelt congratulations to this year’s winners. Well done! You will be receiving your shiny new Accolades and congratulatory emails with further instructions on claiming your prizes later today. Happy Hubbing!

Introducing HubPro Basic and Other Quality Updates!

Introducing HubPro Basic

It’s hard to believe, but we have been editing Hubs with HubPro for over a year, and we are happy to announce that we will be continuing the program and moving it out of beta.  When we began, our HubPro goal was threefold: provide a better experience for readers, increase traffic, and collaborate with Hubbers to build better Hubs.  We believe that we have succeeded in all three areas.  

  • Reader satisfaction is up by 26 points (in our NPS ratings) across edited Hubs. For more information on NPS, check out our previous blog post.
  • Traffic is up 20% (compared to the baseline) across Hubs edited with HubPro.
  • Based on survey results, Hubbers are happier than ever with HubPro. We started out a bit rocky, but we listened to your feedback and made changes that made a big difference.  From August through April our Hubber satisfaction rate went from a dismal, 5.75 out of 10 to an 8.75 from May through July!  The biggest change that we made was the increase in communication and collaboration with Hubbers while editing. We continue to strive to improve these numbers and are seeing increases every month.

Over the last few months, we have administered a few private betas testing different types of edits and their impact on quality.  As a result of our tests and because of feedback from the community, we have decided to offer two levels of editing: HubPro Basic and HubPro Premium.  HubPro Premium is a continuation of HubPro with a new snazzy name.  Here’s the breakdown for HubPro Basic.

HubPro Basic includes:

  • Editing for spelling and grammar
  • Changes that reflect the HubPages Style Guide, e.g., providing a consistent style, free of broken videos, pixelated photos, and excessive bolding and italics
  • The assurance that all links and products are relevant and benefit the reader

HubPro Basic will not include:

  • Addition of visual media—commissioned or creative commons
  • Title or subtitle changes other than grammar, spelling, and title case
  • Significant reorganization of the Hub’s layout
  • Fact checking or research to add content
  • Extensive Hubber and Editor collaboration, although Hubbers are welcome to email us with any questions.

With this change, we will be able to edit more Hubs to improve the overall quality of HubPages.  We strongly believe that grammar, spelling, and spam are signals of content quality that both readers and search algorithms recognize. In our beta testing, traffic to Hubs that were edited for grammar, spelling, and spam showed an increase in traffic of over 15% almost immediately.  

Every Hub that we improve helps the entire HubPages community. Because HubPro Basic does not involve adding content or major organizational changes, any Hub may be edited with HubPro Basic (HubPro Premium still has an opt-out option, but HubPro Basic does not). We know some Hubbers are a bit uneasy about having their work edited; however, as we work toward a more professional HubPages, we believe HubPro Basic is a necessary step in improving quality across the site.  For those Hubbers that write error- and spam-free Hubs, the edits, if any, will be minor.  

Moving forward, HubPages staff will review more Hubs for quality (even if they haven’t been edited).  Hubs with significant traffic will likely be edited with HubPro before going through our  quality algorithm.  However, adding spammy elements back into a Hub after editing will likely result in the Hub being defeatured.  As always, we recommend editing your own work periodically, starting with your highest-traffic Hubs.  

Many Hubbers have asked why we are focusing on Hubs with the most traffic when editing? Why don’t we work on the Hubs that aren’t seeing any traffic?  Doesn’t the fact that I’m receiving search engine traffic mean that my Hub is high quality and that editing will risk its current traffic? The answer is fourfold:

  1. We can impact the most readers by editing our highest-traffic Hubs.
  2. The traffic gains from editing high-traffic Hubs help our business substantially more, e.g., 20% increase on a Hub that is seeing 100 views a day vs. a 20% increase on a Hub that gets 5 views a day.
  3. Improving Hubs with high traffic by adding great media can drive substantially more social shares and links which benefit the individual Hub and the entire site.  Some of the Hubs that have been the most successful on social media have been edited by HubPro.
  4. Because we can analyze traffic and quality across all Hubs, we know that search engines send traffic to Hubs of widely varying quality.  While there’s a correlation between quality and traffic, it is not absolute. The best way to maintain your traffic is to regularly update and improve your work to remain competitive.

For more information, check out our HubPro FAQ.

Automated Grammar and Spelling Checker

Yet more innovations are coming—in September we hope to announce a service that will improve spelling and grammar across all of HubPages. The automated system will impact every featured Hub on HubPages by fixing over half a million common errors on the site—including misspellings in the Comment Capsule and eventually on Q&A and the Forums! In our tests, 98% of the errors corrected were accurate. While the system works well, it is only able to fix a limited set of errors.  Since there are always special cases, you will have some user controls. There are more specifics to be finalized but expect more information in the next few weeks.

Lastly, HubPages has gone through many changes in its nine years.  We understand that change can be difficult.  However, we think it’s important for Hubbers to know that we see ourselves now as a unique blend of writers/enthusiasts and professional editors.  With the launch of our automated grammar and spelling checker, every Featured Hub will have the opportunity to be edited, and as traffic increases, additional editing resources could be assigned.  While most Hubbers have been eager for their work to be edited, we understand that writing online can be deeply personal and that having someone else edit your work can be difficult.  Our editors are writers too, and they understand your hesitation and make every effort to touch your work with as much care as possible.  Our hope is that you continue to create fantastic Hubs on topics you are passionate about and that we can work together to create a site that everyone is proud of.  

Thanks for being a community that cares about quality and for your support as we improve HubPages!

Cast Your Vote in the 2015 Hubbie Awards!

Happy Monday, friends! As of today, the polls for the 5th Annual HubPages Hubbie Awards are officially open! You have two weeks to submit your vote, so take your time and figure out which Hubs and Hubbers you think are the most deserving before voting.

The Prizes:

This year’s winners in each category will have the opportunity to choose between a HubPages t-shirt, a HubPages notebook, or a customized HubPages mug:


If a Hubber wins more than one category, he or she will have the opportunity to select a prize for each category won (though we do love to see as many deserving Hubbers win as possible, so please do your best to diversify your votes).

The Rules:

Before you cast your vote, there are a few ground rules to keep in mind. Each Hubber may only vote once, so make sure you’ve got your list of nominees ready to go. Nominations submitted after Monday, August 24th at midnight will not be counted. If you don’t have a Hubber or Hub to nominate for every single category, just leave those spaces blank when you submit your form.

If you’re ready, you can visit the Official 2015 Hubbie Voting Form, or if you need more time to consider your vote, you can always browse the categories again before making up your mind:


  • Best All-Around Hub
  • Best All-Around Hubber


  • Most Likely to Become a HubPages Employee
  • HubPages Class Clown
  • Best Avatar
  • Best Community Activist
  • Most Helpful Hubber
  • Most Supportive Hubber
  • Most Cheerful Hubber
  • Best Teacher
  • Most Likely to Go Viral
  • Best Fiction Writer
  • Best Poet
  • Funniest Hubber
  • Most Political Hubber
  • Most Religious Hubber
  • Most Likely to Become a Millionaire
  • Forum King
  • Forum Queen
  • Best Photographer
  • Best Commenter (New category for 2015, suggested by Hubber Faith Reaper)


  • Most Interesting Hub
  • Most Useful Hub
  • Most Beautiful Hub
  • Most Informative Hub
  • Most Awesome Hub
  • Funniest Hub

If you’re ready to cast your vote now, proceed to the Official 2015 Hubbie Voting Form. Remember, you can only vote once so take your time figuring out which Hubs and Hubbers you’d like to nominate. Happy voting!

The Topic Page Redesign

Happy Thursday, folks! Today we released a pretty significant design update to the HubPages Topic Page. There’s more coming soon, however, we’re excited to share the work we’ve done so far. I encourage all of you to head over to the new homepage (which is now accessible to signed in users!) to see for yourselves, but I’ll give you the full rundown of the changes here:

  • The new reader-centric homepage is now the main Topic page and it is accessible to both signed in and signed out visitors.
  • All Topic pages (including the homepage) offer three content listings: Latest (default view), Best, and Hot. Some of you might remember this. 🙂
  • Signed in Hubbers see a blended content list that includes Hubs, Questions, and Discussions. Signed out visitors see Hubs only.
  • All HubPages readers now have access to fresh content on HubPages.
  • Navigation on the new Topic pages is consistent with Hubs: the right sidebar contains the list of subtopics that can be expanded.
  • Each content listing item contains a brand new category heading that is clickable. We are more heavily promoting categories to illustrate the breadth and depth of content on HubPages.
  • Each content listing has been updated to include the publication date. Author follower count was removed. Thumbnail images are 125% larger.
  • The breadcrumb structure has greater consistency with Hubs, and “explore” was replaced with “HubPages”.
  • The paragraph descriptions at the top of every Topic page were removed.

What are the benefits of this redesign?

There are a number of important benefits to this update. Most notably, improved site navigation and structure (the underlying HTML) should yield traffic and SEO benefits over the long term. To elaborate, the structural changes we’ve made should augment our credibility with Google and hopefully result in improved visibility in SERPs. If you’d like to learn more about this, Google’s Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide is a great starting point. Second, readers can easily discover the latest and greatest content published on HubPages with improved navigation and usability.

Wait, but how do I get to the Feed?

You can access the Feed via the explore menu in the header or by going there directly. Clicking on the HubPages in the header and in breadcrumbs will bring you to the new homepage.
Lastly, we think the following quote from Google’s SEO Guide elucidates our goals and motivations for doing this work:

“Search engine optimization is often about making small modifications to parts of your website. When viewed individually, these changes might seem like incremental improvements, but when combined with other optimizations, they could have a noticeable impact on your site’s user experience and performance in organic search results. “

Stay tuned for more!

Announcing the 5th Annual Hubbie Awards – Get Ready!

Hi there friends! It’s August again, which means it’s Hubbie season! I’m super excited to announce that voting will open next Monday (August 10th) for the 5th Annual HubPages Hubbie Awards. You will have 2 weeks to cast your vote, so get started thinking about which Hubbers and Hubs you’d like to nominate.

If you’re joining us for the first time this year, the Hubbie Awards are contest held in honor of HubPages’ birthday every year around the beginning of August. As a community member, you have the opportunity to choose your favorite Hubs and Hubbers and nominate them for a variety of awards. Each Hub or Hubber with the most votes in a particular category wins a cool HubPages prize (this year our winners may choose between either a HubPages mug, a t-shirt, or a notebook) as well as widespread community recognition.

You can find this year’s categories listed below:


  • Best All-Around Hub
  • Best All-Around Hubber
  • HubPages Lifetime Achievement (Chosen by HP Staff)


  • Most Likely to Become a HubPages Employee
  • HubPages Class Clown
  • Best Avatar
  • Best Community Activist
  • Most Helpful Hubber
  • Most Supportive Hubber
  • Most Cheerful Hubber
  • Best Teacher
  • Most Likely to Go Viral
  • Best Fiction Writer
  • Best Poet
  • Funniest Hubber
  • Most Political Hubber
  • Most Religious Hubber
  • Most Likely to Become a Millionaire
  • Forum King
  • Forum Queen
  • Best Photographer
  • Best Commenter (New category this year, suggested by Hubber Faith Reaper)


  • Most Interesting Hub
  • Most Useful Hub
  • Most Beautiful Hub
  • Most Informative Hub
  • Most Awesome Hub
  • Funniest Hub

Stay tuned for the opening of the polls on Monday. 🙂

Increasing Your Hub Traffic Without Google

Happy Monday, Hubbers! I know many of you have become increasingly frustrated with the Google traffic roller coaster, which is why it’s so important to diversify your traffic sources as much as possible. Today I’m very pleased to offer alternative traffic tips from one of our most successful Hubbers on social media, veteran HubPages writer WryLilt. Check out her advice below and be sure to stop by her latest Hub for the full list of suggestions:

After learning the hard way about the risks of using just one source of traffic (thank you Google Panda), I have spent the last several years finding as many ways to diversify my traffic sources, income sources, and content as possible. During that time I’ve tried dozens of ways to build incoming traffic; some have worked incredibly well while others were a waste of time. I know that many Hubbers are suffering at the hands of Google’s regular changes, so I decided to combine a list of my tried and tested tips for building up traffic from multiple sources. Here are five of my favorites:

1. Jump on a new trend or topic before major websites see, research, and write about it to get a quick viral Hub.

2. Create Hubs that answer dumb questions in competitive niches, as larger sites don’t notice or bother with those topics.

3. Don’t spam people with your own content; your content should make up between 1:4 and 1:10 of your social media posts if you want to build social media engagement.

4. On Google Plus, search “[topic] circle” and click on “Add People” to add people in your niche and encourage follow backs from a targeted audience.

5. Use a Made for Pinterest (MFP) image in your content to increase the shares both directly from your hub as well as on Pinterest itself. I’ve created a list of 50 tips, including some awesome free sites and cheats you can use when promoting on social media.

You can read the rest of my one sentence tips in my latest Hub, 50 One Sentence Tips to Increase Traffic Without Google.

Coming Soon: About the Author Biographies

I’m super excited to announce a fun new way to highlight your skills and build trust with your readers: About the Author Biographies. Bios help you demonstrate your expertise on and/or passion for a particular subject while you have your reader’s attention— on the Hub itself. Many Hubbers have already been placing biographies in Text Capsules, but soon you’ll have the ability to put them in the author section on Hubs, just like this:

Screen shot 2015-06-25 at 4.01.48 PM

Desktop view

Screen shot 2015-06-25 at 3.24.02 PM

Mobile view

We know that many Hubbers have a variety of interests. That’s why bios can be customized for any subject area. Like Hub Groups, there are two places to manage bios: the HubTool (great for on-the-fly Hub editing) and My Account (ideal for managing all bios and assigning them to multiple Hubs.) A lengthier explanation of how the feature works will be available in the HubTool Learning Center entry soon!

There are two important technical limitations with respect to bios:

  • Each account can have up to 25 bios stored at a time. You can delete unused bios and update existing ones whenever you like.
  • Each bio must be a minimum of 80 characters long and a maximum of 140 characters long. This range exists to ensure that there is consistency in bio lengths across Hubs.

What Are The Rules?

We want bios to augment the credibility of Hubs and the site as a whole, not the other way around. That being said, we’re going to have a fairly permissive policy when the feature rolls out, but HubPages moderators will have the ability to turn bios off on an account-by-account basis. Bios will be turned off on accounts that:

  • Attempt to spam, e.g., use the space to ask readers to click on their profile or try to insert links—both aren’t allowed and a single offense is enough to hide bios across all of their Hubs.
  • Place unrelated bios across several Hubs (e.g., the Hub is about surgery, but the bio is about baking cookies).
  • Place generic bios across several Hubs, where the bios are not useful to readers.
  • Place bios with many grammatical and/or mechanical errors across several Hubs.
  • Place nonsensical bios with the intent to troll across several Hubs.

Furthermore, it is important to use this tool responsibly and not mislead readers into thinking you are an expert on something you are not. As we all know, some topics are less serious (e.g., cats wearing hats) than others (e.g., brain surgery). For bios that don’t require a high level of specialization, feel free to write whatever you think demonstrates your credibility on or enthusiasm for the subject and use proper formatting.

Additional Guidelines

  • Bios should be specific but concise.
  • Be honest about your qualifications and interests.
  • Biographies should make sense in context. Reference the topic of the Hub when possible. For example, a bio on a Hub about student life at UC Davis should read more like this: “Sally graduated from UC Davis in 2009.” Rather than this: “Sally graduated in 2009.”
  • Bios should be written in the third person, i.e., “Stacy graduated from Harvard Medical School in 1987,” not “I graduated from Harvard Medical School in 1987.” We recommend using your real name or a pen name rather than your username, as it is more professional.
  • Complete sentences are strongly preferred. Also, don’t ask questions.
  • A bio should match the topic of a Hub. Don’t say you’re a dog trainer on your chocolate chip cookie Hub. Don’t include information about yourself on topics unrelated to the topic of the Hub.

Examples of Good Bios

  • On a Hub about the Skyrim video game “Allen has been playing Skyrim for three years. He completed the main quest three times on three different races: Altmer, Nord, and Khajiit.”
  • On a Hub about stomach cancer treatment options: “Emily has been a practicing oncologist for 20 years. She graduated from the University of Virginia Medical School in 1995.”
  • On a Hub reviewing the Apple Watch: “Ken has been an Apple fanboy for years. He loves to test Apple products and write reviews about them in his Hubs.”
  • On a Hub about Korean Pop Music: “Christy is an avid lover of Korean popular music, also known as K-Pop. A fan since 2011, she follows several popular bands.”
  • On a Hub about filing taxes: “Don has been a Certified Professional Accountant (CPA) for several years. He regularly meets with clients to help them manage their finances.”

Examples of Bad Bios

  • On a Hub about anything: “Please visit website MyTravelSamsNStuff” —  this bio is purely promotional and trying to skirt our rules against linking.
  • On a Hub about Skyrim or other video game: “Allen has been playing this game for many years.” —  this bio isn’t specific enough or make sense in context. What game has Allen been playing?
  • On a Hub about anything: “Hi. Do you like my Hub? I like you. Please click on my profile above!” —  this a troll bio that is also promotional.
  • On a Hub about a complicated medical procedure: “I like keeping up with the latest medical devices.” —  this bio does not demonstrate enough credibility for a topic that requires a high level of specialization.
  • On a Hub about anything other than cats: “Hi, I’m Paul. I live in Berkeley and have two cats.” —  this bio is too generic to be of use to readers. This type of information is better suited for a Profile bio rather than a Hub bio.

That’s it for now! Over the next few weeks, be on the lookout for About the Author!

Hub Design Part Two

Happy Monday, everyone! Today we rolled out the latest iteration of the Hub redesign. I covered the changes from the first version in my blog post a few months ago, so now I’ll focus on the revisions we’ve implemented as part of the latest update.

Social Buttons
We heard your feedback and have moved the buttons to the left side of the Hub in response. Additionally, they will anchor for the entire duration of a user’s scroll. Isolating the buttons from ads and other content to the right of the Hub will bring more prominence to them and should result in increased social shares.

Comment Count Icon
Hubs with 5 or more comments will have a brand new comment count icon next to the social buttons. Clicking on the icon will scroll a user down to the comments section of the Hub. This is a great way to showcase how popular Hubs are with their readers.

The “Last Updated” Date
Many of you made the excellent point that the “last updated” date was vague and awkwardly positioned in the previous version of the design. We agree, so we moved the date below the Hub title and specified that the date refers to when the Hub was last updated, not when it was first published.

We removed the Hub count from the category breadcrumbs.

The Author section
The font used for Real Names (or username if no Real Name is provided) is a larger size. We also removed “HubPages Author” as a qualification. Lastly, we replaced the date with more information about you, like the number of published Hubs and followers you have.

The “More by this Author” Hubs
We changed the look and feel of “More by this Author” and moved it right below the main author section for improved continuity. We replaced the HOTD-like photo with three links (just like on mobile) so that we could showcase more of your Hubs to readers.

Related Hubs
To augment page views per visit (an important user engagement metric) and diversify the content in the sidebar (so that it’s not only comprised of ads), we moved Related Hubs to the sidebar of the Hub and anchored them. We hope that this placement change will make a positive impact on the clickthrough rate of Related Hubs.

Matched Content
Matched Content is finally ready to go and will be placed below the Hub Feedback Bar (i.e., where Related Hubs used to be.) For those of you who haven’t heard, Matched Content is a Google content recommendation engine currently in beta. It will show readers recommended Hubs based on both their interests and topical similarity. More specifically, Google’s algorithms generate recommendations based on:

  • Contextual signals: pages with the same keywords and/or the same themes
  • Audience signals: pages that interest readers within the same audience
  • General popularity: pages that are popular amongst site visitors
  • User Interests: based on the site visitors’ interests

We’re optimistic that Matched Content will help increase page views per visit, resulting in greater overall traffic for the site.

In addition to the changes listed above, we made some small tweaks to the visual design, including font sizes and link colors, in an effort to streamline the look of Hubs and make the content in the sidebar more easily distinguishable from the ads. The social buttons got a fresh new look as well.

While we don’t plan to make any more major adjustments to the Hub design right now, we do plan to do some more fine tuning. We’d love to hear what you think about the latest iteration to the Hub design!

Check Out The Latest HubPages Viral Hit!

Good morning, Hubbers! Today I’m thrilled to share the inspiring success story of Hubber Carisa Gourley (blessedmommy on HubPages) who, through a collaborative effort with HubPro Editor Kate Rix, has gained a huge readership with her Hub Military Diet: Lose Up To Ten Pounds In Three Days. Carisa’s Hub was already popular, and with the help of a HubPro makeover, its popularity has grown by leaps and bounds, culminating in a viral Facebook explosion. In fact, as of last week, it is one of the most successful Hubs of all time!

Although the current viral wave is due primarily to Facebook traffic, her Hub has also improved in search rankings and holds top slots for several prominent Google keywords. It remains extremely popular on Pinterest as well.

Carisa has very graciously given us permission to share the before and after HubPro versions of her Hub and answered a few questions about her Hub and the HubPro process.

Here’s a sample of Carisa’s Hub before HubPro Editing:


The same Hub after Editing:

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 11.33.53 AM

You can see the entire HubPro Edited Hub here.

Carisa talks about going viral and the HubPro process:

Your Military Diet Hub has received over 24 million page views since you wrote it 7 and a half years ago.  How did you feel about your most successful Hub being selected for HubPro—did you think it could be improved?

When my Hub was selected for HubPro, I had some mixed feelings, to be honest.  I was excited that HubPages saw the Hub as worthy to be selected for HubPro, but I was a little nervous to let someone else work on it.  I thought it was already a pretty good Hub and it had already been pretty successful.  However, I’m not a professional and I’m also teachable.  I thought maybe HubPro might offer something that I couldn’t do for the Hub myself.  I have also learned that good things often come when different perspectives and different talents come together with a common goal, so I decided to go through with it.  I’m extremely happy that I did.

What was the HubPro process like for you? (communication, collaboration, etc.)

I cannot say enough about how pleasant that the HubPro experience was for me.  Kate, the lady that worked with me on the editing process, was very kind.  She never once made me feel like my Hub was inferior; she was only enthusiastic to offer her service on making it better.  She kept up timely communication with me during the whole process and explained every step in detail.  She respected my input when I had something to say.  She was a team player and never did anything that took me by surprise.  I was able to see all the changes as they were being made and give feedback if desired.

How do you feel about your Hub now that it has been through HubPro?

I’m very proud of my Hub now and I love the end result!  It’s like I built a house and HubPro came and painted and decorated it for me.  It looks so polished and professional.  It’s colorful and beautiful.  I love it!

What’s it like to have millions of people engaging with your Hub and wanting to share it with their friends?

It’s an overwhelming feeling to say the least.  I just can’t wrap my mind around it.  It’s a feeling of awe.  After my Hub came through HubPro there was an enormous traffic increase!   I went from having pretty good street traffic to having a full blown interstate!  The traffic increase has been so amazing that sometimes I just open up my stats and stare at the page with amazement!

You have 70 other Hubs. Do you plan to update and edit any of them?

Yes, I do plan to update several of my other Hubs.  Now that I have seen what a little color and strategic wording can do for the success of a Hub I’d be foolish not to try to make some changes.  I also hope to submit some new material in the near future.

Google’s Mobile Algorithm Release

Toward the end of February, Google announced that they plan to place increasing importance on a site’s mobile-friendliness in search results for mobile devices starting April 21st. This is great news for HubPages because Hubs are already optimized for mobile. Mobile traffic is currently on the rise and with the release of this algorithm, we expect to see it increase even more dramatically.

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 1.24.28 PM

As you can see from this month’s data, mobile traffic to Hubs already exceeds desktop traffic. With the release of the new mobile algorithm, we expect mobile traffic to comprise at least 60% of our total traffic (and possibly as much as 70%) by the end of 2015.

The new Mobile Friendly label in mobile search results:


What this means for Hubbers:

A high percentage of the people reading your Hubs will be doing so on smartphones. It is more important than ever to double check the layout of your Hubs to make sure they look good on mobile. We recommend making all capsules full-width wherever possible because while all capsules are automatically displayed full-width on mobile, the capsules may not display in the order you intended. Making them full-width means your capsules will always display exactly the way you want them to and offer a consistent experience for mobile and desktop users.

We understand that there may be reasons why you are unable to make all capsules full-width. For example, if your Hub includes photos that become blurry or pixelated when expanded to full-width size, it’s better to leave them half-width until you can replace them with better quality photos. However, it’s important that you check the Mobile Preview option for each Hub that contains half-width capsules to make sure the capsules will appear in the right order on smartphones.

To see the Mobile Preview of a Hub, simply edit that Hub and choose the “Preview” option at the top of the HubTool:

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 2.05.33 PM

Then make sure the Mobile Preview tab is selected:

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 10.47.54 AM This preview shows your Hub exactly as it will look to users on smartphones. Take a quick look at the entire Hub to be sure half-width capsules appear in the correct order. If they do not, you may have to tweak your Hub’s layout to ensure that all the capsules display correctly on mobile.

I know this is potentially a lot of work for Hubbers with tens and hundreds of Hubs, but more and more people are using search engines from their mobile devices, and it’s critical that we as online writers prepare our content for the search traffic of the future.