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It’s throwback Wednesday here at HubPages, and we’re throwing you all the way back to the ‘70s. Disco may have been a popular genre, but there was definitely more musical experimentation going on during this decade.

I am a baby boomer who grew up in the San Francisco Bay area listening to hard rock and psychedelic music like Moody Blues and Led Zeppelin. 

Sherry Hewins

With a unique perspective of the ’70s music scene, this author introduces us to several oldie-but-goodies that she listened to and has continued to love over the years.

The rest of the country may have been doing the Hustle down at the disco, but that whole musical era just passed me by. Not a single Bee Gees album ever found its way into my considerable record collection. Other people were discovering Disco in the ’70s, but I was leaning toward outlaw country, southern rock, and folk-rock. This list explores those genres.

Sherry Hewins

This article contains some of the best ‘70s bands and their hits. So if you’re sick of doing the hustle, check out this article that explores several other genres.

Photo by rawpixel.com from Pexels

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