“Top Ten Highest-Grossing Romantic Comedies of All Time”

This author (@rachelmjohnson) tackles a top 10 list of the rom-com film genre. The article focuses on the highest-grossing films (based on both North America and worldwide totals).

Romantic comedies have become staple films in Hollywood, with many of our favorite actors and actresses appearing in lead roles. While rom-coms are very popular, not all movies are mega-successes. 

– Rachel M Johnson

It’s no surprise that Hitch is on the list. It’s an instant classic starring Will Smith, “one of Hollywood’s most bankable and popular leading men in the starring role.” It grossed over $361 million (internationally)!

Other well-known titles such as Pretty Woman and Crazy Rich Asians have earned a spot on this list. Each entry include a brief summary, a “Did You Know?” fact, and box office stats.

Did You Know? Netflix wanted to produce the film and offered a much bigger budget, but Kevin Kwan specifically turned down the offer in favor of a more modest $30 million budget from Warner Bros. He wanted to send the message that Asian-American studio movies are commercially viable.

– Rachel M Johnson (in regards to Crazy Rich Asians)

If you’re looking for a good rom-com to kick off the weekend with, you can’t go wrong with any of the films on this list. Even if you’ve seen them all already, their replayability is what makes them so great!

Posted by:Samantha Cubbison

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