“Leash-Training Your Cat”

This author left traditional living behind in search of a more purposeful life. Now, they roam the U.S. in a travel trailer to experience and explore the world around them. But those with such a lifestyle need to be a bit creative—especially when it comes to their pets. Luckily, @sol-perspectives has mastered the ways of training your cat to feel comfortable on a leash, so no matter where you live, your companion can be by your side. 

For us, leash-training our cat would allow us to take her outside with us while we were at camping sites. Many RV, state, and national parks require that pets must be leashed outside. We also wanted to make sure our cat wouldn’t bolt and run up a tree if she was startled.

Sol Perspectives

Regardless of your living situation, your cat may just be curious about going outside. Some owners are wary to allow it due to their cat’s health or the possible dangers, so this is a great option for them to safely go outside. Plus, it can ultimately lead to a bonding experience—where both owner and cat can simply enjoy the outdoors.

Sometimes, your cat may lay down to watch birds or get ready to chase a squirrel. If it’s a behavior you don’t want, you can pick up your cat and move it to another location to continue leash training. If they become more agitated, it’s time to go inside! Reward your cat with a treat and lots of attention for a job well done.

Sol Perspectives

It’s important to remember that not all cats are trainable. And if you’re envious of dog owners and their walking buddies, you probably won’t get the same results with your cat. But, if successful, you’ll be able to satisfy their desire for the outdoors while guaranteeing their safety.

Posted by:Samantha Cubbison

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