How to Keep Your Pups Cool All Summer Long

It’s almost September, but it’s still pretty hot out! While we have various coping methods, dogs can only do so much without their owner’s help. Sophia’s article, “10 Ways to Keep Your Dog Cool in Summer,” outlines the various ways you can assure that your pup stays cool all summer long.

Whether it is signs warning us not to leave our dogs in cars on hot days, or social media posts about dogs collapsing from heatstroke, the information is out there and it can leave us wondering just how to keep our dogs safe and well when the temperature soars.

Sophie Jackson

A simple change in your walk routine to account for the hottest time of day can make all the difference for your pup’s feet. For social outings and day trips, you can also utilize common objects, such as umbrellas, to provide a portable shade structure.

You can make sure your dog always has shade, even if you are out in the open. You could even combine this with a cooling mat to make a perfect chilling spot.

Sophie Jackson

Sophia’s expertise is extremely useful for any dog owner. Her tips and tricks are really quite simple, yet they make all the difference. For more pup-related content, be sure to check out her page!

Posted by:Samantha Cubbison

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