We are really thankful for an opportunity to write a guest post on TechCrunch this weekend to a follow up story they did on the One Millionth Hub.

As a result of their last story on HubPages, I received several emails about how HubPages traffic grew and we thought it must seem mysterious to people that haven’t explored writing on HubPages.  So, I offered to give Michael Arrington a demo of HubPages and show him a behind the scenes view on how authors become successful on HubPages.  He suggested that I write a guest post for TC telling the story, and I wanted to thank him  for the opportunity and for all the coverage TC has given HubPages over the last four plus years.

Posted by:Paul Edmondson

5 replies on “Guest Post on TechCrunch This Weekend

  1. Well great news there Paul. Let the HP world know when it’s online so that we get to read it for ourselves. I thank TechCrunch, even they came along well before I ever found Hubpages 🙂

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