I’m a huge fans of Zappos.  Not because they have incredible customer service, or because it’s one of my favorite places to shop.  I’m a huge  Zappos fan because all the people I meet that work there tell me they love it.  As CEO of  HubPages, I find this completely inspirational.  The HubPages team was pretty excited to meet their blogging team when they stopped by our booth at Blogworld and gave us an opportunity to talk with them about HubPages.  The good news for our readers is they taped the conversation and they will post the discussion up in the next week or so on the Zappos Blog – We will let you all know when it’s up

The Zappos blogging team with Jason

Huge thanks to Graham and the rest of the Zappos team for stopping by to learn a bit more about HubPages and the fantastic writers here.

Posted by:Paul Edmondson

2 replies on “How Great is Zappos?

  1. I wish you wouldn’t have posted this. They have super cute dresses (my new personal fad), but they’re so expensive… Eeek.. I’m a clearance shopper. Ha

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