Happy Halloween fellow hubbers!

We had our own little Halloween celebration this Friday at HubPages GQ – some of us came in costume (we had a mini-contest, for eternal honor) and Pia and Larry definiely came in as major winners.  Check out their nifty costumes below:

Can you guess who Pia is? Frida Kahlo, of course!  She does an amazing impression – and it takes talent to internalize all of that suffering and artistic genius!

And can you guess who Larry is?  A cowboy!  Not making sense? Well, that’s because he’s dressing as a cowboy from Kyrgyzstan!

Even those who did not come up in festive garb enjoyed the cookies and milk Paul Edmondson and Chris Little (disguised as an American cowboy and San Francisco Giants closer Brian Wilson respectively) brought in.

We hope that your Halloween weekend is full of fun costumes, good company, and delicious treats as well!

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