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While we usually hear success stories about people making money, did you know that HubPages has been a place for finding emotional solace as well?  Eiddwen, a fabulous hubber, mother, and grandmother from Wales, was kind enough to share her very touching story with us below:

Has HubPages made a difference to my life??
Simple answer: Yes Yes Yes !!! I have written at home all my life but apart from some story competitions that I won whilst in school nothing else has ever passed out through my front door.

I’ve written loads of poems, some in English but mainly in Welsh; many in memory of my only sister Val who sadly passed over eleven years ago.

However I was browsing on the Internet about 3 months ago and came upon HP.  As I read some feedback I realised that this might be the place for me!!!

I sadly lost my youngest daughter last year and I’ve published a tribute for Erin on here as well as some other pretty emotional hubs.

The comments and feedback that I have had have been so caring and touching, and I hope that my stories will help others. Despite living through some really bad times I am finally where I always wanted to be in life. However I have never seen myself as a victim and I wanted to publish these initial hubs so that hopefully someone else may benefit from my experiences.

l want to pass on the message to never give up on your dreams, stay strong and your will be a winner. To feel truly whole and to experience happinesss from within is definitely within everyone’s grasp and no one has the right to keep these factors from us.

Eiddwen also shared how HubPages has helped her branch out as a more general writer as well:

I also love reading everyone else’s hubs as well. As well as helping others I am learning so much myself too.

After publishing the emotional true life hubs I was able to write so much more!! I think I had to share those first emotional stories before moving on to: humorous stories and poetry; travel and sighseeing with a little twist (eg ‘A Step Back in Time’); meaningful stories and poetry; etc and on and on.

Who knows what I’ll be writing about in a year’s time; the only thing is that is I still hope to be writing on here!!  I love making people laugh as well as writing children’s stories and there is going to be so much more.  There is something new to learn every day no matter where we are or how old we are. I believe that there is a time and place for everything!!! Joining everyone on here was the beginning of a new era for me and HP is everything I expected it to be and more!!!

Thank you to everyone who has been responsible for the making of Hubpages.

We are so glad that HubPages has been a place where Eiddwen has been able to reconcile with the past and kick off a new present.  It seems that people are drawn to the site for many different reasons, but it’s the community that always keeps us coming back!

Do you have a HubPages success story you’d like to share?  Let us know!

And thanks, Eiddwen!

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6 replies on “HubPages Success Story: Eiddwen Finds Solace and new Beginnings with the HubPages Community

  1. This is always good to hear that they are success stories that does not involve monetary gain. It is good that she is able share dear memories and hopefully they are many inspired by reading this success story. I know I am definitely inspired.

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