It has been a while since we’ve given you a sneak peek at HubPages HQ, so here’s a good one – our fearless moderator Maddie gave us a real vocabulary nugget some Thursdays back, and we thought you might enjoy it as much as we do!  Watch the video for the big reveal:

The word?  Defenestrate! To throw out the window.

It’s quite the fun word to use – perhaps you might include it in your next hub! Many of your fellow Hubbers already have, as a matter of fact.

Happy Hubbing 😀

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2 replies on “HubPages Behind the Scenes – Word of the Day

  1. Defenestrate must be a new word because I could not find it in the American Heritage Dictionary. Does it literally mean to throw out the window like a piece of trash or is it a figurative meaning like to not consider in the mist of other considerations?

  2. I love words and so this is good for me…I usually go to to get the word of the day just to expand my vocabulary…so thanks for sharing!

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