A couple of weeks ago I met a guy names Dustin who works over at an interesting website called LivePerson, where experts get paid for chatting with people who need some advice, expertise and information on the particular subjects that they’re unfamiliar with. The expert charges per minute and gets paid for simply chatting with people about the things that they’re most passionate about.

Sounds familar, eh? Yep it’s basically a real-time and chat-based version of HubPages, which I think is very interesting.

Anyways, Dustin from LivePerson sent me an email today with a link to this video (watch below) from the Early Show where they focus on people who ‘sell their expertise online’. The video focuses on Associated Content and LivePerson, but I think that HubPages could have easily been mentioned right along with them, too. I’m more than confident in saying that HubPages provides the best all-around self-publishing platform for writers to generate revenue online on a consistent basis. What do you think? Should I have been in this video telling the world about how awesome HubPages is?


p.s. I just saw that LivePerson was featured in the Wall Street Journal, too.

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