Although we’re not even close to being a news site (nor do we really want to be) I’ve noticed an influx of Hubs that are all written on one extremely popular topic right now — the Swine Flu. In fact, there’s one Hubber in particular, Hal Licino, who has actually written 26 Hubs on that very topic…seriously.

However, as I was looking at some of the top trafficked Hubs from the past couple of days, there was another Swine Flu Hub that stood out from the rest of the pack due to the incredible amount of views it has been getting from Yahoo! and Google. The Hub that I’m talking about is titled: How Long is the Swine Flu Incubation Period? and it was written by a Hubber named ManekiNeko.

If you want to learn a little mor about the Swine Flu and also want to take a look at a quality, well-put together Hub, then you should take a couple of minutes and give that Hub a quick read.

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One thought on “People Are Looking For Swine Flu Info (And HubPages Is Helping Them Find It)

  1. I think that this h1n1 virus can be used for chemical warfare in
    afghanistan and iraq. if we can induce the taliban terrorist with this
    disease we can weaken their soldiers and then over run and out power this evil regime with out killing innocent civilians.Someone please send this to president Obama.

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