I just took a look at the overall HubPages stats and realized that we had officially busted through the 300,000 Hub mark a couple of days ago! We’re now a few thousand over that mark and we’re continuing to accumulate Hubs at an even faster rate than we were just a few months ago. This is particularly interesting when you factor in that we continue to become better and better at keeping low quality content off of HubPages, which means that a smaller percentage of not-so-awesome Hubs are squeaking past our radar.

If you remember, we hit the 200,000 mark right around the beginning of November of last year so it’s only taken us a little over 5 months to jump up over 100,000 Hubs. I wonder how long it will take us to get to 400,000 — any guesses?

Also, just to put this into perspective, Squidoo claims to have over 900,000 Lenses that are published on their site ever though they’re currently attracting less visitors than we are here at HubPages. Interesting, eh?

Thanks to all of you awesome Hubbers out there who have helped us hit this HUGE milestone! You all rock!

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7 replies on “Helllllo 300,000 Hubs!

  1. Thanks, Ryan. Those figures give us a good reading of how well any one Hub, or all our Hubs, are generally doing. Up until seeing this, I had absolutely no idea whatsoever. My personal concerns aside, nice to see that HubPages is doing this well. I think it deserves it.

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