I’m not really sure what that title means, but I wanted to post up the 5 winning HubNuggets that were sent out in the HubPages Weekly newsletter today. Each of these are really, really great Hubs that are definitely worth reading, so be sure to give each of them a look when you get the chance. Also, if you’re curious and want to see the Hubs that didn’t get chosen as HubNuggets, feel free to check out the HubNugget voting Hub over here.

HubNugget 1: Foxfire or A Gift In The Dark (24%)

“There are many types of glowing fungus. Many are external fungi that grow off of wood, like the shelf shaped bracket fungi. There are also glowing mushrooms. The foxfire that I had found was not an external fungus. It had permeated the wood itself. Though most findings of foxfire tend to be anywhere from vivid blue to deep green. The foxfire from my find was very pale greenish yellow. There have been findings of yellow and pink foxfire as well.” Read more »

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HubNugget 2: My Husband Quilt or How A Mess Can Become An Heirloom (21%)

“After my husband died I had to deal with a lot of issues. If you’ve suffered the death of a loved one then you know how overwhelming it can get. One of the things someone told me to do was to go through his clothes as quickly as I could and ‘get them out of the house. You’ll feel better not looking at them.'” Read more »

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HubNugget 3: Top Ten Songs about Bad Habits (Videos of All Songs) (16%)

“There have been many songs about bad people, bad places, bad things, and bad ideas – bad girls, bad boys, bad love, bad everything! Most intriguing of the “bad” songs, I think, are the songs about “bad habits.” Glorifying drugs, food, drink, smoking, and more in song seems like a strange topic for song writers to write about and for singers to sing about – but it’s been done successfully over and over again.” Read more »

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HubNugget 4: You Tube Idol Susan Boyle Rocks My World (16%)

“So it was when I started seeing the headlines surrounding Susan Boyle and her appearance on “Britain’s Got Talent”. More of the same I thought as I would click past the ever growing publicity. I figured the well of news from “American Idol” had run dry for the time being and now we were being subjected to the same ho-hum entertainment drivel from the other side of the pond. Then, the other night, all that changed.” Read more »

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HubNugget 5: Define Darkness? (9%)

“When we hear someone ask us to, ‘Define Darkness’ our first instinct is to think of all the bad stuff that goes on around us, this was not my first thought. The darkness brings a new world, a monochrome world, as beautiful in its way as the daylight world with all it’s splendid colour.” Read more »

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2 replies on “Behold! The Chosen HubNuggets Cometh!

  1. Yippeeeeeeee! — We have such good writers on HubPages and gaining more taalent everyday.

    Congratulations to everyone of these top 5, and to the reat of the list that was so great overall – every one of them is a winner, it’s true!

  2. Hello my name is shugri. I am a huge fan of yours! I watch you every single day, if I am not watching I am either online reading.
    I just wanted to say thank you for being a very kind hearted person.
    My nephews think I am obessed with you. I LOVE YOU A.C.!!!

    Warm reguards,

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