Yesterday Fawntia (one of our incredible engineers here at HubPages) sent me over an email that linked me to a Request titled How has HubPages changes your life? that was created by a Hubber named reggieTull. Although I thought that the Request was super awesome, something that was even more awesome was a Hub that MissJamieD wrote that answered the Request. Be sure to give it a quick read when you get a chance. It’s a Hub that makes me and the rest of the HubPages team feel all mushy and tingly inside (in a good way) and says a lot about the amazing group of Hubbers that we are lucky enough to have make up our community. Here’s a quick snippet of the Hub:

Hub Pages has changed my life in many ways, in the three short months that I’ve been here. The amount of support I’ve received already, is astounding. I feel like I have made some wonderful friends. I’ve learned more in three months here, than I ever would’ve by trying to find the time (with three kids) to read an entire book.

After reading this Hub it really got me wondering how/if HubPages has changed other Hubber’s lives, so I wanted to let all of you know about this Request in case you have a great story to share like MissJamieD did. If you do have something to share, please click here and let the rest of us Hubbers know by answering this Request.

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