HubCamp London in Review

It was a rainy afternoon today in London, but HubCamps are always a go, rain or shine!

It was a blast to be joined by CASE1WORKER and CMHypno who took a trek into the city for the meetup.  We got together at the Fleet River Bakery for a lovely afternoon filled with HubPages chat and plenty of caffeine!

Some of the topics we discussed were typical HubCamp fare- keyword research, researching one’s competition before publishing, and legal image use.  We took a look at a couple of keywords to research their competitiveness, and also discussed the differences between articles that perform well in search engines and those that do well on social media.

We also touched on the subject discussed with the greatest heat in the forums these days: the Panda update.  While we all acknowledged that many of the changes we’ve rolled out regarding higher publishing standards have involved a lot of work, we agreed that in many ways, the Panda update is positively impacting HubPages.  After all, it has encouraged us to focus on what matters most- HubPages as a site for writers.

Now that I think about it, violent algorithm changes are sort of like economic recessions- they reduce financial income for a time, but remind folks about what really matters.  In life, that might be friends and family; on HubPages, that’s writing and community!  Though we have seen some tumultuous traffic changes, we are lucky to have been given the opportunity to reassess our values.

Big thanks to CMHypno and CASE1WORKER for making it out for the Meetup – it is always a real thrill to meet Hubbers in person, and it was especially cool to meet the talented authors of some marvelously written Hubs.  Both have written some fascinating historical and academic Hubs (amongst other types) which you really ought to check out!

We’ve got another HubPages-run meetup coming up- it’s going to be one to remember!  Keep an eye out for future updates- we’ll be revealing the details soon! 😉

Being a Social Writer

Online Writing InsiderThough the world of online writing is full of interaction- through comments, likes, shares, tweets, and more- there is still something to be said for getting one-on-one feedback on your work, either in the digital space or IRL.

In this episode of the Online Writing Insider (Being a Social Writer), Robin Edmondson and Simone Smith discuss the benefits of meeting with other people to discuss your online writing.  They also discuss the use of Meetup as a great means of meeting with likeminded authors- HubPages, for example, offers HubCamps and HubMeets to help its writers connect and trade tips and feedback in person.

Are you interested in getting involved with HubCamps or HubMeets?  Check out the official meetup pages at and  And if you’re near London, be sure to stop by HubCamp London!  It’s TOMORROW at 3:00pm!

HubCamp Boston In Review

HubCamp Boston took place yesterday, and we all had a blast!

Robin and I met up with Boston area Hubbers including thranax, J.S.Matthew, and Carolyn2008 at the Back Bay Hotel to swap insider HubPages tips and just shoot the breeze.  It was a blast meeting Hubbers in person and we hope that everyone had as much fun as we did!

Major topics discussed in the meeting included…

  • Hub creation
  • Choosing good topics
  • Researching good topics and competition
  • The HubHopper
  • Timing and changes in traffic
  • HubPages Elite programs

Sad you missed HubCamp Boston?  Not to worry! More HubCamps are in store, and we’re also working on developing ways in which we can make HubCamp more accessible to everyone, since our community spans across such a wide area.

If you’re in the London area, be sure to stop by HubCamp London, which is just about a week and a half away.  We’ll be meeting at the Fleet River Bakery in London on Thursday, May 26th at 3:00pm, and shall be making it more of a HubMeet style format to ensure that everyone has plenty of time for socializing- plus to have any HubPages or online writing-related questions answered.  For more information on HubCamp London- and to RSVP – visit the official Meetup page.

Speaking of HubMeets (HubPages’ social meetups), we encourage you to start your own, and check out our HubMeets Meetup Everywhere page to see if any Hubbers are staging HubPages Social Meetups in your area.

Thanks to those of you who made it out to HubCamp Boston.  It was a pleasure to meet you!


Helpful Hubbers’ HubCamp Hubs

It has now been a good week since HubCamp Houston and Dallas, and Jason and Robin are still talking about the great Hubbers who made it out to each event.

Peggy W

Two of the Hubbers who attended these latest HubCamps – Peggy W and Sophia Angelique – have even written Hubs sharing their HubCamp notes.  If you were not able to make it to these HubCamps, you can still get some of the insider tips that were shared by checking those overviews out.

Peggy W specifically shares a really great introduction to the entire HubPages process – from joining to being published-  and also posted some great photos of the Magnolia Hotel in Houston where the HubCamp was held.

And Sophia Angelique broke down a lot of the helpful tips regarding important things to include in a Hub and reworking Hubs that are already published.

Other Hubbers have written cool guides and overviews based on previous HubCamps – since every HubCamp is different, you might want to check out their HubCamp reflections as well!


Edweirdo, for example, incorporates some HubCamp NYC tips into his amazing Hub on how he wrote 100 Hubs, got 700 followers, and made $800 in his first year with HubPages.

TinaAtHome shares an easy-to-follow list of tips from the first ever HubCamp in San Francisco, and Urban Farm Girl gave a great overview of the same event – even offering a photo with special labels pointing out HubPages team members!

Let’s also not forget fastfreta, who wrote a Hub explaining why you HubCamp is something you don’t want to miss 😀

One of the things that makes HubCamps so special is that each Hubber who comes brings his or her own experiences and insider tips with them.  The dialogue that takes place at each event and the social mixers that follow is just as valuable as the seminar itself!

Thanks to everyone who made it to HubCamp Houston and Dallas last week.  And thanks Sophia Angelique and Peggy W for sharing your notes with the community!

To learn more about HubCamps, check out the HubCamp section of our site.

Hubbers Socialize in Melbourne, Australia

Last week, Australia saw its first HubMeet (HubPages social meetup) when Hubbers Suzanne Day, Kangaroo Jase, and May PL got together  at the Stolberg Beer Cafe in Preston – the three Hubbers, plus Richard, May’s Husband (and hopefully soon-to-be-Hubber) got together to chat, share tips, and talk all things HubPages in the real world!

The group swapped a lot of helpful information – May PL shared some tips on writing about business-related things, Kangaroo Jase talked genre trees, and Suzanne Day suggested some good strategies for writing all-around good Hubs.  Even Richard pitched in with his insider insights on the financial world and writing on financial topics online.

Suzanne wrote a great Hub about the HubMeet sharing fun photos and noting the major topics discussed – I highly recommend you check it out!

If you love the idea of a social HubPages meetup, you can check our HubMeets page on Meetup Everywhere to see if there are any HubPages-related meetups in your area.

And if you would like some Hubbing Tips straight from the HubPages staff, check out our upcoming HubCamp event schedule to see if one of our free seminars is coming to a city near you!

Start Your Own HubCamp

A mere two days before our second HubPages-hosted HubCamp in Hollywood, we are officially launching the Hubber-hosted HubCamp program, which means that you can host your own HubCamp!

We’ve created a HubCamp section of our site where you can learn more about the HubCamp program, view the schedule, and learn more about the different types of HubCamps available, which include:

  • HubPages-hosted HubCamps: these include the events we have scheduled thus far
  • Hubber-hosted HubCamps: HubCamp seminars organized, led, and hosted by approved Hubbers (which we’ll designate as HubCamp Counselors)
  • HubClubs: Private, somewhat regular and informal gathering of friends which anyone can organize and which involve small lessons and talking points to help Hubbers improve their skills
  • HubCamp Classes: HubCamps and general lessons customized for colleges and universities

If you are interested in learning more about these different HubCamps, check out the HubCamp section of  If you are interested in hosting your own HubCamp, visit the Start Your Own page.  To become an official HubCamp counselor, you will need to meet our established criteria and fill out the short online form we provide.  Once you are approved, we will provide you with speaker notes, a PowerPoint presentation, other helpful printouts, and the ability to organize an official HubCamp on Meetup.

We look forward to helping you attend, organize, and learn from HubCamps in the future!

A Spot at the November 4th SiliconValley NewTech Meetup

As The Communicator of Awesomeness! I am always looking for ways to communicate the awesomeness of HubPages to any and everybody who I think could potentially play some part in the success and growth of what we’re doing. There are many different ways to tell someone about what HubPages actually is and what we do. Depending on who I’m talking to I sometimes need to make what I say a little more relevant to different so that they don’t just actually care about what I’m telling them, but they also get excited about it. Some people seem to get it fairly quickly when I tell them about HubPages and some people just simply don’t and I’m always trying to find way make the latter response appear fewer and fewer as time goes on.

Now, one way to help some people better see what HubPages is all about it to physically show them one-on-one, which isn’t usually the most practical way to do it, but is very effective nonetheless. If we could somehow take that one-on-one experience that works so well and make it scale to a larger audience, all while still being effective, then we’d really have a winner. Well, thanks to my man Vincent ‘Vinnie’ Lauria, HubPages is going to be able to do just that next month on November 4th. Vinnie has given us the opportunity to demonstrate HubPages to many influential and up-and-coming Internet superstars by giving us a spot in his brainchild, The SiliconValley NewTech Meetup Group. I’m super excited to have the chance to show what we’re made of next month and I can’t wait to get everyone’s feedback. Now, let’s just hope that I don’t get stage fright.