A mere two days before our second HubPages-hosted HubCamp in Hollywood, we are officially launching the Hubber-hosted HubCamp program, which means that you can host your own HubCamp!

We’ve created a HubCamp section of our site where you can learn more about the HubCamp program, view the schedule, and learn more about the different types of HubCamps available, which include:

  • HubPages-hosted HubCamps: these include the events we have scheduled thus far
  • Hubber-hosted HubCamps: HubCamp seminars organized, led, and hosted by approved Hubbers (which we’ll designate as HubCamp Counselors)
  • HubClubs: Private, somewhat regular and informal gathering of friends which anyone can organize and which involve small lessons and talking points to help Hubbers improve their skills
  • HubCamp Classes: HubCamps and general lessons customized for colleges and universities

If you are interested in learning more about these different HubCamps, check out the HubCamp section of HubPages.com.  If you are interested in hosting your own HubCamp, visit the Start Your Own page.  To become an official HubCamp counselor, you will need to meet our established criteria and fill out the short online form we provide.  Once you are approved, we will provide you with speaker notes, a PowerPoint presentation, other helpful printouts, and the ability to organize an official HubCamp on Meetup.

We look forward to helping you attend, organize, and learn from HubCamps in the future!

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3 replies on “Start Your Own HubCamp

  1. Great Idea, lots of nice places here in Upstate New York to have one. So I guess I had better start scouting locations. Need to find out how many hubbers would be interested in attending a seminar here. More cost effective than Manhattan and we could book something close to New Jersey as well.

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