Online Writing InsiderThough the world of online writing is full of interaction- through comments, likes, shares, tweets, and more- there is still something to be said for getting one-on-one feedback on your work, either in the digital space or IRL.

In this episode of the Online Writing Insider (Being a Social Writer), Robin Edmondson and Simone Smith discuss the benefits of meeting with other people to discuss your online writing.  They also discuss the use of Meetup as a great means of meeting with likeminded authors- HubPages, for example, offers HubCamps and HubMeets to help its writers connect and trade tips and feedback in person.

Are you interested in getting involved with HubCamps or HubMeets?  Check out the official meetup pages at and  And if you’re near London, be sure to stop by HubCamp London!  It’s TOMORROW at 3:00pm!

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5 replies on “Being a Social Writer

  1. Sorry, can’t see it. I can’t use Quicktime, which this asks for. For some reason, I can’t get Quicktime to work. Probably because I only have dial-up and can’t see Podcast.
    I would prefer reading about it.

    1. Michael – It’s audio-only. We don’t have transcripts for podcasts, but in many cases we include links to the Hubs they discuss in the post itself. 🙂 – Jason

  2. I know that if I fail to reply to comments – that’s it, nobody will continue to be interested in my work. Oh, there may be a few, but it won’t be the MANY that I want.

  3. “Slightly less formal” – now that sounds more my style. I think I’d like to cook for all the non vegetarian hubbers in my “hood.”

    Oh have a drink! Now you have me going. I can’t buy everyone’s drink, but I can drink everyone’s drink. . . . . Public! oh goodness, I’m not sure that I’m allowed in public, I might have to call and ask someone. . . .

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