It has now been a good week since HubCamp Houston and Dallas, and Jason and Robin are still talking about the great Hubbers who made it out to each event.

Peggy W

Two of the Hubbers who attended these latest HubCamps – Peggy W and Sophia Angelique – have even written Hubs sharing their HubCamp notes.  If you were not able to make it to these HubCamps, you can still get some of the insider tips that were shared by checking those overviews out.

Peggy W specifically shares a really great introduction to the entire HubPages process – from joining to being published-  and also posted some great photos of the Magnolia Hotel in Houston where the HubCamp was held.

And Sophia Angelique broke down a lot of the helpful tips regarding important things to include in a Hub and reworking Hubs that are already published.

Other Hubbers have written cool guides and overviews based on previous HubCamps – since every HubCamp is different, you might want to check out their HubCamp reflections as well!


Edweirdo, for example, incorporates some HubCamp NYC tips into his amazing Hub on how he wrote 100 Hubs, got 700 followers, and made $800 in his first year with HubPages.

TinaAtHome shares an easy-to-follow list of tips from the first ever HubCamp in San Francisco, and Urban Farm Girl gave a great overview of the same event – even offering a photo with special labels pointing out HubPages team members!

Let’s also not forget fastfreta, who wrote a Hub explaining why you HubCamp is something you don’t want to miss 😀

One of the things that makes HubCamps so special is that each Hubber who comes brings his or her own experiences and insider tips with them.  The dialogue that takes place at each event and the social mixers that follow is just as valuable as the seminar itself!

Thanks to everyone who made it to HubCamp Houston and Dallas last week.  And thanks Sophia Angelique and Peggy W for sharing your notes with the community!

To learn more about HubCamps, check out the HubCamp section of our site.

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5 replies on “Helpful Hubbers’ HubCamp Hubs

  1. Hubcamp Cleveland included just a couple attendees, would have enjoyed talking to other people how they use Hubpages, but did learn many tips and features of Hubpages from lakeerieartists. Still experimenting and trying out these features too.

    This type of experience needs to have more exposure across the Web too. Look forward to hearing lakeerieartists speak at PodCamp Cleveland on April 30, 2011! ~ Thanks!

  2. How cool that you made it to HubCamp Cleveland! You’re right – we’re definitely trying to get more coverage for Hubber-led HubCamps, and HubMeets as well. The more Hubbers share with us, the more we can share with the community at large 😀

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