As The Communicator of Awesomeness! I am always looking for ways to communicate the awesomeness of HubPages to any and everybody who I think could potentially play some part in the success and growth of what we’re doing. There are many different ways to tell someone about what HubPages actually is and what we do. Depending on who I’m talking to I sometimes need to make what I say a little more relevant to different so that they don’t just actually care about what I’m telling them, but they also get excited about it. Some people seem to get it fairly quickly when I tell them about HubPages and some people just simply don’t and I’m always trying to find way make the latter response appear fewer and fewer as time goes on.

Now, one way to help some people better see what HubPages is all about it to physically show them one-on-one, which isn’t usually the most practical way to do it, but is very effective nonetheless. If we could somehow take that one-on-one experience that works so well and make it scale to a larger audience, all while still being effective, then we’d really have a winner. Well, thanks to my man Vincent ‘Vinnie’ Lauria, HubPages is going to be able to do just that next month on November 4th. Vinnie has given us the opportunity to demonstrate HubPages to many influential and up-and-coming Internet superstars by giving us a spot in his brainchild, The SiliconValley NewTech Meetup Group. I’m super excited to have the chance to show what we’re made of next month and I can’t wait to get everyone’s feedback. Now, let’s just hope that I don’t get stage fright.

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