Online Writing InsiderWe often hear from Hubbers that the hardest aspect of online writing is finding topics to write about. When in doubt, we recommend writing on…

  • Your areas of expertise (specifically skills, hobbies, and activities in which there is significant interest online)
  • Day-to-day tasks and activities in your life (such as fixing healthy meals for teens, improving your swimming skills, and learning how to housetrain new pets)
  • A subject of which you have many photos and images (chances are you already have great photos- why not create Hubs that put them to good use?)
  • A subject on which you have already done research (for example, a major purchase you made, the subject of a recent college paper, or the focus of a lot of inquisitive Googling)
  • A subject that you have searched for online that is not well-addressed by existing online articles

For a more detailed explanation of these areas, listen in to this week’s podcast (Choosing Topics to Write About). Here’s hoping your writer’s block is short and fleeting.

Is there some other online writing issue that is keeping you from happily writing new Hubs? Tell us about it! Email questions, comments, and suggestions for future podcasts to podcast-at-HubPages-dot-com.

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7 replies on “How to Choose Topics to Write About

  1. I just write about some of the crazy people I know on Facebook. Like this one woman that wears crazy hair accessories and has a stormtrooper uniform. oops!

  2. Good article, thank you for the reminder and advice…
    Sometimes it’s just hard to think of what to write about, but then you realize there is plenty to write about, just browse the web and you’ll find ideas 🙂

  3. Good tips presented here in this article. You can also find some excellent topics from watching the news/ reading news websites. There are some free tools you can use like Google Trends, news aggregators like iCurrent and sites like TrendFetch to discover hot topics to write about.

  4. Great piece with lots of informative tips! I particularly agree with the point on tapping into your day-to-day activities as a resource for topics to write about. Whenever I get stuck thinking about what I should share, that’s the first place I start. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Thank you for the information. I love the articles you’ve been posting here. Really inspires me to write more online!

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