Last week, we announced that Questions would soon be coming to subdomains. By visiting My Account > Q&A you can now make this change on your own account early by clicking the “Transfer” button.  Doing so will move all of your Questions under your personal HubPages subdomain and give you the ability to earn from the ads posted on those pages.

Keep in mind that moving your Questions to your subdomain is an irreversible process that cannot be undone, so only opt in for this preview if you are fully committed to the change.

Whether you make the transfer take place early or not, you can most certainly benefit from the features in this new section of My Account. The Statistics section enables you to view all of the Questions you have asked, as well as the number of answers and views they’ve seen. You can also see Questions that have been asked of you, as well as all of the Answers you have given.

For now, only AdSense ads appear on Question pages. If you would like to track the Google AdSense revenue you have made through your Questions:

  1. Visit Google AdSense
  2. Click on the My Ads tab
  3. Click on URL channels in the left hand navigation bar
  4. Click the”new URL channel” button
  5. Enter the following URL  (but using your username):

Big thanks to Ari Lamstein who built this new My Account section and made the transfer possible!

Posted by:HubPages Admin

14 replies on “You Can Now Opt In to Moving Questions to Your Subdomain

  1. Sounds like a great idea Simone. Thanks Ari!!!
    I have a 2-part question.
    1:When the questions/answers are transfered to our sub-domain, will hubbers still be able to see the questions and answers in the hubpages Answers section?
    2: Or, will the questions/answers have to be found through a search engine?

    1. Good question, Michael Willis. The Questions/Answers will show up in the Answers section of the site just like they always have. The big (visible) difference is just the URL.

  2. Am I correct in assuming this was done so our own questions will be treated the same as a hub we personally originate, but answers we leave on the questions of other hubbers don’t have to be “switched” because they’re already factored into our personal score as “involvement in the community”? Just wondering.

  3. Is there a downside to transferring questions to your sub domain? I have read that it initially decreases traffic but it does come back. Why does traffic initially go down?

  4. JamaGenee, the Answers you give in the form of short answers will be moved to the subdomains of those who asked the Questions. Hub Answers, are, of course, already placed under your own subdomain.

    Lauragspeaks, we don’t know the effect of the transfer, which is why we made the feature opt-in at this point. We anticipate the effect being positive, but won’t know for another 30 days.

  5. I have made the transfer and certainly do enjoy the additional stats and all. I have also submitted my last two questions to Google Webmaster Tools, fetching with GoogleBot to get them indexed so I can see how they show up on a Google search. Thanks for the addition to the site!

  6. This is a fantastic idea, just awesome and easy to follow and set up too, just brilliant, so that’s a big thanks from me.

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