As Simone had mentioned last year, we’ve been working on updating the design of HubPages in an effort to enhance readers’ experience interacting with your Hubs and the site. The recent header revamp was the first rolled-out step in this process.

Part of this process involves retiring features that aren’t popularly used, in order to minimize distraction and engineering maintenance work, and to make more room for those features that readers and Hubbers will find useful. One of the features that hasn’t been used that much and will be retired soon is bookmarks. As of today, the ability to bookmark a Hub by clicking on a link on the Hub has been phased out.

Any bookmarks you have are still accessible, but we will eventually be discontinuing this feature, too. We will provide a facility for you to download all of your HubPages bookmarks, for importing into your browser, before that time. This will be made available to any Hubber with bookmarks before we sunset the bookmark feature. We don’t have an ETA on this yet, but we will give you ample warning as the date approaches.

Thank you for your understanding in the matter, and we look forward to unveiling an updated Hub layout in the near future.

UPDATE: You can now download your bookmarks by clicking the “Export Bookmarks as HTML” button in the Bookmarks section of My Account > Activity.

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16 replies on “Bookmarks being phased out

  1. Thank you for letting us know.
    I do bookmark, but I can see that this could us a huge amount of space on the HP site, if hundreds of users do it.
    I also PRINT OUT articles that i want to reference in the future– so this could be an alternative to people who like to save things for reference.

  2. I like the new Header very much, because it is more sophisticated, clean-looking and also cuts way down on spam from those that would just choose a page (s) of Hubbers and hit them all. I really like the bookmarks, but already cleaned out many of them; I will put the rest someplace else. No problem. Thanks for the notice.

  3. As much as I love saving Hubs to bookmarks I rarely return to read them due to time restraints. A download of a file makes more sense if the bookmarking is not a feature used by many.

  4. It’s a shame as I have used this in the past but there is no reason why we can’t just bookmark in the browser like everything else although I guess that doesn’t help if we use multiple computers…

    1. Actually, Azure11, using browser-based bookmarks can even work across multiple browsers if you bookmark them within your account! I believe at least Chrome offers this option.

  5. Thanks for letting us know. Will look forward to your primer on how to save what we have already bookmarked. Think I will go in there and eliminate some old ones first.

  6. That sounds good. We can still bookmark manually if we want to add bookmarks to our browser. I agree that sometimes a site doesn’t need to do everything automatically for visitors. It will keep the look clean.

  7. Thank you! for this information.

    No ETA – OK does that mean days or months?

    How about being able to download a cvs file of bookmarks to review what we want to keep in our browser bookmarking system.

    Thank you for the potential how to articles with this announcement? Will we be given enough time to develop/publish how to articles regarding this change?

    For learning purposes does this relate to the economy of the servers and storage capacity? Or, I see this as a predictor of the growth of hubpages in the market place becoming more expansive. This is a good thing!

    Personally, based on my habits, this will empower me to use the features presented at a hub now. One less option, I see this as encouraging me as a hubber to use those available features, The benefits for me as a hubber is greater communication with my fellow hubbers publicly.

    Thank you!

    1. To address your questions Tim Mitchell:
      1. Probably weeks
      2. That is more or less what we will be providing
      3. We will be offering our own how-to guide on downloading bookmarks and importing them into your browser, so no worries on that front!
      4. As Jason pointed out in the blog post, this is part of a larger series of re-design efforts. We are removing the feature in an effort to simplify the site, make navigation easier, and streamline our features. As you point out, fewer options can improve one’s user experience.

      I hope that helps!

  8. When is bookmark going only I cant find it, if it has gone already then I have lost all that has been saved.
    I hope I am not too late.

  9. Where can we find out bookmarks in the meantime?

    I am a bit sad because saving recipes and writing references was useful. They get so lost in my favorites on my computer.

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