Fascinating FictionIn this installment of the Fascinating Fiction podcast, I am happy to present a short but very good story written by WillStarr: The Scent of Evil.

This is the first Fascinating Fiction episode with a short story narrated by another Hubber.  Morten Rand (aka Website Examiner on HubPages) was generous enough to record his reading of this story- and has recorded over 100 hours of fiction reading on his own as well!  You can read more about Website Examiner’s podcast recording experience- and get some tips on the process- in this interview he did for a recent HubPages newsletter.

If you would like to contribute a recording (or short fictional story) of your own, email us at podcast (at) hubpages.com.

Major props to WillStarr for this powerful story (this is not the last appearance this prominent HubPages fiction writer will make in the Fascinating Fiction podcast- stay tuned for more).  Be sure to read the original, and visit WillStarr’s profile to read more of his work.

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