Nothing on the Other Side

There is something utterly fascinating about doors, be they serving as entrances to spaceships or covers of old, dusty wardrobes.  Paradigmsearch explores the fun plot device offered by the humble door- along with much, much more- in this excellent Hub!

For those who like listening to stories as much as they like reading them, here’s the recorded version:  Sometimes when I open the door there is nothing on the other side. Enjoy!

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Why the Zebra Has Stripes

Fascinating FictionCreation stories, ‘why’ stories, and origins stories are great fun, which is most likely why Truckstop Sally created a series of them on HubPages.

This week, we’re featuring a particularly popular edition of her ‘why’ series – Why the Zebra Has Stripes.  This short, fun, playful, and poignant story is sure to entertain.

Big thanks to Truckstop Sally for sharing this story with us! I urge you to check out the original, as well as Truckstop Sally’s other ‘why’ stories: Elephant/trunk,  Turtle/shell,  Sheep/bleat,   Chicken/teethKangaroo/pouch,  Giraffe/neck,  Deer/antler,  Octopus/8 arms,  and  Seahorse/pregnant.

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Emerald Wells Cafe 13, Speakeasy Night

Fascinating FictionThe most popular fiction series on HubPages right now is the Emerald Wells Cafe series by mckbirdbks. Each installment of the series revolves around another day at the Emerald Wells Cafe- sometimes an evening, too.

For this podcast, mckbirdbks was kind enough to share one of the most popular installments of the series: Emerald Wells Cafe – 13 – Speakeasy Night. This is a special day at Emerald Wells Cafe- some of the regulars get together in the evening for poetry recitation.

It is wonderful how mkcbirdbks combines poetry and fiction in one place with this Hub.  No wonder it is such a hit!  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do, and highly recommend dropping by original Hub, as well as the other Emerald Wells Cafe Hubs, too.  Many Hubbers have wandered into the cafe and pulled up a chair, but there is always room for more.

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The Proposals

Fascinating FictionThis week’s Fascinating Fiction podcast features another Western short story by WillStarrWestern Short Story – The Proposals

It’s a delightful Hub, and if you don’t have time to listen to this podcast, be sure to read the original (or do both).  There’s a delightful twist at the end.

Reading this particular story is the always fabulous Aficionada. She has contributed several excellent recordings to the Fascinating Fiction series, and it has been awesome to hear her different voices!

If you would like to contribute your own voice to the Fascinating Fiction podcast, reading one of your own short fiction Hubs or those of another, let us know! We’re excited to get as many people involved in the HubPages fiction fun as possible.

Enemy Hearts

Fascinating FictionRarely do I read things online that prompt me to make audible reactions, when something I’m reading does cause me to make noise, said noise is typically laughter.

Enemy Hearts by Taressa Klays is one of the very unusual Hubs out our site that has made me actually yell out in alarm- in a good way of course! That said, I should warn anyone listening to this week’s podcast to proceed with caution, because there might be just a little bit of blood.  Just a little.

But really folks, this is a wonderful short story, and I’m very thankful to Taressa Klays for sharing it with us!

Again, my apologies for my voice- and please, if you’d like to grace us with your (without a doubt) superior voice for Fascinating Fiction recording purposes, drop us a line!  We’d also love to get any suggestions of additional short stories to feature in this fiction-focused podcast.

The Scent of Evil

Fascinating FictionIn this installment of the Fascinating Fiction podcast, I am happy to present a short but very good story written by WillStarr: The Scent of Evil.

This is the first Fascinating Fiction episode with a short story narrated by another Hubber.  Morten Rand (aka Website Examiner on HubPages) was generous enough to record his reading of this story- and has recorded over 100 hours of fiction reading on his own as well!  You can read more about Website Examiner’s podcast recording experience- and get some tips on the process- in this interview he did for a recent HubPages newsletter.

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Major props to WillStarr for this powerful story (this is not the last appearance this prominent HubPages fiction writer will make in the Fascinating Fiction podcast- stay tuned for more).  Be sure to read the original, and visit WillStarr’s profile to read more of his work.