Online Writing InsiderWhat are you passionate about?  Chances are, you can do quite well by writing about it.

In this episode of the Online Writing Insider (The Benefits of Writing on Your Passions), HubPages CEO Paul Edmondson shares the various benefits of sharing your enthusiasm by writing about it online in a series of connected articles.

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3 replies on “The Benefits of Sharing Your Enthusiasm Online

  1. Very Good Simone, I’ll have a listen. I also recently decided to give Paul a follow as well. I enjoyed reading something he’d wrote on another site about the “pandaganda.”

    I wish I could take Paul to Stanley’s Famous Pit BBQ in beautiful Tyler, Texas – where my younger brother makes award winning BBQ, State Award winning, and even some national award winning.

    Why Simone, you BBQ goats that attack people!

    Now, if I could interest the Dad in writing online – we’d have ourselves a Chicken raising guru. . . .

  2. I am from Texas and there is nothing better than Texas BBQ, Todd! And yes, we must all show enthusiasm in our writings if we want them to be any good.

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