But What About the Mouse?

The Night Before Christmas, one of the world’s most popular Santa Claus stories, prominently mentions a mouse in its opening sentence… but leaves it at that. Not satisfied with that ever-so-brief reference, cherylone decided to add some backstory to this holiday classic, and A Christmas Mice Story was born.

We hope you enjoy this special holiday edition of the Fascinating Fiction podcast (A Christmas Mice Story), and encourage you to stop by cherylone’s original Hub as well. It’s very sweet and a fun spinoff of a classic tale.

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The Snow Princess

Fascinating FictionOne of the fun things about writing fiction on HubPages is that the process can become deliciously interactive. In addition to getting feedback on your work, you may also get new ideas, suggestions, tips, and even challenges!

The latter was the case when it came to the creation of The Snow Princess: A Short Story by Website Examiner.  The Hub (or rather Hubs, since the first Hub evolved into a series) was inspired by Acaetnna who challenged him to write a short romantic story that had to include the words diamond, passionate, jealous, tantalising, and fragrance.

Listen in to this week’s Fascinating Fiction podcast to hear The Snow Princess read by Website Examiner (Morten Rand) himself!

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Smurf Smuggling

Carolus may be one of HubPages’ newest fiction authors, but he has already written several awesome fiction Hubs. Among them is Smurf Smuggling, a hilarious piece on the illicit and illegal transport and use of Smurfs.

As an added bonus, Carolus created this recording of Smurf Smuggling– complete with awesome voices! I love what he’s done with the format and hope you enjoy this week’s special Fascinating Fiction episode as well.

Big thanks to Carolus for the Hub and the recording. If you, too, would like to submit a Hub and/or recording to the Fascinating Fiction podcast, drop us a line at podcast (at) HubPages (dot) com.


The Seer

For the grand finale of the scary short story series we have been running on the Fascinating Fiction podcast this month, we have a very special episode!

As a Halloween treat, we have Aficionada reading The Seer, a fantastic Hub by WillStarr. I hope you enjoy it!

Big thanks to WillStarr for the great story (stop by the original Hub for the written version) and Aficionada for her wonderful narration. If you would like to submit a Hub or recording of your own (either of your own short fiction Hub or that of another Hubber), tell us about it by sending an email to podcast (at) HubPages (dot) com. We’d love to hear from you!

Theodore Shade

Though known primarily for his Emerland Wells Cafe series on HubPages (which has already been featured in the Fascinating Fiction podcast series), mckbirdbks also writes the occasional stand-alone short story.  One of these is Theodore Shade- a somewhat dark vignette that builds up an impressive amount of tension.  Have a listen!

If you don’t have time to download or stream the podcast (or even if you do!) be sure to check out the original Hub. It’s a good one.

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Revenge of the Glowing Green Cats

What happens when electron-genetic-construct experiments go terribly, terribly wrong? Paradigmsearch explored this very potentiality in Revenge of the Glowing Green Cats, a short but highly amusing Hub.

It was pretty fun to record the podcast version of this short story.  Listen in if you’re on the go!

Big props to paradigmsearch for turning a somewhat newsy topic into a fun fictional vignette.

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The Corpulent Vampire

Fascinating FictionA lot of folks really loved Once Upon a Childhood: Pirate Gold– a short story by Hyphenbird that we featured on an earlier Fascinating Ficiton podcast, so I thought it would be fun to share another of Hyphenbird’s short stories.  The Corpulent Vampire is the tale of an undead aristocrat who, despite an all liquid diet, has trouble maintaining a svelte figure upon making his way to the good ol’ U.S. of A.

Hyphenbird’s original Hub featuring this story- The Corpulent Vampire – Coming to America, is a real hoot, so if you don’t have time to download or stream the podcast, I strongly recommend giving it a read! Heck, you should give it a read anyway, and have a look at Hyphenbird’s other fantastic Hubs.  She has oodles of them!

Thanks for sharing the funny story, Hyphenbird!  If any of you have a good short fiction Hub that you think would work well in the Fascinating Fiction podcast, don’t forget to email us about it.  We can be reached at podcast (at) HubPages.com.

The Three Gifts from the Wise Men

Fascinating FictionPast stories featured in the Fascinating Fiction podcast have taken place in the past- sometimes the ’50s, sometimes in old country Western times… but never before have they gone all the way back to Biblical times.

In this week’s Fascinating Fiction Podcast (The Three Gifts from the Wise Men), SamboRambo reads a story of his revolving around an exchange between some individuals you might recognize from a rather famous publication indeed- the Bible!  The sweet tale is about sacrifice and faith, and is a heartwarming read for religious and nonreligious alike.

SamboRambo’s narration is excellent- we’re so glad to have another Hubber’s voice come forth in this series.  If you, too, would like to read one of your short fiction stories for the Fascinating Fiction podcast, let us know! We would love to hear from you.

Once Upon a Childhood: Pirate Gold

Fascinating FictionI’m a sucker for short, funny stories, so when Hyphenbird shared Once Upon a Childhood: Pirate’s Gold with me, I knew we had to make a podcast of it!  Though she created her own fantastic recording, some technical glitches have prevented me from using it for the time being, so this week’s Fascinating Fiction podcast (Pirate Gold) is in my voice.

I hope you enjoy Hyphenbird’s story- it has a fantastic twist at the end!  If you don’t have time to plug in and listen to something, do check out the Hub itself, and have a look at Part II of this story as well.

Big thanks to Hyphenbird for sharing these fun vignettes with us.

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Funny Business: The Rodent

This week’s Fascinating Fiction podcast is by a new Hubber. In fact, Funny Business: The Rodent, a humorous story about the Acme Newsletter (and survival!), is only mollymeadows‘ third Hub.

I hope you enjoy the recorded version of the story, and I encourage you check out mollymeadows‘ other fun Hubs, too.  It is quite exciting to discover new writers on HubPages.

Is there a fabulous fictional Hub on HubPages that you think would be great as one of our Fascinating Fiction podcasts? Or are you interested in volunteering your fabulous voice for a reading (of your work, or that of another Hubber)?  Send us an email.  We’d love to hear from you. 😀