VioletSun on HubPages
VioletSun on HubPages

It’s always fun to hear about the ripple effect our writing has on others’ lives.  Hubber VioletSun recently found that her poetry has touched someone’s life in a most unexpected way.  She explains her pleasant surprise below:

When I published a poem [To My First Love] a year and a half ago with Cris A’s photoshop creations, a High School English teacher who is not a member of Hubpages, emailed me and asked for my permission to allow one of her students to use my poem for a class presentation.  I was honored in thinking a young person found value in the poem, and it was going to be read out loud in class, so I said sure!  How cool is that?

When you’re writing on HubPages, it’s easy enough to get feedback from fellow Hubbers and to see the general stats and traffic patterns on your Hubs, but it’s impossible to know what kind of effect your writing has on the vast majority of your anonymous readers.  Nevertheless, the elusive ripple effect sometimes shines through, and VioletSun got a lovely peek.  Not only did her poem inspire a high school student (who then shared VioletSun’s work with fellow calssmates), but she herself was inspired by fellow Hubber’s Photoshop images.

Next time you find yourself in a writing slump, consider the positive impact you may have on fellow Hubbers as well as strangers in the world at large.  You can change others’ lives without even knowing it!  If that’s not inspiring, I don’t know what is 🙂

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9 replies on “HubPages Success Story: VioletSun and the Ripple Effect

  1. Beautiful and this is exactly why we even bother to write. To inspire-and you surely have. Congrats on your success- hope there is much more to follow…

  2. What a pleasant surprise to find your entry today. Thank you! 🙂 Let’s all continue to create ripples through our writing; Hubpages is the fun place to be!

  3. Congratulations VioletSun you are a gifted writer and I am proud to call you friend on Hubpages. The ripple effect is a gift to whoever benefits from ones writings. What a wonderful feeling when that happens in this case a student sharing your poetry in class. Bravo

  4. This is absolutely beautiful! People are reading and looking for answers on the internet. It is so grand when surfers find Hubpages with all its wealth of information, stories, advice and creative stories. And more grand when you receive encouraging feedback for your writing!

  5. Congratulations VioloetSun! Your ripples rolled my way from HubPages Facebook. Yes, I recall a commenter in one of my hubs, Quill, “words we place here are footprints in time which all find as a blessing”. Your poem will be a shining crown to you for the impact it has on a young student.

  6. Great job Simone! You’ve captured the essence of VioletSun; her great writing ability, as well as one of the great treasures that can occur here on HP (the ripple effect). Became a follower of VioletSun’s work within a few months after I started. Not only is she an awesome writer; but, she definitely offers a ripple by providing a ray of sunshine of positive insight when she visits one of your hubs. Congrats Marie 🙂

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