In case you haven’t noticed, we recently launched a special page for college students on HubPages.  It’s designed to pool student resources in one place and highlight excellent college-related or academic Hubs.

Here are five fun aspects of the page – for students and non-students alike!

  1. It features a new contest: The weekly HubPages Top of the Class contest highlights college-related or academic Hubs every week, so if you write anything of the sort, you are all the more likely to get recognized for your great work!
  2. It offers easy access to fun resources: To the right of the page are quick links to college and student-related topics and forum threads on HubPages for your convenience.
  3. It offers new Hubbing inspiration: If you don’t know what to write about, consider delving back into scholarly topics! Doing keyword research before you start can help you write on something that is more likely to garner readership.
  4. It gives you something to do with old papers and study guides: It’s rather sad when old college papers and study guides – which take so much time and effort to compile – go to waste.  Why not publish them on HubPages where they can be appreciated?
  5. It highlights excellent educational Hubs: HubPages is a great place for browsing and reading about interesting things.  The topics and Hubs featured on this page are sure to offer hours of fascinating reading!

We hope you enjoy the Students page and have fun delving into the academic side of Hubbing!

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7 replies on “Five Reasons You’ll Enjoy the HubPages Students Page

  1. This is such a great idea. It will attract an entirely new type of hubber and recognize some of our impressive students (and perhaps teachers). I’m thinking of a few that I hope will publish some of their work here. Their comments are often so interesting in the forums.

  2. Yes, this is another great idea and one that will benefit students as well as others who have an interest i finding out quality information about certain student subjects on an acedemic level.

    I have a few old study notes about art and design that may be useful to others that I need to dig of my old college folders…maybe that would be useful!!

  3. This is great and well done, its exciting to see academia being included in Hubpages because some of the best essays and papers are written in college.

  4. Very cool…can’t wait to go and check this out. I have posted many old papers and assignments and am impressed by the earnings. Plus, I love the idea that others will get to read my work, other than just my professor! In fact, when I am able to choose a topic for class, I always try to choose one that has a higher earning potential.

  5. Hi 🙂

    Right from the beginning of my membership, I recognised Hub Pages as a place to make the most of my academic research.

    I feel sure that my literature hubs, for example, gain a fair amount of attention, because they are useful to students.

    Should they be ‘grouped’ in a special way, I wonder??

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