Finding Work Through HubPages: JanieWrites’ Success Story

JanieWrites on HubPages

JanieWrites on HubPages

Though Hubbers stand to earn an income from Hubs alone, publishing on HubPages can also lead to income- as well as new opportunities- through other channels.  Hubber JanieWrites discovered this a while back, and has shared her story with us below:

In February, 2009, I posted a Hub: APA Formatting in a Nutshell. A couple months later I was contacted by Dave Dunn, one of the founders of a training company in New York.

He had read my Hub and had a need for someone to develop a course in APA formatting for a client. He asked if I was interested. Of course, I said yes, and I wrote an outline for a course in APA formatting for business people.

The course is currently posted on the training company’s website, but so far has not generated any students. The original client evidently changed his mind. However, in early 2010 I was again contacted by the training company, this time to ask if I was interested in teaching a live online class.

They already had all my information, including tax forms, etc. from when I originally wrote the APA course. Again, I said yes, and now I do training for the company, both in live online classes and in face-to-face sessions where I travel around the country delivering training in business topics like writing, communication, marketing, etc. All because Mr. Dunn read my Hub!

.     .     .

How cool is that?
The lesson here is that HubPages is more than a community of writers, more than a site on which you can earn an income from your Hubs, and more than a place to read fun articles – HubPages can be a place to be found by potential employers, too!

Congrats to JanieWrites – that’s an awesome story!  If you’d like to see more HubPages Success Stories, check out our Success Stories page.

HubPages Success Story: liswilliams Reaches the One Year Milestone

liswilliams on HubPages

liswilliams on HubPages

A couple of days ago liswilliams shared her excitement in the forums about being on HubPages for one year.  HubPages is a site where great success comes with time, patience, and diligence, so these milestones really count!  If you’re new to HubPages and curious as to what your experience might be like, have a look at our interview below:

What brought you to HubPages one year ago?
I had just self-published a cookbook so I figured I could just keep publishing online and see how it goes. I was also working as a missionary chef so I was looking to make a little extra cash.

Have your goals on HubPages changed over the past twelve months? Has your writing shifted?
Yeah, definitely, especially over the last 6 months since I started backlinking and focusing on keywords. I’ve definitely broadened my focus in terms of what really works. I still love writing about food, but the reality is that it does not make that much and at the end of the day you have to think of this like a business. After joining up with The Keyword Academy my SEO knowledge was given a real nice boost. I really try and write about my own experiences and things that interest me.

You share on your profile that you’re a passionate chef. Do you have one cooking related Hub that you think everyone would really benefit from reading, or a favorite recipe that you would like to share?
The Best BBQ Chicken Burger is pretty popular. It’s really easy, which is especially nice for this time of the year when you don’t want to go to too much trouble after a hectic Christmas.

You’re from Cape Town, South Africa – do you write about your city much on HubPages? What sites would you recommend to visiting Hubbers?
Yeah, Cape Town is a fantastic place! I wrote a couple of Hubs, but moved them around to other sites. Tony Mac is a master at writing anything to do with South Africa.
Poverty in South Africa tells you about the situation in South Africa. Hubpages is a great place to make people aware of serious topics.
What do you hope to do with HubPages in the future?
Hubpages allows you to earn a lot of money (for some), but at the end of the day you should be writing for enjoyment and that’s what I strive for. If you write with good intent your rewards will follow. 🙂

HubPages Success Story: lakeerieartists funds a Cleveland Artists Gallery with HubPages Earnings

lakeerieartists on HubPages

lakeerieartists on HubPages

Every now and then we come across a Hubber who puts HubPages earnings toward something truly inspiring. lakeerieartists is certainly one of those awesome individuals – she is currently using her HubPages revenue to support local artists through her Lake Erie Artists Gallery in Cleveland, Ohio. How cool is that?! Learn more about this wonderful Hubber in the interview below:

HubPages is not the only online article site for which you write. What keeps you with us?

Part of what keeps me on Hubpages is the supportive community that I found here. I came to this site completely unfamiliar with Hubpages, and had to learn the nuances and the culture. I found several people who were very helpful, and that list keeps growing as I get to know more people.

But I do have to admit that the main reason I stay is that I have found the platform at Hubpages and the simplicity of the layout very easy to use to earn affiliate income. Because Hubpages is a simpler site and more direct because of that, I had to learn the lessons of how to work with the platform more specifically to earn. And the lessons that I have learned on Hubpages translate well to any other site I write on including Squidoo and my own blogs and sites. I didn’t really understand keyword research or search engine optimization clearly until I started to really work with Hubpages. I have found that certain types of articles work better on Hubpages, while others work better on other sites, and have adapted my writing as such.

Has HubPages changed the way you write or generally utilize the internet?

Absolutely. I am so much better and honing in on a topic and focusing on a very small niche to write about, and I have found that doing so works so much better for me in finding the right targeted traffic. My articles on Hubpages are nowhere near the top traffic articles that I hear about from other Hubbers, yet I am steadily earning more and more income from all three of the main Hubpages affiliates–Ebay, Adsense, and Amazon. I tend to trade off which vendor I am focusing my writing on so that one of them doesn’t become my sole income stream. I am always trying to build solid, steady income streams to support my online business.

I do have a very small blog that follows my success on Hubpages. It is aimed at Squidoo lensmasters but I do post my monthly earnings to encourage others to try Hubpages as a platform, because I believe very strongly at diversifying your income sources.

How do you use your AdSense earnings?

Adsense, and all of the earnings I make from all of my sites online go to support my brick and mortar gallery Lake Erie Artists Gallery in Cleveland, Ohio. I have not yet quite made my goal of completely being able to pay my monthly rent and expenses for the gallery each month, although I am very close. Once I get there, I am planning to work to make enough to replace my husband’s salary, just in case.

Galleries, like most retail businesses, were hit hard by the economic changes in the last couple of years. My gallery supports primarily local Cleveland artists, and I am working hard to steady the income flow into the gallery in order to keep it going through uncertain economic times. While I have seen some positive changes in the economy here locally, we are far from recovered, and I want to do my part to keep the economy here in Cleveland going.

What advice would you give to new hubbers?

For new hubbers, my best advice is that you need to commit steady time to Hubpages in order to earn an income. And you most likely will have to work countless unpaid hours at the beginning while you are learning how to make it work. Most successful online affiliate marketers/writers that I know take 1 to 3 years to make the kind of money that they really want to earn. While earning money through a platform like Hubpages is not a scam, it is also not something that you can do overnight. There is a time factor that has to be taken into consideration even for the most experienced online writer for your Hubs to mature and be found. However, if you are willing to put in the time at the beginning, you will reap exponential rewards. The efforts that I have put in since I started online as a complete online newbie in June 2008, are paying off now quite nicely. And every month I earn more.

I think that Hubpages as a platform is a great place for new online marketers to get started. The community will support any honest effort to learn, and the staff at Hubpages is extremely responsive to any questions, problems, or issues. I also love getting to know Hubbers from all over the world, and seeing things from more than a local point of view. I am always interested at how much I am like people from across the globe, and also how much I am different from them. And frankly, I think that Hubpages is a lot of fun. So to anyone who is just starting out, I say that you should just go for it! And welcome to the community.

[thanks, lakeerieartists!!]

HubPages Success Story: VioletSun and the Ripple Effect

VioletSun on HubPages

VioletSun on HubPages

It’s always fun to hear about the ripple effect our writing has on others’ lives.  Hubber VioletSun recently found that her poetry has touched someone’s life in a most unexpected way.  She explains her pleasant surprise below:

When I published a poem [To My First Love] a year and a half ago with Cris A’s photoshop creations, a High School English teacher who is not a member of Hubpages, emailed me and asked for my permission to allow one of her students to use my poem for a class presentation.  I was honored in thinking a young person found value in the poem, and it was going to be read out loud in class, so I said sure!  How cool is that?

When you’re writing on HubPages, it’s easy enough to get feedback from fellow Hubbers and to see the general stats and traffic patterns on your Hubs, but it’s impossible to know what kind of effect your writing has on the vast majority of your anonymous readers.  Nevertheless, the elusive ripple effect sometimes shines through, and VioletSun got a lovely peek.  Not only did her poem inspire a high school student (who then shared VioletSun’s work with fellow calssmates), but she herself was inspired by fellow Hubber’s Photoshop images.

Next time you find yourself in a writing slump, consider the positive impact you may have on fellow Hubbers as well as strangers in the world at large.  You can change others’ lives without even knowing it!  If that’s not inspiring, I don’t know what is 🙂

HubPages Success Story: Harvey Stelman

Harvey Stelman

Harvey Stelman

Harvey Stelman came to HubPages with quite the portfolio of written work already under his belt, but has used his experience on the site to improve his editing skills.  Not only is Stelman excited about writing more; he has published a book and is donating 15% of the book’s proceeds to the MS Society as well.

To learn more about this hubber’s inspiring story, read our interview below:

What inspired you to join HubPages?

I was writing on a couple of sites that didn’t allow readers to send comments, give opinions or allow interaction between members. I stumbled upon HubPages and felt I was in heaven. Wanting to know if others agreed, disagreed, liked or disliked my opinions or writing was what I desired. On HubPages, I found out very quickly. Whether good or bad, I appreciated the feedback.

You have work published in the physical world in addition to HubPages – could you tell us a bit more about it?

It began at my 50th birthday party. I had fifteen friends I grew up with in the Bronx, N.Y. come to Chicago, IL. Almost all had moved to other states. We talked about a magazine named “Back to the Bronx.” Many people had written in saying, “I lived near Yankee Stadium,” and described where they lived and how they could see into the Stadium from their roof. We all knew that was not possible.

We lived across the street from the Stadium, and it was impossible to see inside when the Yankees built a new scoreboard. A friend and I decided to expose these story tellers. With my friend in San Francisco and me in Chicago, we authored an article together. We titled it, “Living in the Shadows of Yankee Stadium.” It was one of the longer articles published in the magazine. I now had the writing bug.

I then partnerened with my best friend’s son to write a book. I told him a story my father had told me and he stated, “I would love to help you write that!” I had always told my father, “this should be book or a movie.” Never did I believe I would be the one to write it. Well, we wrote it! A copyright was obtained, and it sat in a drawer for many years.

The book, “EYES OF EMERALD” has now been out for three weeks. It has been sold in at least nine countries.

I have a newspaper and radio station interviews waiting. I am confident there will be many more.

How has HubPages factored into your career as a published author?

Even though the above writings were written before I started on Hub, there is still a HubPages factor involved in my book. My partner and I edited EYES OF EMERALD five times. The knowledge I have received from HubPages has helped immensely in my editing. I had always been told by my teachers that I could not write well. HubPages has improved my writing, and has given me the ability to edit. Some on the comments I’ve received on HubPages have helped my grammar. I understand I am not yet good at editing, but I am much improved.

I have also written ten movies. I am now confident I can edit them. You can imagine how full of scripts my drawer still is. After the book calms down, I will edit my (shh, sequal), and begin to market my movies.

You share in your bio on HubPages 15% of the selling price of Eyes of Emerald will be donated to the MS (Multiple Sclerosis) Society. What caused you to become involved with the MS cause?

That is simple for me to answer. In 1981 I was diagnossed with Multiple Sclerosis. Five years later, I was told it was CHRONIC-PROGRESSIVE MS. Doctors said I would be quadroplygic in a few years. It is 2010, and my upper body still works. Though I am in a wheelchair, I still have some movement in my legs. I exercise about three hours a day; so don’t mess with me! I can trace symptoms back to 1957 when I was eight years old, but children stay quiet on these symptoms.

My book was written to honor my father, and 15% of the sales price will be donated to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. All this money will go to research. The above is my obvious reason for the donation. Anything I publish, or get produced will make the same donation. Doing all this by myself (no publisher or agent) takes its toll on a person with CHRONIC-PROGRESSIVE MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS. Still, I shall prevail.

What advice do you have for authors on HubPages who would like to have their work published?

Don’t say to yourself, “I should write this!” Just do it; what have you got to lose? Everyone says at some time, “I should……”
I say, you shouldn’t punish yourself by letting that hang over your head. If it is not successful, what have you lost? If you succeed, you leave a legacy. Americans have a long history of doing something, I consider myself an American. If you are in another country, think the same way.

HubPages Success Story: DavePrice finds a community of serious writers worth more than money

DavePrice on HubPages

DavePrice on HubPages

Serious writers often come to HubPages looking for money- but stay for the community.  DavePrice has experienced something of the sort- and a bit of a paradigm shift as well!  Check out our interview below to learn more about his HubPages experience:

HubPages: Why did you join Hubpages?

I recently took a 6 week sabbatical from work to search for an opportunity to become a full-time writer. I stumbled across Hubpages in my search, and it seemed to fit what I was looking for. Anyone can see at first glance that Hubpages is an incredibly unique opportunity for a writer.

What did you expect from the site?

I admit that my first desire was “lust” (as I have so often had to admit to my wife). I thought it might be a place where I could make a little money on the side writing articles while I continued my search. It took me a couple weeks to realize that Hubpages was exactly what I was searching for; it was the proverbial “I didn’t know what I really wanted until I found it”.

How did it work out?

(Laugh) It did… and it didn’t. It only took me a few days to realize that, while I could strive to be a “profitable” writer on Hubpages, it was no longer my primary desire. The response I received from Hubbers made me quickly realize that it was the interaction that I craved far more than the profit. Every writer knows as soon as he publishes he may be misunderstood, ridiculed, reviled, and run out of town tarred and feathered; yet we are a sadistic lot, for we crave the response more than we fear the rejection. I have never received a negative reaction from a Hubber, even from those whose views are diametrically opposed to my own. On the contrary, the responses I received have encouraged me (that’s right, it’s your fault Hubbers), and most importantly, refined my writing ability more than college, or life experience, ever did.

Where do you hope to go with your writing on Hubpages in the future?

I’m no different than most in that I want to be published in the traditional way. I know that Hubpages provides a legitimate opportunity for me to accomplish that goal. I want to be a competent writer whose words impact the lives of others in a positive way. My writing has already improved exponentially, which hopefully gets me closer to that goal. I’ve started as all newbies do, with subjects that I know best. But I am eager to explore ideas in my writing that force me to become a better writer.

One surprising result of my time on Hubpages is that my thinking about my career has undergone a paradigm shift. I have gone from being totally focused on being published to investing all my energies on becoming the best writer I can be on Hubpages. If I am published one day, great! But if all that ever comes of it is that I am allowed to enjoy becoming an accomplished and respected Hubber, I promise you I’ll be a very happy man. This is what I have come so quickly to love about Hubpages. I am inspired and encouraged by Hubbers whose talents far exceed my own. I have the opportunity to share in the wisdom and experience of talented writers from around the world. I am educated by writers whose work I admire and respect. I have been embraced by a community of people who care about my craft and my content. Sometimes a man needs to know when he already has everything he wished for.

.   .   .

Are you looking to do some serious writing on HubPages? Check out our Learning Center to find resources on how to drive traffic to your hubs and be found in search results.  Even if you’re more interested in getting “found” as an author, poet, or activist than earning money, these methods are helpful as they’ll help you gain readership and stand apart from the din.

HubPages Success Story: improves her writing on HubPages on HubPages on HubPages

Many of us discover HubPages by mistake – we stumble across a hub when searching for something online and start poking around the site from there. on HubPages is one of those hubbers – Having joined HubPages three months ago, has since used the site to help improve her writing.  In the future, she hopes to begin making money on the site.  We had a short chat with about her experience; you can read it below:

HubPages – What brought you to HubPages? – I had just started a new medication. While I was searching for information a hub came up. After reading what I wanted, I saw many other hubs that interested me, some of which were personal. So, I decided to write something to see if others were interested in what I had to say.

What did you expect to get from HubPages?

At first, I just wanted to read all the different subjects. Now, after reading about how to make a little money, I would like to see if I can make a little by writing something that other people like to read.

How have your expectations changed over time?

I have been writing for only a short while. I have learned that I have to go back on some of my hubs and rework some of them to get a higher number [HubScore]. I have as yet to make even a penny. Luckily, that is not the main reason I am here. To make money I would have to write the same types of hubs as everyone else. That’s not me.

How has HubPages changed your writing?

Because I try and write a hub a day, I am getting much better and putting the subject in order that make sense.  Writing daily has also raised my spelling knowledge, which is one of my weakest subjects.

What do you hope to do with HubPages in the future?

For the future, I would like to have others and get something out of what I am writing about. I would be lying if I said I wouldn’t like a little money as well.

.     .     . exemplifies many fellow hubbers who first utilize the site for knowledge, then to develop better writing skills, and eventually to make money.  It’s important to note, though, that one can find success at every level on HubPages – from finding information one is seeking to simply improving one’s writing or discovering the work of likeminded authors.

It is fun to make money on HubPages though! 😀 For more advice on how to begin earning significant money on HubPages, visit our Learning Center.