A Hat Tip to Some Amazing Poets

It has been nearly a week since the HubPatron of the Arts Contest came to a close, and Hubbers are still talking about the amazing Hubs that were published as entries. Of the 1,710 entries submitted, the majority were poems, and alas, only three could be selected as finalists for that category.

That said, the contest Judges and I agree that some Hubs deserve honorable mention- and a good read! If you did not review entries as they were published, you might enjoy this ‘best of’ listing of some of the judges’ favorite Hubbers and Hubs that were not selected as winners.

SimeyC – Though many know SimeyC for his didactic, article-like work, he submitted quite a few poems in the contest to which judges and readers alike responded most favorably:

Kathryn Vercillo – Another Hubber known mostly for her informative prose, Kathryn Vercillo also submitted a couple of excellent, much-enjoyed poems:

Tom Rubenoff – Yes, yes, Tom Rubenoff did go on to win first place in the poetry section of the contest, but the win was for only one of his amazing entries. Here are more of his beautiful, moving submissions:

RedElf, another finalist, also wrote a beautiful (non-winning) Hub titled When Love Dies… that deserves recognition.

Some additional poems that come highly recommended are Talking to yourself – Your  inner child (a poem) by sofs, For My Ragnar by QudsiaP1, In This Castle of a Sleeping Beauty by The Lost Dutchman, and Anonymous: A Poem by habee.

Are you interested in getting a behind-the-scenes peek at the approaches different judges took in the contest? Check out RebekahELLE’s Hub! She shares her experience as a HubPatron of the Arts poetry judge most eloquently.


[image by Anonymous Account via flickr]

Introducing the HubPatron of the Arts Contest

HubPages is a vast site, full of many, many different subcommunities of writers and enthusiasts.  Some of the strongest communities on our site are comprised of the artistically-inclined: poets, fiction writers, and photographers.  To celebrate these amazing artists, we decided to make our next contest all about prose, poetry and photos!

Enter the HubPatron of the Arts Contest– HubPages’ first ever contest dedicated entirely to the Poems and Poetry, Creative Writing, and Photo Galleries categories.  Where in previous contests, judges looked for utility, how-to guides, and oodles of didactic information, judges in this contest will focus exclusively on artistry, quality, and the emotions that entries evoke.

Another novel aspect of this contest involves the way in which judging will take place. Instead of having staff do all the judging, or outsourcing judging to outside experts, we assembled three panels to the top poetry, prose, and photos experts on HubPages.com.

We will be giving away over $3,000 in prizes, including a special Smashwords-sponsored prize given to one of the First Place winners in the contest. The Smashwords winner will have the opportunity to have a collection of his or her work formatted, published, and distributed as an ebook, which is pretty exciting!

The full details are below. Also, be sure visit our official contest page, where you can review submission requirements and rules in their entirety.  We look forward to reading your entries!


Prizes ($3,000 total): 

  • $1050 in $50 Daily Drawing Prizes (One Daily Drawing winner is selected at random from each day’s entries)
  • $500 Grand Prize for First Place Poem
    • $100 for Second Place Poem
    • $50 for Third Place Poem
  • $500 Grand Prize for First Place Fictional Creative Writing
    • $100 for Second Place Creative Writing
    • $50 for Third Place Creative Writing
  • $500 Grand Prize for First Place Image Gallery
    • $100 for Second Place Photo Gallery
    • $50 for Third Place Photo Gallery
  • Smashwords Prize
    • The opportunity to have a collection of the author’s work published as an ebook
    • Awarded to one of the three Grand Prize winners (chosen by HubPages staff judges)
    • Includes free formatting, a free ebook cover, free publishing, and free distribution as an ebook to major ebook retailers including Apple, Barnes & Noble, Sony, Kobo and the Diesel eBook Store.

How to enter:

  1. Join HubPages
  2. Create an entry (keeping in mind the qualifying requirements and judging criteria) within the Poems and Poetry, Creative Writing, or Photo Galleries category.
  3. Add the tag: contest
  4. Publish your Hub!

Qualifying Requirements:

  • Contain a minimum of 500 words (if the entry is a photo gallery or poem, an explanation of the poem or description of the photos is required)
  • Be properly categorized within the fictional story, poem, or image gallery category on HubPages
  • Have at least one image, and all images must be legally used (see our Learning Center guide on legal image use)
  • Be published for the first time on that given contest day
  • Be entirely original to HubPages

Judging Criteria:
Each panel of judges will be evaluating the entries in its section based on…

  • The quality of writing or photos
  • The originality of writing or photos
  • The emotional/aesthetic impact of writing or photos
  • Good, attractive formatting

HubPages Judges:


  • Entries may first be submitted Tuesday, November 1st at 12:00pm (PT)
  • The final deadline for entries is Tuesday, November 22nd at 12:00pm (PT)
  • Daily Drawing prize winners will be announced every weekday around 4:00pm (PT)
  • Smashwords, First, Second, and Third Place prizes will be announced Friday, December 2nd at 4:00pm (PT)

Emerald Wells Cafe 13, Speakeasy Night

Fascinating FictionThe most popular fiction series on HubPages right now is the Emerald Wells Cafe series by mckbirdbks. Each installment of the series revolves around another day at the Emerald Wells Cafe- sometimes an evening, too.

For this podcast, mckbirdbks was kind enough to share one of the most popular installments of the series: Emerald Wells Cafe – 13 – Speakeasy Night. This is a special day at Emerald Wells Cafe- some of the regulars get together in the evening for poetry recitation.

It is wonderful how mkcbirdbks combines poetry and fiction in one place with this Hub.  No wonder it is such a hit!  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do, and highly recommend dropping by original Hub, as well as the other Emerald Wells Cafe Hubs, too.  Many Hubbers have wandered into the cafe and pulled up a chair, but there is always room for more.

If you have a suggestion for a future Fascinating Fiction podcast- perhaps a short story you have published on the site, or another great fiction Hub you’ve always enjoyed, email us about it! You can reach us at podcast (at) hubpages (dot) com.

HubPages Success Story: VioletSun and the Ripple Effect

VioletSun on HubPages

VioletSun on HubPages

It’s always fun to hear about the ripple effect our writing has on others’ lives.  Hubber VioletSun recently found that her poetry has touched someone’s life in a most unexpected way.  She explains her pleasant surprise below:

When I published a poem [To My First Love] a year and a half ago with Cris A’s photoshop creations, a High School English teacher who is not a member of Hubpages, emailed me and asked for my permission to allow one of her students to use my poem for a class presentation.  I was honored in thinking a young person found value in the poem, and it was going to be read out loud in class, so I said sure!  How cool is that?

When you’re writing on HubPages, it’s easy enough to get feedback from fellow Hubbers and to see the general stats and traffic patterns on your Hubs, but it’s impossible to know what kind of effect your writing has on the vast majority of your anonymous readers.  Nevertheless, the elusive ripple effect sometimes shines through, and VioletSun got a lovely peek.  Not only did her poem inspire a high school student (who then shared VioletSun’s work with fellow calssmates), but she herself was inspired by fellow Hubber’s Photoshop images.

Next time you find yourself in a writing slump, consider the positive impact you may have on fellow Hubbers as well as strangers in the world at large.  You can change others’ lives without even knowing it!  If that’s not inspiring, I don’t know what is 🙂